For the First Time EVER, Rogue Trader Blows the Lid Off of…

— Wall Street’s TOP SECRET

“Million Dollar Calendar”


Hi, Bob Byrne here.

If you’re the kind of person who takes action when you’re faced with life-changing situations...

Please take out a sheet of paper and write this down:

**CHRA, 6/11/2018**

This is the next date marked on what I call the “Million Dollar Calendar”...

And it could make you obscenely wealthy.

How do I know?

Because every single time a stock ticker appears on this special calendar…

Investors have a chance to multiply their money by 10, 50 and even 100 times within a matter of weeks.

To be clear, this calendar has nothing to do with acquisitions… FDA approvals… earnings announcements… or anything like you’re probably thinking.

In fact, most average investors have never even heard of it…

Because it’s NOT published in The Wall Street Journal

It’s NOT discussed on CNBC…

And it’s NOT something published by the government either.

Normally, it’s ONLY found in the high echelons corridors of Wall Street.

But after two decades of research and billions of dollars in trading…

I’ve discovered a way for everyday people to take advantage of it.

For the first time ever, you could have the chance to use Wall Street’s most powerful tool to turn a tiny starting stake into $48,780… $69,250… and even $272,000…

WITHOUT buying options… trading currencies… or anything complicated like that.

All you have to do is buy the stocks that appear on this calendar…

And you could have the chance to pocket at least a dozen life-changing windfalls this year alone.

I’ve never been more certain of anything in my entire career.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that this calendar is the “golden ticket” that will allow you to quit your job and NEVER worry about money again.

I know, that’s a bold claim.

But once you see the evidence for yourself, you’ll understand why I’m confident enough to make it.

Let me show you how this calendar works, starting with the ticker “TIBX.”

** TIBX, July 14th**

$1,000 Turns into $11,800!

Tibco systems was just a tiny company from Palo Alto, CA that developed data systems and analytics software.

Most people hadn’t ever even heard of them...

Then their name appeared on the calendar pointing to July 14th...

TIBX Calendar

And just look what happened next...

TIBX Chart

Their stock skyrocketed 1,180% shortly after!

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $11,800…

And $5,000 into almost $60,000!

Unless you were a company insider or on top of the totem pole on Wall Street, chances are you would have totally missed this move.

But if you had access to this calendar...

You could have easily gotten in front of this tremendous market move weeks ahead of time.

Allowing you to cash out with almost twelve times your money!

Compare that to the measly 10% return you’d get if you invested in an index fund.

You could have beat the market by 118 times, with a single move that was totally predictable!

This was NOT a one-time event, either…

It happened again with a company called TDH Holdings…

**September 21st,
TDH Holdings**

$1,500 turns into $5,160
in just 12 days!

Their name appeared on the calendar on September 21st.

TDH Calendar

And look what happened to their share price...

TDH Chart

It shot up 344% in just 12 days!

That’s enough to turn every $1,500 invested into $5,160…

And every $5,000 into $17,200!

Do that twice and you’re looking at $34,400 a month…

That adds up to $412,800 a year!

Not bad, right?

This next example is even more dramatic…

**January 25th, ANAP**

$2,000 turns into $14,140!

When this clinical stage Biotech company appeared on the calendar on January 25th, they were working to develop antibody products to fulfill unmet medical needs in inflammation.

99.9% of investors didn’t even know they existed.

ANAP Calendar

But once that day arrived… shares exploded.

ANAP Chart

Giving early investors the chance at a quick 707% gain!

What most people don’t realize is that this move was completely predictable.

In other words—using this calendar —you could have positioned yourself for the jackpot weeks in ADVANCE....

Giving you the opportunity to collect a huge windfall…

Imagine investing $2,000 the day that was marked on the calendar...

Then cashing out with a profit of $14,140 shortly after!

Double that initial investment, and now you’re looking at more than $25,000.

And had you invested a little more, say $5,000… you could have walked away with $35,000.

But that’s nothing compared to this next example…

**June 9th, DITC**

$2,500 turns into $48,475!

Just look at what happened with Ditech Networks.

This company manufactures advanced voice processing tech solutions for mobile carrier networks.

For most people, investing in a niche tech company like this would be a total gamble…

But the calendar “knew” shares were about to skyrocket… starting on June 9th...

DITC Calendar

That’s exactly what happened.

DITC Chart

In this case… starting with $2,500, you could have written yourself a $48,780 paycheck.

