James Selfie

“If You Can Take a Selfie Like This…
You Could Make Six Figures in 2019”

- James Altucher, America’s #1 Online Entrepreneur Advisor
James Selfie

PLUS: 177 other ways you could live worry-free while pocketing up to $208,000 OR MORE in the coming months!

Do you have your phone handy?

If so, I want you to pull it out and hold it up, like this…

Can you use your cellphone to take a picture of yourself?

Then guess what…

You hold in your hands the power to earn $100 an hour, or more… practically on demand…

If you follow what I’m about to show you, you could send six figures of profit straight into your bank account this coming year…

Right now, if you own a phone, all you need to do is follow this simple “post for profit” strategy, and you too could grab your piece of the action… regardless of your age, income or experience.

Believe it or not, businesses are set to spend $51.3 billion next year on “selfies” similar to the one I just showed you. Companies pay BIG BUCKS for pictures just like this. There’s no end in sight for this kind of spending either, which is exciting news for you!

Even better, that’s only ONE of the secrets to getting rich beyond your dreams in 2019, faster and easier than you ever imagined…

Because I’m also going to send you a FREE BOOK that shows exactly how you could turn a tiny investment of time and a small stake of starting capital… into as much as $15 million like I did…

Plus a detailed plan with 177 other ways to give you the choice to kick your day job to the curb — and still make $208,000 OR MORE in 2019.

None of my advice requires you to “grind it out” for 30 years or “hustle” 24/7 like you’ve been led to believe is necessary by others. I’m going to show you how the “new rich” are taking advantage of opportunities never before available.

In the next few minutes, you’ll discover…

Who am I, and why should you believe me?

My name, by the way, is James Altucher. You may know me from my New York Times best-selling book, Choose Yourself… or maybe you’ve heard my #1-rated podcast… or even “like” me on social, since I have over 500,000 followers…

Maybe you saw me on the news predicting the success of Facebook when it was still just a glimmer in young Zuckerberg’s eye…

I’ve been promoted by QuickBooks as an online entrepreneur advisor… and Richtopia named me #2 when they listed their top 250 Most Influential Business Journalists in the World!

Probably because I’ve…

I’ve done some pretty crazy things once I discovered what I’m about to share with you.

Because for as long as I can remember, I never wanted to work for a boss. I hated being obligated to just one job, controlled by a single source of income, and being stuck living my life according to someone else’s schedule.

My craziest and most rewarding decision so far was when at 48 years old I decided to sell everything I owned… live exclusively in Airbnbs… and keep nothing but a few sets of clothes, my computer and my phone.

It wasn’t easy, but my decision to purge all of my possessions was extremely freeing. I’m not saying you need to do the same in order to be successful… I’m going to save you years of trial and error.

And going to show you how I continue to operate a seven-figure business using very little… living a life I’ve created for myself on purpose instead of waiting for someone else to tell me what to do.

The same strategies I’ve used to…

But here’s a secret most “influencers” will never tell you…

No matter how many “followers” anyone gets, you can’t take “likes” to the bank… and it’s actually EASIER to get RICH than it is to get famous.

And I’m going to show you exactly how you can take advantage of the same process I use time and time again to get the chance to produce massive profits at breakneck speed.

What does a six-figure selfie look like?

I’m about to share something that will have you grinning ear to ear for a long time… you might even want to frame a goofy picture of your mug to remind yourself of where you were when you started on this journey with me…

Imagine being able to take your phone out and post a picture on your favorite social media account… and minutes later… you look at your bank account.

To your pleasant surprise, you’re hundreds… if not THOUSANDS richer… for a few minutes of “effort.”

What a way to make a living!

It may seem far-fetched to you now, but people are “posting for profit” all over the world.

It doesn’t require any high-tech skills or special knowledge when you follow my secret “post for profit” plan. Use nothing more complicated than your cellphone to potentially cash in on the “outsourced economy” in 2019…


There is so much money rushing into social media it’s mind boggling… it seems like all you need to do is raise your hand and tell them where to send the money when you follow my strategies!

