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Dear Reader,

Please, do not be surprised you haven’t heard about one of the greatest “hidden” marijuana opportunities of all time…

Thing is, Canada is widely and famously known for its highly successful social programs, such as free health care…

I’m sure you know this already, but…

What you don’t know is there’s $444.1 billion sitting in Canadian pension funds that are privately and quickly stockpiling four specifically targeted marijuana stocks set to surge in coming months.

And for a small number of savvy Americans who are currently “piggybacking” off of this Canadian program… the returns are already starting to help fund their retirement accounts…

… Quicker than American Social Security checks and Wall Street returns, combined…

But don’t just take my word for it…

Jackson Adles, the 45-year-old New Yorker executive, created over $6,112 in monthly average income!

John Cadence, in management, has created $2,717 in average monthly income!

Terry Hathaway, a 53-year-old executive, managed to recently create an astonishing $33,250 (on average) monthly income!

Thousands of Americans are using a legal, little-known backdoor to tap into the engine behind Canadian Pension Programs!

If you aren’t “in the know,” the Canadian pension program is similar to the American Social Security system.

Here’s the thing…

Everyone knows Canada just federally legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana.

But there’s more — this has been put in place as part of a bigger plan

Canada’s Little Cannabis Secret…

What you don’t know is that the Canadian government may have “accidentally” created one of the world’s biggest cannabis opportunities of all time…

And what’s even more incredible is…

If you’re currently collecting Social Security or income from a pension fund, this opportunity will NOT affect it in any way!

Because this is not actually a pension fund.

You aren’t “sneaking” into Canada’s pension programs or collecting money from Canada.

That’s why we have created this “backdoor” strategy we call “Pot Pension Payouts” — to be able to successfully create an independent income stream by modeling one of the most successful “retirement programs” of all time!

And it’s as easy as 1-2-3… with no messy paperwork to file or moving to Canada to start collecting this income.

You see, we’ve designed this strategy to pull income from the private sector by investing in the same exact marijuana assets that are being stockpiled by the Canadian government pension funds.

That means more money for you, WITHOUT the headache of getting directly involved with the government!

All done from your home, inside your brokerage account.

But it’s important to get started today, because…

At this very minute, there’s $444.1 billion sitting in Canada’s pension programs buying into some of the most profitable marijuana industry leaders — and now you can use this strategy to secure potential income ranging up to $6,112 paydays…

Right now, following this strategy has been fulfilling the “retirement dreams” of many Americans over the past couple months.

… With no requirements for age, educational level, location, income or gender.

And the best part? This is 100% simple to do…

That said, there’s something you should know...

Being a proud American, it’s hard to admit, but… the Canadians have got it all figured out for themselves.

They’re successfully taking care of their six million retired seniors… and they’re leading by example. Consider these facts:

  1. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development says Canada has exceptionally lower debt in comparison to the U.S.
  2. In relation to other OECD countries, Canada ranks 11th lowest in personal income taxes, also ahead of the U.S.
  3. The United Nations Development Index shows Canada ranks ahead of the U.S. and ranks #12 globally in terms of life expectancy, education and income!
  4. Canada was recently ranked #2 in terms of the most stable and best country in the world to live in, right behind Switzerland! 
  5. Canada ranks #4 in the world with the most natural resources, with an estimated $33.2 trillion worth of commodities! They’re an “energy superpower!”
  6. Canada ranks among the top 10 most livable countries in the world, based on quality of life, health care, culture & environment, education, and infrastructure.

Here’s the thing…

Canada is smart enough to combine their government-run pension programs to the private sector with assets that are actually producing income at this very moment.

So what does this mean for you?

You’d be able to “ride the coattails” of the Canadian pension investments AND continue to collect Social Security or ANY OTHER government funding available… for potentially massive windfalls of cannabis income!

In just a few moments I’ll give the full reveal on how Americans are actually pulling this off and collecting income ranging up to $6,112 in payouts through this loophole, including…

  1. How to collect up to $6,112 per month from “Pot Pension Payouts”… all while never leaving your house…
  2. How long this income opportunity could last for…
  3. You’ll discover how to get started moments from now!

But first, there’s something you need to know…

“Canada’s ‘Hidden’ Cannabis Stockpile?”

