I’ve Gone From “Face Down In The Gutter” Broke To Loving The Work I Do Every Single Day And FINALLY Being Financially Free...

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When I turned 40, a friend of mine threw a birthday dinner for me...

He invited all his friends.

I knew none of them.

So on my 40th birthday I was basically by myself, with people I didn’t know, doing nothing in my life that I had ever wanted to do for the prior 40 years.

I hated my life.

And, as usual, I was going broke, getting divorced, and was scared out of my mind.

Antidepressants didn’t work for I gave up on them.

Meditation didn’t work either…

I couldn’t keep my mind from racing all the time.

I had nobody to talk to.

Nobody to turn to.

I was lonely and scared and wished I had just one person I could ask for help.

Reinvent Yourself

Why was this happening to me AGAIN?

Why couldn’t I just “reinvent” myself and get my life on track?

I’ve spent the past 20 years asking a lot of hard questions...

I ask them to the people I meet.

I ask them to the books I read.

I ask them to myself.

And after talking to hundreds of people and reading over 2,000 books trying to
figure out how people reinvent their lives to achieve their dreams, I finally “cracked the code”.

Since then my life has completely changed…

I’ve reinvented my career 14 times.

I’ve gone from barely making ends meet doing things I hated, to loving the work I do now every single day.

Oh, and for the first time in my life I’m NOT worried about money.

I don’t want you to worry either.

So I’m going to share what I found with you.

I’ve seen reinvention work for hundreds of other people. Through interviews, through people writing me letters, through the course of the past 20 years.

You can try it or not.

I hope you do.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you exactly how.

But first I have to tell you...

The world is changing. And your life is going to change with it.

It’s not a good thing or a bad thing really...

It’s just that you can no longer rely on conventional institutions like the government, Wall Street firms, or corporations for your income security.

You can’t rely other people…

Not even your friends or family…

Someone asked me earlier today: “How do I reinvent myself if I am starting with no money.”

Let me tell you something: Almost every time I have ever had to reinvent, I started
with nothing.

That’s why I want to send you – absolutely FREE– one of the most important books I’ve
ever written…

…A book I believe could help SAVE you – even if you have ZERO DOLLARS in your
bank account.

It's called Reinvent Yourself, and it’s the book I WISH I could have read 20 years ago.

Or 10 years ago…

Even 5 years ago a book like this would have changed my life.

But it didn’t exist.

So I sat down and wrote it myself.

Hi, my name is James Altucher...

I’m 49 years old and over the past 20 years I’ve made 10’s of millions of dollars, lost it all, made it back and lost it again…

But that’s not where my story ends.

You see, I’ve also spent years interviewing 100s of high achievers for my podcast.

I discovered that every single one of them were masters at reinventing themselves.

I’ve seen what reinvention looks like at every stage of life, in every career, in every part of the process of well-being.

Here’s something else I discovered...

The way the world works right now, you HAVE to reinvent yourself.

Or, to say it a nicer way, you GET to reinvent yourself.

You get a second, third, fourth chance. You get as many as you want.

Everything is set up for you.

I mean it.

It’s so much easier now...

All the tools, the training you need.

You just have to know where to look.

Find it and you’ll find new ways of living, of making money.

New social opportunities and a better network.

It took me years to figure this out…

But once I did, reinvention became easy.

In fact, by continually reinventing myself I’ve been able to become:

And now, in my new book Reinvent Yourself I’ll show you how I and dozens of others have turned their lives around matter where you are starting from.

Remember, I want to send you a copy today for free...

But first, let me tell you why this book is so incredibly valuable to you RIGHT NOW.

In Reinvent Yourself, you’ll learn…

And much, MUCH more...

Through my experience in the real world along with the mentoring I’ve gotten from
some of the most successful people in the world, I finally mastered the art of QUICK
income generation...

… And distilled the best lessons I’ve learned into this valuable book.

Look, I know there are a million "experts" out there that are claiming they can teach you how you can change your life and create new income sources…

All I can tell you is I’ve been at zero a few times.

I’ve come back a few times…

I’ve done it over and over. I’ve started entire new careers. People who knew me then, don’t know me now. And so on.

Sometimes because my interests changed.

Sometimes because I burnt all bridges beyond recognition…

And sometimes because I desperately needed money.

Yes, there are other ways to reinvent yourself.

I can only tell you what worked for me.

And that it’s worked for hundreds of others too...

That’s why I want you to read Reinvent Yourself.

People write me everyday…

They’re afraid. They don’t know what to do.

I want to help.

I believe it’s going to be up to YOU to generate the income you need to ensure you never, EVER, run out of money.

And it’s far easier to do than you ever thought possible!

I will show you…

I’ll guide you the way others guided me.

In fact, right now is the greatest opportunity you will ever have to create the life you want.

Whether you want to supplement your income with a little extra cash…

Or replace your job.

Or even if you’re looking for a way to fund your retirement…

Reinvent Yourself will show you exactly how.