You could have a nice little low-tech, low-overhead predictable income stream you can count on like clockwork when you set it up according to my easy-to-follow process.

It’s absolutely NOT rocket science!
(And it can pay much better)

Allow me to dispel some popular myths right now.

Some people think you need a lot of money to make it… you don’t.

Posting on social media is 100% FREE.

And one of my star students, Trevor Chapman, even started a small “side hustle” for a few bucks… and scaled it to SEVEN FIGURES in only 92 days. More on him in just a moment…

You might think it’s hard to do… but to tell you the truth, it isn’t.

It’s never been easier, especially when it seems like all you’ve got to do is post a handful of pictures on the internet for massive paydays…

Like this travel blogger on Instagram does. He has over 2 million followers and collects fat checks from around the world…

IG Travel

Or maybe you want to use social media to scale your side hustle like this woman… I can show you how you can maximize your profits with just 10 extra minutes a day.

10 Extra Minutes

People are getting rich in some of the strangest niches too… ones you’ve never heard of… and the demand is going up for highly personalized (sometimes weird) content.

Using 100% FREE resources to take advantage of “social selling” opportunities well beyond Amazon or eBay (which are both free options, and frankly less complicated as well) to profit from posting about your hobbies or even completely DOMINATE an industry…

Like my friend who sells “craft cheese.” She’s made over 29,407 verified sales on Etsy since 2009 and can “post for profit” any time she wants to land a big order. Or take it easy while quietly “churning away” at a comfortable pace by posting less — while doing something she absolutely LOVES to do!

Do you think these people know something you don’t? The fact is they do not have any superior skills. Practically anyone can do it.

When you set yourself up like the way I suggest…

Legally and ethically
make a lot of money on demand…
doing something you love!

Don’t worry if “selfies” aren’t your thing… if you don’t feel like taking pictures on your vacation, and you hate to eat delicious dishes for whatever reason…

I’m going to share with you the fastest, easiest way you could start making BIG money with a very small “micro-business”… one you can effortlessly operate using nothing but your phone.

One that could pump out consistent profit on command…

No gimmicks or “loopholes” that can land you in serious trouble in the long run or gambling your life savings on stocks or real estate either — these methods can literally change your financial life, forever.

Following my processes, you can reinvent your work life to better suit your values and budget.

And it’s not hard to see why. Fast and relatively easy FORTUNES are being made freelancing…

It’s a way you start small and get paid to learn something you’re interested in… or even start making BIG MONEY, IN BIG CHUNKS… if you want to start your own social media advertising service or profit from conversations with your friends as a podcaster like countless “regular folks” are doing everyday…

All with no conventional overhead!

There are unlimited opportunities to make $100 an hour or more (a lot more!). On demand.

Instantly in many cases. Using nothing more than your cellphone to support your six-figure income on the side.

Why? Companies are outsourcing entire departments of their businesses. Which means big money for you, posted DAILY… and many go unfulfilled… driving the price UP, UP, UP every day as their deadlines get closer and closer!

I show you the RIGHT websites to access… which pay TOP DOLLAR, which ones to avoid, and how to create a steady stream of clients for your six-figure side hustle.

The Right Website
The Right Website
The Right Website
The Right Website
The Right Website
The Right Website

And I can show you how to make this entire process highly predictable so you don’t need to spend hours trying to figure it out on your own, or fumbling through online forums for “$5” gigs.

The best part?

You don’t need to be an app developer
or a website whiz kid…
or have a fancy diploma to strike gold!

You can access 100% FREE resources to potentially cash in on BIG-BUDGET companies who are DESPERATE for your help!

If you can string together some sentences that sell, you can write your own ticket in any number of exciting industries… all for free… from home… or from the beach. These companies don’t care where you work from (no more punching a time clock!)… and seek to send you all the work you want.

Job Posting

This is perfect for:

I will show you how simple it is to unlock a steady stream of potential income or blast open rivers of revenue. Even if you’re not tech savvy… it’s never too late to start new things.