There’s a much bigger story at play here…

Bigger than just the fact that Canada recently fully legalized medical and recreational marijuana on a federal level.

A recent “Under the Radar” plan…

Here’s what I believe to be happening:

STEP ONE: Legalize marijuana federally across Canada.

Which, just recently, was accomplished.

STEP TWO: Canada’s been secretly buying VERY specific “marijuana assets”

STEP THREE: Stockpile these specific marijuana assets, which are set to rise exponentially, to increase income for their retired citizens!

This could all be a part of Canada’s “big income move”

Three major Canadian pension funds currently manage OVER $444.1 billion in real valuable assets across the globe.

… On behalf of their nearly six million retired citizens to return huge income.

And these purchases into these “marijuana assets” are set to rise exponentially…

… And potentially create a flow of income bigger than anything we’ve seen before.

Even bigger than American Social Security

And Americans who are “in the know” and using this “backdoor” are collecting income ranging up to $6,112 in pot payouts!

In just a moment I’m going to teach you how to do this as well…

But first, you should know how Canada plans to use these specific marijuana assets to increase income for their citizens…

In 1965 Canada launched their version of U.S. Social Security

And just like Social Security, it was funded mostly due to citizens’ hard-earned wages and “the tax man” coming in and taking a large portion.

Sure enough, in 1996 — 31 years later — this system was found out to be insufficient.

It couldn’t keep up with Canada’s aging population, increased life expectancy, changing economy and benefit improvements.

A recent study by the Canadian pension program’s chief actuary showed that by 2015, the entire system could run out of money!

… It was a house of cards just waiting to collapse.

Here’s what’s interesting…

Canada actually spent the time, manpower and investment to fix the problem!

They consulted with Canadian public opinion, some of the best financial experts in the world and the board of the pension program.

They completely “hit the reset button”!

Can you guess what happened next?

The pension program skyrocketed into the stratosphere!

Ever since, the net asset value of the pension program has increased 6.4x times over!

And based on this pace, here’s what we expect for years to come…

Bar Graph

And while the Canadian pension programs are taking off for years to come and funding the retirements of their retired citizens…

Here’s what’s in store for American Social Security…

Social Security vs. Canadian Pension Programs Chart

According to the Peterson Foundation, starting within a couple months, Social Security will run a cumulative cash deficit…

Peter G. Peterson Cash Deficit Chart

This potentially could mean LESS Social Security benefits to you in the coming years ahead!

This is just one of the reasons why savvy Americans are rushing into this new “backdoor” I’ve devised…

But it doesn’t stop there.

It gets even more interesting, because…

In Canada’s recent 2017 reforms, they’ve planned something very special…

They’ve set up a plan to increase the income of some of their citizens by 14%, and even at the maximum increase income up to an unheard amount of 50%!

How Do They Plan to Accomplish This 50% Income Increase?

These savvy Canadian pension funds have been some of the first (across the globe) to dive into these specific marijuana assets…

And stockpile them at a swift rate.

All part of their plan to increase income for their citizens at a rate of up to a potential 50%!

But now, as part of our rigorous investigation with our financial experts…

And my personal connections with some of the most prestigious financial experts in the world…

We’ve Discovered the EXACT “Marijuana Assets” They’re Quietly Stockpiling

And in just a moment, I’m going to help you take a tiny $100 stake into these exact “marijuana assets”

And help you get in before the “floodgates open” — and this entire opportunity is exposed and no longer “ripe” for massive returns.

Because here’s the simple truth…

Buying these secret “marijuana assets” could create…

“2x MORE Income Than the Average Social Security Check”

The average monthly Social Security check in 2018 was only $1,422.

$17,064 for the entire year to live on…

Factor in just basic living expenses, such as food, rent or mortgages, and utilities, and you’re left with close to nothing…

This is why my team over at Agora Financial — the best financial analysts in the world — and I have partnered to find out about this “under the radar” opportunity before it’s released to the masses.

These “Pot Pension Payouts” could be more than double what you see from Social Security checks…

Social Security & Pot Pension Bar Graph

From “Oil Field Chef” to Marijuana Millionaire…

To put into perspective how massively powerful these “marijuana assets” can be…

Here’s the amazing story of the man who collects an average of 58 times MORE than the average Social Security check of $1,422.

