Imagine Your Life With $100,000 In Extra Cash...
And Then Tell Me What You'd Do With It

I want you to imagine what you’d do with 1,000% returns.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s say you turn $10,000 into $100,000…

What would you do with an extra $100,000?

Would you write a book about your passions and try to become a #1 best-selling author, like I have?

Would you buy a fancy new car? It’s not my thing, but hey… this is your money we’re talking about.

Would you live in Airbnbs, like I do, all around the world?

Whatever it is…

I want you to tell me. The more details, the better. And don’t worry, there’s no right answer.

Tell Me...
What Would You Do With An Extra $100,000?


Or, better yet... can you record a video saying what you'd do with the $100,000?

If so, we've made it simple. Click the link below and submit your video.

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Here's how to submit your answers:

  1. Use the form to fill out your email address and first and last name.
  2. Add a title and tell us a little about yourself!
  3. This is important: Select 'record from webcam'. Allow the form to access your web cam by selecting "Allow" when your computer asks permission.
  4. Hit record and take a minute or two to answer James’ question
  5. Once you are happy with your video, hit submit!

You can also upload a pre-recorded video, by selecting 'upload a file'. Remember: ONLY people who submit a video will receive a FREE chapter of James’ latest book, Reinvent Yourself.

  1. Search the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store for and download the Boast.ioapp.
  2. Open up the app, and enter BDR into the Campaign Code box.
  3. Follow steps above.

Please remember, by submitting your video or testimonial, James and/or Agora Financial may publish your video in editorial or promotional material. However, we will NEVER publish your full name.