The real question you need to ask yourself is…

How big of a “cash machine” do you want?

A few extra bucks to make things a little easier at the end of the month? Or do you want a dramatic lifestyle change?

You can have all the privacy and freedom you desire… take complete control of your income and financial independence with very little investment of time or money, and practically zero risk. It’s up to you.

Which is the beauty of something like this. Of course, no investment involving money is totally risk-free. Starting a side hustle may not work out for you, and you might just decide to make this a fun little experiment. Worst-case scenario is you learn a lucrative little hobby and decide to focus on something else.

And with the strategies in this book I’m going to SEND TO YOU FOR FREE, you could end up ditching the tie and the terrible rush-hour traffic, and never have to listen to that idiot boss again.

When you use what I’m about to show you, you’re in the driver’s seat… burning rubber on your own personal Autobahn without even having to worry about putting on pants.

You can set up a little “lifestyle improvement” income stream that you can run from your kitchen table… from wherever you want to live in the world… and in time, grow it to be as big as you want…

That’s the approach many of my successful students follow… and I’ve done it many times.

Every day I get ecstatic emails from my subscribers, like this one:

“I went from 42 cents to my name last year to a six-figure digital nomad within 18 months, due to James’ many strategies.”

-Beck P.


“$3k in 2 weeks!”

-Matt G.

And before you start to think I’m one-sided… they aren’t ALL about money…

Stop missing important
social events because of work!






While STILL making more than anyone you know!

You may be asking yourself: How is all of this possible??

I have streamlined processes to tap into the “outsourced economy,”

which has been growing like a weed year after year for the last five years

And so can you, because this is just the beginning.

Let me give you some perspective…

Right now there are over 68 million Americans engaged in independent work… and that is going to increase year after year… because 50% of U.S. jobs are compatible with remote work.

Chart Chart

And 80% of the workforce says they’d like to work remotely.

Yet only 7% of employers make flexible work available to most employees… why? Because your boss is jealous of you.

Magic timing

If you ever want to retire in comfort, the key to your absolute success is income on demand.

You can leverage this “democratization” of income as “insurance” for your day job if you’re not ready to leave just yet. And you’ll never have to ask for a raise again when you could simply log in and “post for profit.”

Every profession and every employee is affected… it doesn’t matter if you’re a manager… or have three degrees. (You could use this method to pay off any and all of your student debt fast!)

And yet, I’d bet not one in 20,000 Americans knows about these secrets.

But behind boardroom doors, companies know it’s cheaper to hire outside help, and they are looking to take advantage of technology to reduce their overhead. The “gig economy” is upon us.

Even high-value professions are scrambling. They’re being squeezed by tech advances… making it cheaper for consumers like you and me to access expensive services for pennies on the dollar.

Doctors? ZocDoc.

Lawyers? LegalZoom.

Accountants? TurboTax.

Uber… Airbnb… Amazon… the list goes on and on…

Remember, you don’t need to come up with the next latest and greatest “app” in order to make mega bucks… you don’t even need to have any strange skills or hobbies… and it’s OK if you feel like all this high-tech stuff is over your head. I’m going to show you how to leverage your experience and unique interests to make your “dream income” a reality.

You certainly don’t have to become a self-absorbed “selfie taker” to command the highest fees for doing easy online tasks big businesses are too lazy to do themselves.

And you won’t be renting out your car (or sanity) to drunk strangers driving for a rideshare service either.

I’m talking about IN-DEMAND “hot jobs” that are curated at your fingertips for you to choose from. Whatever you find most interesting.

Click. Post. Profit!

Even if you don’t like to be “in front” of the camera, it’s easier than you ever imagined to pull out your phone whenever you want piles of cold, hard, REAL money in your pocket.

Simple steps to your second income
without getting a second “job”

You’re in charge. You decide whether you want just a little extra for an upcoming vacation, or if you want to dive head first into a deep blue ocean of entrepreneurial success… brimming with excitement!