Chef Jack Hendricks

This man to the right — his name is Jack Hendricks, and he’s a chef for an oil camp in northern Alberta.

Jack is an average Joe, maybe much like yourself.

Just an everyday man looking to turn a small starting stake into an absolute income fortune with marijuana stocks.

He used a strategy different from our own to secure his massive pot fortune, but this shows just how powerful marijuana assets can be, if chosen correctly.

In fact, here’s what he has to say…

”After 18 months I turned that $37,000 into a million dollars…“

Keep in mind he was able to accomplish this amazing feat by “keeping it in play”…

… And continuing to let his investments into these marijuana stocks “keep rolling” so they would grow to this million-dollar payout.

In fact, with the marijuana and hemp industries’ growth of a projected $146.4 billion globally by 2025…

These marijuana stocks are set to explode even further for even more collectable income!

Now, of course, Jack was a rare case, and you should not expect to turn a tiny stake into a million-dollar payout as he did.

We also don’t recommend that you invest your entire retirement savings into pot stocks… but ultimately…

Never before — with our legal loophole — has it been this easy to collect pot payouts as high as $6,112 per month.

Imagine this…

Being able to take a tiny $100 investment into the same “marijuana assets” the Canadian pension programs are massively stockpiling…

And turning the tiny $100 into a retirement fortune!

All you need is our help to deliver you the list of these “marijuana assets” and a brokerage account to make an investment — as little as $100 — in your own private account!

You don’t even have to leave your own home in the United States to start collecting these Canadian-backed payouts!

For the small group of Americans who know about these “marijuana assets”… they’ve been able to rake in cash, ranging up to $6,112 per month.

Jackson Delia, a former frozen yogurt businessowner and current CEO, has just recently started making an average of $3,750 from these marijuana assets!

John Cadence, an Ontario executive, managed to create $2,717 on average from these marijuana assets!

This has all been thanks to Canada’s pensions quietly stockpiling these real income-producing “marijuana assets” to provide substantially more income to their six million retired citizens…

Now, in just a few moments I’m going to teach you how you’re going to be able to “backdoor” and collect windfalls in pot pension payouts, just as a small number of Americans are currently accomplishing.

But first, you should know…

Government Commissioner Kara Stein Admits…

“The Retirement Crisis Is a Tsunami That Is Rapidly Approaching…”

There’s currently a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode and cause a major meltdown for anyone who’s retired or about to be…

You may have already had this suspicion…

If you’ve felt that something just isn’t right about the current state of the economy and retirement…

You’re correct.

And you don’t have to take my word or anyone else’s about it…

But it may be interesting to note our very own government commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission even admits…

Website Pull-Quote Image

This is not all…

In 2017, the Government Accountability Office made a similar comment through its report “The Nation’s Retirement System: A Comprehensive Re-evaluation Is Needed to Better Promote Future Retirement Security.”

Point being…

It’s one thing when an outside source — a mainstream news outlet — reports on the income and retirement crisis, but…

When our very own federal government branches start to report there’s a “tsunami” of a “retirement crisis” inbound…

You should start to prepare for the worst.

It’s been said, “You should never be first into something, but if you’re last, it’s already too late.”

This is exactly why I’m here to help you “piggyback” on Canada pensions and start collecting huge pot payouts as soon as possible.

… To start generating reliable income as soon as later this evening.

As you’ve seen, coming soon, there could be an absolute financial bloodbath…

Currently half of all American families DO NOT have any retirement savings.

None at all…

They’ll be forced to try and live off Social Security, and with an average monthly Social Security check of $1,422 in 2018…

Only $17,064 for the entire year to live on.

Factor in just basic living expenses, such as food, rent or mortgages, and utilities, and you’re left with close to nothing…

And this is while completely depending on ONE source of income…

One source of income, set to decline in the coming years.

And to make matters worse, the best investor of all time, Warren Buffett, always says:

“NEVER depend on single income.”

Warren Buffett, Billionaire Investor

What happens when you put all your eggs in one basket?

That basket could run dry… just as Social Security is set to do by 2034.

This is the exact reason why savvy Americans are taking me up on my offer to teach the exact step-by-step process on how to get in on these “marijuana assets”!

… And do it as soon as possible.