That’s almost 50 grand -- from a move that would have taken you less than 5 minutes to execute.

And had you started with $5,000, you could have instantly added almost 6-figures to your bank account.

Crazy, right?

What’s insane is that these moves happen over and over again almost every week.

In fact...

Last year alone, 160 stocks
appeared on this calendar!

Meaning you would have had 160 chances to turn a small investment into a life-changing fortune…

That’s three chances at a quick five or six figure payday each and every week!

Because we’re not talking about boring moves of 5%, 20% or even 50%.

We’re talking about the biggest and most predictable gains you’ve ever seen.

In fact, The Wall Street Journal reported that the average company that appeared on this calendar “climbed 194%” in a single year!

It happened again with data and storage networking company, Brocade Communications.

**May 25th, BRCD**

$1,000 turns into $14,850!

When this company was listed on the calendar on May 25th, it had been trading for just $5.66.

BRCD Calendar

Take a look at what happened next…

BRCD Chart

Within a matter of months, it skyrocketed all the way to $89.66!

Landing early investors a 1,485% gain…

Enough to turn a $1,000 starting stake into $14,850...

That’s almost fifteen times your money from a move that was virtually guaranteed to happen!

Then there’s Redback Networks.

**May 18th, RBAKQ**

$2,000 turns into $16,160!

This company had been trading for just $21.03 when its name appeared on the calendar… pointing to May 18th as the big day.

RBAKQ Calendar

You can probably guess what happened next...


Their share price shot up 808%!

That could have been another easy 5-figure payday.

Enough to turn a $2,000 stake into $16,160!

It’s insane how fast these market moves can happen!

As you can see…

Every time a company
appears on a certain date in the calendar…

Investors have a chance to pocket an astronomical gain shortly after!

This calendar is the most powerful and predictable tool in Wall Street’s arsenal...

And for the first time ever… I’ve found a way for everyday investors like you to get in on the action!

In other words, I’m putting Wall Street’s most powerful tool at your fingertips.

A tool that’s normally totally out of reach for ordinary investors...

But has the power to make almost anyone a tremendous fortune.

Investopedia put it best when they said [this calendar] had the power to “turn unexpected individuals into millionaires.”

And as I’ll show you in this next example, it can happen with a single well-timed move.

First, I should probably tell you a little bit about myself…

After 20 Years of Research
and BILLIONS of Dollars in Trading, I’ve Finally Found a Way to Make This Calendar Available to Everyday Investors Like You

Like I mentioned earlier, my name is Bob Byrne.

And in case you’re wondering, I’m not a Wall Street insider.

Byrne Family

I’ve never worked at a hedge fund or a financial institution.

In fact, I live more than 2,100 miles away from Wall Street in a small town in Utah with my Wife and two kids.

I started trading back in college, and I made around 1,100% on my very first trade.

After that, I was hooked.

I started devouring books, taking courses and spending hours a day studying the markets.

But after interning at a major financial institution, I realized something…

Wall Street is the most corrupt and despicable place on earth.

Once I saw what was really going on behind the scenes…

I quit my internship and I vowed that I would NEVER work for one of these shady institutions.

Instead I dedicated all my time to my own trading account.

And eventually I became one of the most successful independent traders in America.

I was moving millions of dollars with every single trade I made.

Which added up to billions in trading volume every year.

Just take a look at these trading statements:

Bank Statement 1

That’s $2.3 billion in trading volume -- more than many hedge funds move -- and I did it all on my own.

While I was trading all of that money, I was able to see things in the markets that most investors completely miss.

I discovered strategies that not even the smartest hedge fund managers on Wall Street knew about at the time.

But my most important discovery came when I noticed a strange pattern of dates in the markets…

It seemed that there were predetermined dates when a certain class of stocks would ALWAYS skyrocket.

I was curious, so I started digging into this phenomenon.

I called other traders… I dug through back tested data… I ran technical simulations... and after months of research I discovered something truly stunning.

It turned out that the dates I’d stumbled across in my trading were all listed on a special calendar that circulates in the corridors of Wall Street.

As an outsider who never worked on Wall Street I’ve been pushed around by these bastards more times than I can count.

So I always knew they had an unfair advantage.

But I never imagined that it would be this huge.

Over time, I discovered how to use this calendar in my own trading account.

I could tell you the results were phenomenal, but I’ll let my tax returns speak for themselves.