And here’s the best part…

I have a hard-cover copy of Reinvent Yourself reserved for you and I'm prepared to send it to your doorstep today, free of charge.


"Highly recommended for Self-Improvement and Earnings"
I have read several of Mr. Altucher's articles and books before. This is the most complete one I've read to date. If you are serious about improving your chances for growth and earnings, it's a must-read.
- John G.

"Common Sense Approach"
Another great book by James Altucher. James distills ideas he's learned from his experiences, and meeting tons of interesting people. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a roadmap of the way the world is headed.
- Henry R.

“Very Intelligent and Insightful…”
James Altucher's advice has made me money, period... His books are fastreads packed with tangible info.
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“…If I hadn’t found James’ writings, my life might look
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…It is from James that I came to understand how to turn ideas into money. He showed me how to do this. I think that if I hadn’t found his writings, my life might look very different. I struggled with confidence in the creative fields, and now, it appears that I’m doing exactly what comes natural to me: writing and making art…
- Pam B.

Forbes article: "James Altucher: The Most Interesting Man
in the World"

This man has changed my life, and the lives of thousands of people that follow his every word. He is the most valuable mentor I have...
- Brian Rashid, Forbes Contributor

“James Altucher changed my life…”
James Altucher changed my life with his blog and books. Give him a try, I'm sure it'll do no less for you.
- Stephen E. Dinehart IV, Award-Winning Game maker, Int'l Speaker, Attraction Designer @NBCUniversal, Nintendo Dev, Filmmaker & Transmedia Pioneer


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Reinvent Yourself is essential reading for anyone who wants to create extra income.

“James shows readers how they can succeed despite their flaws, not because of a lack of flaws. This is hugely refreshing in a world of rah-rah positive thinking gurus who are all forced smiles and high-fives.”

– Tim Ferriss, Exerpt from The New York Times

“What I like about James and his book is you can tell he came from a roller coaster. He chose his own path to success without knowing the outcome. And what happens to him later – well…”

– Dick Costolo, Former CEO of Twitter

“James is on a very personal journey. He’s telling you the story on Saturday, on Sunday he’s talking about how it failed, and on Monday he’s talking about doing it a different way.”

– Brian Koppelman, Co-Creator of “Billions”

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- Dave V.

Practical, Off The Beaten Path Ideas For Wealth Creation...That Actually Makes Sense
This is a great book which covers many angles of personal finance and wealth creation that are not taught in most other books. James comes across as a genuine every man, as he has suffered through his own ups and downs. Especially enjoyed his extensive exploration into the power of coming up with ideas everyday, and making it a regular practice.
- Thomas P.

Highly insightful and powerful advice on building your own wealth streams.
This book needs to be read thoroughly and seriously by anyone who wants to escape the rat race that has permeated our capitalist society and its cubicle culture. The author gives very profound advice on how to come up with original ideas, so that you can use them to become wealthy one day (instead of depending on someone else's paycheck for the rest of your life)… If you want to live a less stressful life because of money, then I highly recommend you read this book.
- Phil I.


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My mission is simple:To help you end your reliance on the conventional institutions… and learn how to create your own streams of income so you can live your life exactly how you want – without EVER having to worry about money.

In the past, I’ve only provided this kind of research to my hedge fund friends.

No more...

Now, it’s available to you.

The Altucher Report is the perfect way to stay up to date on all the new income opportunities that are being created every single day.


…There is truly some great information offered here.
“…The thing is, we see so many products that promise to be an asset to those who have that true entrepreneurial spirit. But, so many fail to live up to expectations. However, this certainly does not fall into that camp because there is truly some great information offered here.”
– Stan Stevenson,

… you owe it to yourself to provide yourself with the positive vibes and influence you’ll get from reading the words contained in this monthly report…
If you’re a ‘doer’ rather than a ‘don’ter’ a ‘go-getter’ or a ‘wanna-have’, then you owe it to yourself to provide yourself with the positive vibes and influence you’ll get from reading the words contained within this monthly report. And it doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you’re male or female, rich or poor, working, retired or unemployed – all that’s required to take advantage of the info provided is a positive attitude – it’s a simple as that!

I’ve been reading James’ books, his newsletter (The Altucher Report), and listening to his podcasts for years. The reason why I’ve spent so much time listening to James is that he provides a TON of value.
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To sum up: For a nonrefundable shipping & processing fee of just $4.95 today, you’ll receive:


Why am I giving this away?

Well, I figure this package – what essentially amounts to a free sample of some of my most important work – is the perfect way to introduce you to me and the research I do.

If you like my work as much as I think you will, then my sincerest hope is that you’ll want to do business with me again in the future.

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I believe in my work…

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That’s why I’m going to send you this valuable research package for just the $4.95 cost
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If you’re unhappy for any reason during the first 30 days,simply call my friendly Baltimore-based customer service staff and cancel.

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July 2017

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P.S. I almost forgot. There’s one more important (FREE) gift I’d like to include as part of this deal.

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