To make matter worse, in extreme cases, some Americans are even receiving NEGATIVE Social Security benefits.

A recent Heritage Foundation study reveals some Americans are facing negative returns from the taxes they paid into Social Security!

The system is obviously flawed.

And chances are you’ve felt the consequences of this flawed system.

This is why I’m here today…

For you to get in on this legal and simple “backdoor” and to potentially start to fund your retirement in full.

This truly is…

“The Perfect Income Plan”

What would your ideal income plan look like to you?

If you were required to thrive on just one investment strategy to fulfill your retirement, what would elements would it have?

For my money, I’d look for the following:

  1. It would already be proven to generate massive reliable income and growing…
    It would be a global $146.4 billion disruptor, changing the way we look at income forever.
    Just like how the Ford Model T replaced the horse and buggy. 
  2. It would be trusted by real assets turning over high returns in one of the biggest and most reliable economies in the world.
  3. It would have partnerships and contractually obligated returns with some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies to ever exist.
  4. It would be income you’d be able to “collect on demand” as you please, in the comfort of your own home.
  5. It would be able to be “rolled over” to your family to create generational wealth.
  6. It would have the strongest retirement fund in the world buying in.

This is exactly why investing a tiny $100 stake into this legal “backdoor” could be the best income decision you’ve ever made in your life and in your family’s lives!

Not to mention that not even one in 100,000 Americans knows this opportunity exists…

You can surely bet Canada will do everything in its power to keep their acquisition of these “marijuana assets” as secret as possible…

Especially when they’re still privately acquiring these “marijuana assets” by the truckload.

Luckily, this is where I come in…

In just a moment I’m going to help you discover EXACTLY what these “marijuana assets” are and how you can get in on them too.

But first, here’s why these “marijuana assets” are so valuable…

“The World’s Most Valuable Assets Buying Into This Massively Profitable Marijuana Play…”

At this very moment there’s $444.1 billion — and growing — sitting in Canadian pension funds, with millions invested into these “marijuana assets”

Think about it…

What’s the fastest way to exponentially grow something?

By standing on the shoulders of giants…

And this is exactly what’s happening here.

This is how some Americans are already starting to collect sums ranging from hundreds to even thousands of dollars from these “marijuana assets”

Keep in mind the income is likely only going to grow larger with time.

And with the huge growing cannabis industry, things are looking good, but always remember, there’s risk with every investment…

With that being said, a small starting stake as soon as October 1st could stand to reap huge retirement income for years to come!

And with Canada’s knack at picking some of the highest investment returns across the globe, it’s a no-brainer.

Here’s what Forbes has to say:

Forbes Pull-Quote Image

Did you catch that?

“They have done so through actuarial ‘sleight of hand’ that few outside observers would notice.”

This is exactly what I’m talking about with when I say that Canada knows a good opportunity when they see one…

And this is why they’re stockpiling massive amounts of these specific “marijuana assets,” which are returning real income for Canadian citizens and, better yet, Americans who are using our “piggybacking” strategy.

Not to mention these “marijuana assets” are bought in by REAL income-producing assets, assets worth over $444.1 billion.

In fact, a Pensions & Investments study reveals these Canadian pension funds are among the top 20 retirement programs worldwide in terms of assets.

As you’ve seen, they know exactly how to find some of the most profitable income returns on the planet…

Just look at the other assets they hold in their pension fund…

Major assets like:

What Does All This Mean?

These Canadian pension programs are strategically investing in companies, infrastructure, real estate and partnerships that create a large surge in income and cash flow.

Real, fully backed assets that give high investment returns.

In fact, the Canada Pension Plan’s mandate is this…

“Our mandate is clear: to invest the assets of the CPP fund with a view to achieving a maximum rate of return without undue risk of loss.”

Now we are going to “ride the coattails” of these major Canadian retirement funds and buy the exact “marijuana assets” they’re stockpiling en masse, for potentially large, consistent income!

But before I help show you how to do this…

Why Should You Believe Any of This?

James Altucher Photo

My name is James Altucher…

You may have seen one of my many TV interviews for CNBC or Fox News.

I’ve also written for, and been written about by, news outlets like: The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Yahoo Finance.

I’ve sat on the board of a $600 million company and ran a $33 million hedge fund and a $125 million venture capital firm.