Bank Statement 2

Needless to say, I made a lot of money using this strategy.

I kept it to myself for years, until one day I got a call from one of the largest independent financial research firms in the world.

They’d heard about my success from another top-level trader.

And they asked if I’d be willing to publish my research on this strategy for their readers.

I was hesitant at first…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a trader, it’s that you never give up a tactical advantage when you find it.

But after months of negotiation, they made me an offer I simply couldn’t refuse.

I agreed to sign an exclusive contract with their group, Choose Yourself Financial.

With this contract in place, I’m prepared to blow the lid off this calendar…

And give ordinary investors the chance to take advantage this powerful tool.

So how powerful is this calendar?

Well, let me ask you this:

How much money would
you need to finally quit your job and pursue your
passions full-time?


Maybe $500,000?

I want you to keep that figure in mind.

Because this next calendar date could have literally turned $5,000 into an “instant retirement” fortune.

**December 15th, BCOR**

On December 15th the calendar indicated that it was time to get in on BCOR—a company that provides financial solutions to consumers and small business owners.

BCOR Calendar

Almost immediately, the stock shot up...


Investors clamored for a piece of the action as the share price skyrocketed 1,000%... 2,500%... eventually landing on a 5,440% gain!

That’s enough to turn a $5,000 investment into $272,000...

Double your starting stake and you’re looking at $544,000!

That’s over 12 TIMES what the average American makes in an entire year!


What’s even crazier is that if you had access to this special calendar—you could have been tipped off weeks in advance about this tremendous move.

Just imagine this for a minute…

You place a simple trade in your brokerage account.

Just like you’ve done dozens of times before…

You forget about it for a few weeks...

Then you log in to find that your initial stake has grown into over half a million dollars.

Would that be enough to instantly change your life forever?

Well, that’s the opportunity that you could be looking at with this calendar.

The bottom line is this:

Wall Street insiders get in on huge moves like this all the time.

They’re more than happy to rake in these tremendous windfalls, while normal investors are completely in the dark.

But that all changes today, because I’m going to show you how YOU can use this calendar to get in on Wall Street’s hottest stocks… Whether they like it or not!

Simply by tracking the stocks that this calendar indicates…

You’ll be able to tell
exactly when huge market moves are about to occur, weeks ahead of time!

As you’ve seen, it wouldn’t take very many of these moves to set you up for life.

Or—at the very least—allow you to quit your job and spend more time doing what you love.

And since many of these companies start out trading for just a few dollars—they don’t require huge amounts of capital…

Just $1,000 or so to start.

Look, I can tell you from experience how fantastic it feels to call your loved ones and tell them that they’ll NEVER have to worry about money again.

Because you’ve got them covered.

All because of a single trade that took you 30 seconds to make.

It’s extremely gratifying.

That’s why I’m so excited about this new breakthrough strategy.

I’ve made a LOT of money as a trader in the past.

In terms of trading volume, I’ve beat out hedge funds with entire teams.

And I can say with 100% conviction that this is the best strategy I’ve ever seen for safely and quickly creating a fortune in the stock market.

Like I said a moment ago...

This is the Most Powerful and Predictable Strategy I’ve seen in My Trading Career

If you’ve missed out on all these opportunities… and are struggling to grow your retirement account, don’t beat yourself up.

Most people don’t know about this calendar because it ONLY affects private companies…

Companies that are reserved for wealthy accredited investors and big Wall Street institutions.

But here’s the good news…

I’ve found a 100% legal way to let ordinary folks like you the get IN on the action…

Without having to be an accredited investor!

That’s what makes this such a unique opportunity.

I mean…

What could be more predictable than just following stocks that are listed on a calendar?

Every time you look at this calendar, it’s like you’re being handed a jackpot date on a silver platter…

It’s the most accurate method I’ve ever seen for predicting exactly when tremendous market moves will happen—weeks ahead of time!

Just take a look at this example…

**July 1st, CMRCQ**

$5,000 turns into $61,700!

On July 1st, the calendar indicated that an ecommerce software developer called Commerce One was about to explode.

CMRCQ Calendar

Soon after… BOOM!


The Wall Street Journal broke the news, stating “Commerce One Inc., Walnut Creek Calif., which provides e-commerce software, soared… climbing 1,000% or more…”

Most people didn’t know that this company would explode until they heard it on the news…

At that point it was too late.