No matter what state the economy is in, you’ll be able to enjoy the view from the beach once you’ve taken your life back.

Your biggest problem will be explaining when your friends ask you…

“So what the heck do you do anyway?”

You read that right…

Times are changing. The “outsourced economy” is shaking the very foundations of the way business is done.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also says the average baby boomer will have 11.9 completely different jobs in their lifetime… and if the trends keep moving the way I see them, most people will have over 14 different jobs. In fact, the average millionaire reports to have one or two of seven different income streams… so you decide what works for your lifestyle.

And you don’t need to wait until your job gets downsized or spend years going back to school learning how to take advantage of the latest income-producing possibilities.

You don’t need to spend years stressing yourself out trying to figure it out on your own either.

I’ve identified the most lucrative, in-demand opportunities available to you right now…

Then laid them out step by step for you to get started making money from the convenience of your home… oftentimes risking absolutely nothing and eliminating the confusion and distractions that plagued people in the past.

Of course, everyone’s situation is different, and not every income secret will work for everyone. You should never bet more than you could afford to lose, which is why I’ve laid out plenty of different options for you to choose from.

MOST of what I show you costs little more than a few minutes of your time and practically zero starting capital!

PLUS, I’m going to show you how you can get started with a 100% RISK-FREE offer…

So without further ado, I want to show you how you could get started collecting cash as casually as scrolling through your phone…

Announcing: My brand-new book…

The Side Hustle Bible

Side Hustle Bible

Getting Rich in the Gig Economy…
Posting for Fun & Profit…
A Bootstrapper’s Bible to Social Media Millions

Many employees tolerate working jobs they hate. They tough it out. They grin and bear it.

And most who start businesses have to accumulate all kinds of debt and keep putting money into their business instead of taking it out.

They go into business only to find out they’ve jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. They wind up slaves to their business. Their business owns them… controlling their lives and dictating their happiness… they don’t own the business.

The worst part is when they wind up working longer, harder hours for the same money they were making in their jobs. Trapped and hating their lives.

I don’t want any of those things for you… I don’t want you to feel the frustration or experience the public, embarrassing failures I have gone through either. My journey to financial independence was not easy!! I’ve been through the ringer and folded 19 different companies before I finally made it.

You can personally benefit from the years of setbacks I went through and use my exact strategies for generating massive success in a mere fraction of the time it took me.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to do something you love. You don’t need to sacrifice a second doing things you don’t want to do… or scrape by just to survive…

You can live the life you want and THRIVE. In any economy.

I’ve spelled out exactly what you need to do to, step by step, to cut years off the learning curve and start paying yourself what you’re really worth.

Right now, I want to make you a truly irresistible offer…

Not only do I want to send you my new book FOR FREE…

I want to incentivize you to implement
what’s inside by offering you a special $100 credit
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when you read it, apply it, and share your honest
feedback (good or bad) with my team and I!

Why would I want to do such a thing? I’ll explain more in a moment, but for this to make sense, let me tell you a little about the guy who insisted on writing the forward to it…

** Seven-Figure Case Study: Trevor Chapman **

With zero prior experience in e-commerce, I used $200 and the James Alibaba Arbitrage method.

92 days later, I hit $1 million… and $2 million 90 days later… and a 10-figure acquisition in under a year.

All of this came from taking action at James’ recommendation. I am no different than you. In fact, I’m a poor kid from Guam. The odds were not in my favor.

I invite you to put your trust in a man that I put my trust in — a decision that changed my life.

And I get constant feedback from my happy subscribers

James Altucher’s students speak out…
hear some of their amazing success stories

“Hear the story of how Tad overcame the corporate grind and Chose Himself…”

Thank you so much for your inspiration! Today is my 43rd birthday and I have spent over a decade of my life in a MISERABLE corporate job making tons of money for thankless corporate clowns and I thought this was all I was worth.

Thanks to you, [for giving your life] to encourage others and help us out of our middle-class pits, I have finally started taking steps to follow my lifelong dream of being a talk show host. I feel stupid even saying it, but I don’t care. I have turned my basement into a TV studio and purchased equipment to start my dream job.