I’ve even published 18 books that help hundreds of thousands of readers…

In fact, USA Today has called one of my books “one of the 12 best business books of all time.”

I’ve even got irrefutable evidence of me ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING the markets in the middle of the worst financial crisis the U.S. has ever seen…

My book The Forever Portfolio is where I made trade recommendations to help build an unshakeable portfolio to last FOREVER.

I wrote it in 2008, and since then you could have seen gains anywhere from 131% to 794% and even an impressive 1,601.24% over the last decade!

In fact, over the years, my winning gains add up to a total of 51,437.09%.

All of which is published and public record — as you can see, I put my money where my mouth is.

I’m not here to sit and brag about these accomplishments — I’m here to help you.

I’ve stepped back and reevaluated where I am and where I want to be.

Financially and in terms of lifestyle.

So, I’ve teamed up with Agora Financial — the largest private financial publisher in the world…

And now we are on a mission to help our readers become financially independent and 100% prepared to flourish in retirement.

Here’s the thing: I always keep my highest value and private strategies, methods and ideologies out of reach from the public eye.

But today is the day this changes…

With all my years of experience, I can tell you this…

What We’ve Discovered Here Just May Be the “Golden Solution” to Your Income Desires…

Truth is, we didn’t “just happen” to find out this covered information.

This all stemmed from ruthless “detective work” by our team of financial analysts and the connections I’ve garnered throughout my years on Wall Street and in private equity.

One of the ways we discovered that these Canadian pension funds were mass-stockpiling four specific “marijuana assets” was this file below…

Example of 13-F file

I’ve blurred out the image to keep us safe from revealing any “hidden” information.

You see, one of our extraordinary financial analysts was able to acquire this file thanks to our very own federal government, the Securities and Exchange Commission.

It allows us to see EXACTLY the four specific “marijuana assets” being purchased, in droves, as part of an enormous $444.1 billion portfolio in Canadian pension programs.

And as CNBC has recently said…

“… Now is the right time to bet big on marijuana”

This is exactly what these Canadian pension programs are doing…

And you’re about to learn the four specific “marijuana assets” poised to globally rule the marijuana and hemp markets for decades to come.

That’s exactly why they’re quietly being stockpiled.

Here they are…

Marijuana Asset #1:

Otherwise known as “Wall Street’s darling,” this marijuana asset has billions in backing from numerous different sources.

A $100+ billion company and one of the biggest conglomerates in the world is placing a $1.8 billion investment into this “marijuana asset”…

The biggest marijuana partnership I’ve ever seen…

Not only this, but major Wall Street firms are striking while the iron is hot, buying millions of dollars worth of this marijuana asset.

In fact, one Wall Street firm in particular, Gotham Green Fund L.P., has purchased over $332 million worth of this single marijuana asset.

Not to mention big-name funds like Morgan Stanley are secretly stockpiling this asset as well…

Marijuana Asset #2:

With major interest from the likes of Coca-Cola, Wall Street and Canadian pension programs…

This marijuana asset is poised for massive growth in the coming months.

In fact, this marijuana asset just successfully pulled off the largest buyout in cannabis history.

A massive $2.5 billion buyout to add to its growing acquisition list.

It’s largely been said one of the quickest ways for major revenue growth and company valuation is to acquire all competition below you.

Exactly what this marijuana asset is accomplishing.

It doesn’t stop there.

They’ve even been in talks with Coca-Cola for a potential billion-dollar partnership.

They’ve also just acquired a partnership to sell their services to German pharmacies and have acquired major global first-mover advantages.

Not to mention major Wall Street funds like Vanguard Group buying over $100 million worth of this asset.

Marijuana Asset #3:

It’s been said this “marijuana asset” could become “The Amazon of Pot,” and based on our in-depth research, I couldn’t agree more.

In fact, one of the biggest alcohol beverage producers in the world — a $31 billion firm — has placed a $4 billion investment into this marijuana asset.

The biggest “cash infusion” in the cannabis industry to date.

And with the best global distribution network, this marijuana asset is set to take over the cannabis industry on a mass — worldwide — scale for decades to come.

Not to mention a major Wall Street firm, CBG Holdings, has even placed a $7.32 billion investment into this asset.