But using this calendar, you could have positioned yourself in front of this 1,234% gain...

Giving you the chance to turn every $1,000 invested into $12,340…

And every $5,000 into $61,700!

Then there’s Art Technology group.

**July 21st, ARTG**

$1,000 Turns into $12,510!

On July 21st, the calendar showed a Cambridge technology company with the ticker ARTG.

ARTG Calendar

Just take a look at what happened to the stock price in the following months…

ARTG Chart

It shot up 1,251%!

Had you bought just 110 shares of this company at $9.03 a piece, when their name first appeared on the calendar…

You could have walked away with a $12,510 payday!

And had you put in $5,000, you’d be $62,550 richer right now!

JNPR was even better…

**June 25th, JNPR**

$2,000 turns into $27,700!

When the calendar showed the name of this multinational marketing network product developer on June 25th, it had been trading for just $15.60.

JNPR Calendar

Just look what happened next…

JNPR Chart

Their share price shot up 1,385%!

Enough to turn every $2,000 invested into $27,700...

And every $5,000 into $69,250!

Isn’t that amazing?

Do that over and over again and you’re looking at a ticket to the kind of life most people only dream about.

These kinds of predictable stock market gains are completely unprecedented.

And as you’ve noticed, you’re in and out of these stocks so fast…

That you don’t leave your money exposed to long term market risks.

So not only do you have the chance at astronomical gains…

You’re actually slashing your risk exposure, too.

That’s what makes this strategy so incredibly safe!

It’s a win-win!

At this point, you’re probably wondering...

What exactly is the secret behind this special calendar…

And what makes it such a powerful tool for investors?

So what’s the secret behind this remarkable calendar?

Like I said, you’ll normally only find it in the corridors of big Wall Street Institutions.

It’s one of their most powerful tools for generating massive gains for their wealthiest investors.

Simply put...

It allows them to chart out when young companies are about to get listed on the major exchanges.

And as you’ve seen, that’s when truly spectacular gains happen.

Because it’s the first time the market gets to decide how much a company is worth.

And excited investors bid up the share price like crazy.

Take Great Elm Capital Group for example.

** June 11th, GEC**

$3,000 turns into $27,030!

When this company appeared on the calendar on June 11th…

GEC Calendar

It meant that was the first day the stock would be listed on major exchanges.

Here’s what happened when that day arrived:

GEC Chart

You could have multiplied your money NINE times over…

And turned every $3,000 invested into $27,030!

I know, this is exciting stuff...

But please do NOT go out and buy every single stock that’s getting listed on major exchanges.

In order to safely capitalize on these huge market moves, you need a strategy for screening which ones have the greatest chance to succeed.

Which brings me to my next point.

You see…

The key to this strategy
lies in a special screening method I’ve devised over the past decade...

Although this calendar is an incredibly powerful tool on its own…

There’s a reason that Wall Street is able to use it to rake in tremendous gains, over and over again…

In short, their analysts spend years developing special screening systems for picking the calendar stocks with the highest chance of skyrocketing.

That’s what normally gives them an edge on “rogue” traders like me.

But over the past decade, I’ve perfected my own proprietary calendar screening method.

I call it the “M.O.N.E.Y.” system…

It’s the key component that makes this calendar such an accurate and predictable tool for investing.

In short, every time a company on the calendar meets my five-point “M.O.N.E.Y.” methodology, it’s virtually guaranteed you’ll hit a jackpot.

As far as I know, this is the first time a system like this has EVER been made available to everyday investors.

Allow me to explain:

The M.O.N.E.Y. System: My Key to Explosive Calendar Profits

Moat Analysis

The first thing I do is try to answer the question “does the company have an economic moat?”

In a 1999 interview with Forbes, legendary investor Warren Buffett coined the term "economic moats" to sum up what made him the best stock picker in the world.

He described it like this:

"The key to investing is not assessing how much an industry is going to affect society, or how much it will grow, but rather determining the competitive advantage of any given company and, above all, the durability of that advantage. The products or services that have wide, sustainable moats around them are the ones that deliver rewards to investors."

That’s why this is the first step in my analysis…

I’m looking for companies that offer products or services that nobody else can offer in the market.

Look at CYXT, for example.

When they started trading, they’d just developed a method for producing herbicide-tolerant crops.

They had a unique idea with a lot of promise.

They started out in a garage at the University of Minnesota…

Now they’re on track to be the first small company to ever introduce a successful genetically engineered crop.