I am taking baby steps every day, and I have no audience to speak of, but I do have hope, and I have a studio, and a personality that is really fucking fun!

For the past several years I have been told during my annual evaluation that I need to stop joking around at work and I need to be more serious. Why? Who wants that? I took over a new territory (managing medical clinics) last July and in 10 months I took my team from a weak mid-pack to #1 in the entire region both in cost savings and clinical quality outcomes. I am a leader and I am badass at moving the needle in business. But does anyone ever notice? No. Never. I hate it. All I ever hear is “good job, now work harder and do more with less resources.” There is no such thing as good enough. Last year I received the smallest raise I have ever received. 1.9%. And my boss had the balls to tell me that it was because I am already getting paid more than everyone else. Um… that’s because I am WORTH IT! Nobody else in this company can keep up with my leadership. Nobody else can lead a team to success like I can and have them loving their jobs at the same time.

So I said F-it and I stopped working my ass off and started working on my side hustle.

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you for the inspiration and keep up the good work.

-Tad B.

I urge you, don’t take MY word for it —
see what others are saying…

“I recently subscribed to The Altucher Report and am grateful I did so. I mainly wanted to say how appreciative I am of the things The Altucher Report publishes and how much it has already helped me.”

-Mike H.

“I’ve already made twice as much money from The Altucher Report as it cost to subscribe. James Altucher is a genius.”

-Greg T.

“If you want to be more ‘hands on’ with new things to look into each day, this program is for you.”

-Hannah H.

“It’s a great opportunity to make extra money.”

-Dillon S.

Let this “fill in the blanks”
post-for-profit plan
work for you too

Seeing the breakthroughs on my fans’ faces when they post their success stories on social media is why I keep publishing… and I want you to be one of them.

The greatest compliment you could pay me right now is by taking action.

I believe in rewarding people for their hard work, and I want to see more of my subscribers develop their own six- and seven-figure side hustles…

That’s why in addition to sending you a copy of my new book… I’m going to send you a companion guide so you can put it to work FOR YOU.

I want to be clear: You can’t just read a book and hope to get rich. And most books are just piles of information. You don’t need any more information… what you need is knowledge and clarity. Action steps.

This isn’t some kind of gimmick or get-rich-quick scheme. Your success won’t be automatic, and I can’t do your work FOR you… but your success could be all but guaranteed if you follow along with my straightforward advice.

Once you see how easy it is, your income potential will become unlimited.

So you can take the right actions that put mountains of money in your bank account… with the ease of pushing a few buttons on your cellphone and posting on the right social media platforms.

You’ll see exactly what to do at each step…

This is especially helpful if you only have a few hours a week to work on your side hustle. You can expand your efforts and eliminate every second of wasted time.

Your companion guide will walk you through the entire process.

If you can commit to as little as 10 minutes a day, you could be well on your way to a rare six-… maybe even SEVEN-FIGURE INCOME IN 2019!

You certainly won’t be beholden to any stupid boss, who’s only interested in getting you to do work he cannot.

I’ll show you exactly what to do. It’s worked for me. It’s worked for Trevor and countless other subscribers… and it can work for you if you follow along with the crystal-clear, step-by-step instructions…

You can make money at this. I’m certain. How certain? I guarantee I can show you how.

Follow along as you read for the
exact process to pocket maximum profit potential!

In addition to sending you my latest book and
the follow-along companion guide, I’ve got a few more special incentives I want to send you

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Keep in mind: You don’t want to wait. Don’t let your competition cash in your potential million-dollar “big idea” or let someone else collect your FREE copy, as I only have a certain amount I can give away…

Plus, there are bonuses below that are ONLY AVAILABLE through this promotion.

And, by the way, if you do have a burning desire to develop the next big “disruptive” app or business invention… this book will show you how you can get the attention or venture capital you need to see it become a success.

Once you see the process, it’s a “choose your own adventure” you can repeat as often as you wish.