Marijuana Asset #4:

This last marijuana asset may hold the key to the biggest partnerships to ever hit the cannabis industry:

  1. A partnership with the world’s largest producer of tobacco, a $96 billion corporation
  2. A partnership with one the biggest North American alcohol beverage suppliers!

Just these alone could make this marijuana asset become an indefinite player in the cannabis industry for years to come.

Not to mention they’re the “talk of the town,” with Wall Street acquiring this asset by the boatload.

Morgan Stanley, Vanguard Group, The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. and ETF Managers Group are all buying this asset for a combined value of $103 million!

… The point of all this?

We’ve discovered the most valuable marijuana assets, which are providing income for those smart enough to follow Canadian pension programs into these “marijuana assets”!

Some people have seen huge paydays amounting up to $1,504 or even $6,112 per month!

Although you shouldn’t expect results like that, you can still get started with just a tiny $100 stake!

And if you want your chance to join Jack Hendricks in the “Cannabis Winners Circle”… then keep reading, because…

“The Cannabis Cash Is in Canada… and in Their Multibillion-Dollar Partnerships…”

  1. 133 licensed producers
  2. Federally legal recreational and medical marijuana
  3. Top Fortune 500 company partnerships flooding into Canadian marijuana

Now, here’s the big question…

“Will it be U.S. or Canadian companies that win the race for cannabis supremacy?”


Here’s a graph that compares the Canada vs. U.S. top 10 “marijuana assets” evaluated by their market caps.

Marijuana Assets Chart

As you can see, clearly Canada is holding the key to creating a cannabis retirement fortune.

Bloomberg goes on to say…

Bloomberg Quote

Did you catch that?

The “marijuana assets” acquired by Canada’s pension programs are already commanding first-mover advantage…

Potentially heading globally to the likes of Germany, Australia, Colombia and Israel to sell their products and services.

In fact, one of the “marijuana assets” we’ve discovered is already selling their services to pharmacies in Germany, soon to lead to a surge in contractually obligated sales.

Leading to more income for you…

Bloomberg goes on to say there are a “handful of companies that emerge from Canada that are global champions.”

And just a small stake into these four Canadian “marijuana assets” could financially “immortalize” some Americans, creating income up to $6,112 per month!

More income and less risk than any other “marijuana assets” on the market…

“Has Canada’s Big Pot Move Been Hidden From Mainstream News?”

As I’ve mentioned before, an “under the radar” Canadian plan is about to set fire to complete a full nationwide income increase for Canada’s citizens.

And you’re moments away from “riding the coattails” of this secret plan, for potentially major consistent income.

Here’s what I believe to be happening…

STEP ONE: Legalize marijuana federally across Canada.

Which just recently was accomplished.

STEP TWO: Canada’s been buying VERY specific “marijuana assets”

STEP THREE: Stockpile these specific marijuana assets, which are set to rise exponentially, to increase income for their retired citizens!

This is all a part of Canada’s “big income move”…

But has all this been completely hidden from mainstream news?

It’s not a surprise you don’t hear about the best income-producing investments UNTIL they’ve been completely “sucked dry” and it’s too late…

Just think about IPOs — if you buy in early, you could get wealthy very quickly… but as soon as the public offering happens, it’s already too late to get in.

Or think about the cryptocurrency bull market that just happened…

90% of people started buying into crypto when it was hitting its peak, then what happened?

The entire market took a dump.

This is why I’ve found this backdoor allowing a small group of savvy Americans a chance to get in early…

Thing is…

According to my research, Canada’s in Step 2 of their secret little income plan…

Buying up as much of four specific “marijuana assets” as they can, before word gets out.

This is why it’s urgent to get your name on the list of these assets “hiding in plain sight” before October 1st, so you could also collect hundreds or even thousands in income as some savvy Americans are doing already.

Now is the time, while this is all unfolding in the darkness.

It’s the calm before the storm, and when the “floodgates open” and this becomes mainstream news, it will already be too late to cash in on the list of these four ”marijuana assets”!

“Here’s the Secret…”

By now you’re probably starting to understand you’d be able to “ride the coattails” of the Canadian pension programs…

To be able to collect “Canadian-backed payouts” ranging up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars, just as some savvy Americans are doing already.