You don’t need money to make money — you need clarity and commitment.

This book eliminates the confusion and dispels the common myths that keep you stuck.

What else do I have for you?

I’ve got great feedback on my New York Times best-selling book, Choose Yourself. But I wrote it in 2012, and it came out in 2013. I’ve learned a lot in the last 5+ years… interviewed 300+ experts and recorded over 400 hours of podcasts… more specifically, done millions and millions of dollars in deals since it first hit the printers… and refined my processes to make it easier than ever.

I want to send you my latest best-selling book, Reinvent Yourself.

Which you can also have FOR FREE today… which will help you understand the mindset that is part of joining the Choose Yourself Revolution that is taking place all around you.

You’ll see why over 161 people have given it five-star reviews on Amazon so far. You’ll have the new tools you need to make the most important decision in your life: to “Choose Yourself” and “Reinvent Yourself” as you start your six-figure side hustle.

Reinvent Yourself

I also believe everyone has a story worth sharing. You probably have a best-selling book inside of you, and I can help you go from blank page to best-seller… like I have time and time again. For a brief period of time, my self-published book Reinvent Yourself even outsold Fifty Shades of Grey and was one of the best-selling books in the entire Amazon bookstore (read: THE ENTIRE INTERNET!)… not just for “self-help,” but one of the top-selling books for the entire marketplace.

I will show you how I did it, and how you could do the same thing if you follow my simple strategies!

Which is why, right now, I will also send you a FREE COPY of my book The Ultimate Guide to Self-Publishing.

Guide to Self Publishing

This is a complete primer on the “publish on demand” self-publishing industry — this special report shows you the simple writing system some of my students are getting the chance to use and make a lot of money on demand… even as much as a possible $20k, $30k, even $50k a month!

This method works even if you’re not a “writer” but you’ve got a message you want to share with the world.

I’ll show you how I went from broke, with only $120 in my pocket, to becoming a best-selling author and raised myself from failure to success through self-publishing… without any overhead or help from a publisher (and why you want to keep their hands off your hard-earned royalties too!).

You’ll see how you can feed this insatiable beast with “knowledge nuggets” or get paid to research topics you’re really interested in!

Finally, I want to share with you some of the most powerful advice ever curated and distilled into one place…

I interviewed 10 real-life BILLIONAIRES. Picked their brains. Boiled down their most powerful strategies, mindsets and habits. Dispelled myths and had them help me understand what makes them tick. Created a blueprint for you to model and decide for yourself “how much is enough.”

Think you might be able to combine one or two pieces of advice
that I’m sending to you


in The Side Hustle Bible, Reinvent Yourself,
The Ultimate Guide to Self-Publishing, as well as
Think Like a Billionaire, into a
lucrative opportunity that fits your lifestyle?

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Yes, money is great, but the satisfaction you’ll get from “Choosing Yourself” as well as being part of an elite group of insiders is something you have to experience firsthand.

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LATEST EDITION! Essentially a Choose Yourself v. 2.0 — Reinvent Yourself is about eliminating false beliefs and learning how to say “yes” to what’s best for living a life without limits. It’s about discovering the magic inside you. Based on anecdotes from the best “self-help” gurus as well as insider angles from over 300+ hours of podcast interviews and experience since Choose Yourself first came out.

Reinvent Yourself

SHARE YOUR STORY! The Ultimate Guide to Self-Publishing — Here’s how you can profit from the self-publishing industry and step by step what you need to do to get your book out of your head and onto paper… and then have it sell like hotcakes! Set it and forget it while you cash in on Amazon’s print-on-demand platform, and share your stories with the world.

Self Publishing Guide

PICK THE BRAINS OF BILLIONAIRES! Think Like a Billionaire — Boils down the best strategies I discovered interviewing and dissecting the lives of 10 real-life billionaires. This is some of my most powerful work to date, and you can see what makes the mindset of a billionaire different and how you can model them in your life.

Think Like a Billionaire

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James Sig

James Altucher
October 2018

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