All done by growing a small starting stake — as little as $100 — through the four “marijuana assets” Canada pension programs are stockpiling right under our noses.

These four assets make up a part of over $444.1 billion in real income-generating investments.

Keep in mind this is all accomplished in your own private account, from your own home, with little time or investment and just a few simple clicks on your computer.

Along with your $100 starting investment, if you continued to invest just $3 per day — less than a cup of Starbucks coffee — you’d be able to grow your potential “Canadian income” and finally live the life of freedom you deserve.

Truly a cakewalk of a decision…

You’d be investing in these four “hidden” marijuana assets, which are set to lead the $146.4 billion industry by 2025.

A ground-floor opportunity most have never seen before.

If you’ve missed out on the “marijuana boom” that recently took place…

Then good news, because…

This was just a “preamble” compared to what is coming next.

This is why…

“I’ve Secured a Special ‘Backstage’ Website for You to Learn About These Four Exclusive Marijuana Assets…”

My team and I have spent countless hours and investment, met with some of the world’s smartest financial analysts, and dug deeper than anyone else to uncover what’s truly happening with Canada’s pension funds…

And now we’ve decided to pull these four “marijuana assets” out of the darkness for a small group of Americans looking to collect up to $6,112 per month in extra income.

There’s just three easy steps to get started right now…

How to Collect Canadian ‘Pot Pension’ Paychecks in Just Three Simple Steps…”

I’ve created a simple step-by-step process to guide you on how to get your name on the list of these four marijuana assets and start collecting potentially regular and sizable income just moments from now.

All our research, analysis and findings of collecting these Canadian paychecks will all be compiled into a 100% FREE report called:

How to Collect Canadian ‘Pot Pension’ Paychecks

This report will detail the exact step-by-step process on how to buy the exact four “marijuana assets” Canadian pension programs are buying into…

And how you can invest a small $100 stake into these assets for a reliable —income-gushing — retirement.

Just follow these three steps to get started right now…

Step One: Sign Into Your Private Account…

To get on your way to collecting “pot payout” income, you will need to create an account with us.

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James Altucher

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June 2019

Still Have Questions?

I want to ensure you’re completely comfortable with everything being presented and offered today. You might have some of these questions below:

What Happens After I Subscribe to Altucher’s Investment Network?

After you click the blue “Subscribe Now” button, you will be taken to another webpage where you can see all the details of this exclusive offer.

If you decide to join Altucher’s Investment Network, you will then spend 5–15 minutes creating your account and filling out just a few forms to get started!

For How Long Can I Collect Income From These “Marijuana Assets”?

There are no restrictions! You’ll be able to collect income from these “marijuana assets” as long as you believe it to be viable!

Remember, if you choose to invest, you will be doing all this in your private brokerage account.

And you can even let the “income roll” and continue to build for years to come!

Will This Income Build and Increase in Time?

Based on our research, we believe yes! You will be buying into one of the biggest industries to ever exist across the globe. There’s a very good chance your income will continue to build, even with just a tiny $100 investment.

If you decide to invest just a couple more dollars a day, you could see an explosion of income over the coming years!

But you must decide to get in now, because “early movers” have a stronger chance to see their gains grow.

Hit the blue button below!

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Does This Affect My Social Security or Any Other Benefits?

Absolutely NOT! This is the genius of this strategy…

You don’t have to live, work or directly invest in Canada or leave your home in the U.S. to start collecting Canadian-backed pot payouts.

You will continue to collect your current income AND “piggyback” on the Canadian “Pot Payouts” income at the same time!

Is This a Scam?

I would never release any information that would try to scam my readers.

Over the years I’ve built up a strong relationship with my readers and would NEVER put the relationship in jeopardy to make a quick buck.

I truly believe this is one of the best investments you can make starting right now to create generational wealth and income!

And you could get started with as little as a tiny starting investment of $100!

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What If I Decide I Want a Refund?

I believe this will be a life-changing decision for you today to subscribe to Altucher’s Investment Network and learn how to start collecting income from Canadian “Pot Payouts”!

BUT… in the event you’re not satisfied, you can simply call the 1-800 number I’ll provide and request a full refund within the first six months of your subscription.

You can also keep every report, bonus and free gift.

And we can still walk away as friends!


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