It was a huge opportunity, and most people missed it...

But just by looking at the calendar, I knew the EXACT date the company would get listed on a major exchange…

And if you had had access to my system, you could have pocketed an annualized gain of 1,275%.

Calyxt Chart
Oversubscribed Shares

When companies offer shares for the first time ever, they issue a limited amount.

If there’s a lot of interest in the company, the demand for shares will be much higher than the number of shares available.

When that happens, the pros say shares are “oversubscribed.”

For example, when Facebook first started offering its shares to the public, they issued 337 million shares.

But the demand was much higher than that…

And Facebook ended up having to issue more shares to meet the demand.

No wonder shares of Facebook have returned 10 times MORE money than the overall market in recent years…

FB Chart

In short, when shares are oversubscribed… it means the company is so promising that all the big dogs on Wall Street want a piece of it.

And that’s why that’s the second step of my proprietary system.

Notable Underwriters

When companies first want to offer shares to the public, they need to hire an investment banking firm to help them with the process.

They’re called underwriters… and they help the company decide how many shares to issue and at what price.

They essentially act as the middleman between the issuing company and everyday folks like you.

That’s why it’s an important piece of my proprietary system.

I only recommend stocks that have the top underwriters.

You see, there are hundreds of underwriters out there. Some of them will help any company issue shares… as long as they get paid a fee.

But the best underwriters ONLY work with companies that they have already vetted as a promising investment.

Companies like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and a few others have built a reputation of bringing good companies to market.

I scan hundreds of financial disclosures called “Form S-1”… where I can see exactly who the underwriters behind the company are.

For example, you can see in Facebook’s S-1 paperwork, the company had some of the biggest underwriters out there.

Explosive Potential

Of course, not all companies that meet the three criteria above will have the potential to make you rich.

That’s why I also look at the momentum of the shares right after they hit the market.

Is the excitement of the new shares petering out?

Or is the momentum picking up, with shares making new highs?

This is an extremely important part of the process…

Because it guarantees you’ll only buy shares that are already moving higher.

And that’s another factor that can cut your overall risk to the bone.

If, and ONLY if, the company meets all the four criteria above…

I move on to the last piece of my screening method…

Young Companies

Most people don’t know this…

But just because a company is offering shares to the public for the first time ever, it doesn’t mean it’s young.

It could be a relatively old company and that has been in business for a while.

That could be a problem because all the big gains will already have been made by the time you have a chance to buy shares.

Look at Uber for example.

Despite still being a private company, it has been operating for almost ten years.

It’s planning to start offering shares to the public next year.

No question it’s a great company. But the most explosive gains have already been made over the last ten years…

When the company went from an unknown app to a world-wide phenomenon.

That’s why I only focus on companies that are still young and have tons of growth ahead.

Because these are the companies that can return 1,385%, 1,939% and even 5,440% in a matter of months.

As you can see, I’ve developed a pretty robust system.

And I’m not the only one who’s confident this works...

In fact, my good friend James Altucher is so confident that he’s doing something he’s never done before...

Altucher’s Million Dollar Bet

You see, I’ve known James for a long time.

We used to trade ideas almost every day when he ran his hedge fund on Wall Street.

He’s seen my skill as a trader, and my ability to make huge amounts of money in the stock market firsthand.

So when he heard that I was going public with this calendar strategy, he immediately jumped onboard.

And he decided to follow my research and commit $1 million of his personal money to every pick I make.


From what I understand, that’s his biggest investment EVER.

He intends to use this strategy to grow his $1 million into a multi-million-dollar legacy of wealth for his daughters.

And he believes it’s so safe and lucrative that he’s going all in on it.

Not only that, he’s agreed to give YOU first crack at every trade he makes.

So you’ll have a full 48 hours to get in and out of every single calendar trade I recommend before James does.

Obviously, James is a highly credentialed investor…

He’s turned a few thousand dollars into a multi-million-dollar fortune more times than anyone I’ve ever met.

James has a knack for picking winning ideas with massive upside potential.

And he wouldn’t invest $1 million of his personal money unless he was absolutely certain this strategy worked.

He’s convinced that this calendar is the key to growing his money into a multi-million-dollar fortune for his family.

And for the first time ever, YOU have the chance to make a fortune alongside him!

Exciting isn’t it?

Knowing you’ll be able to invest in the exact same stocks as James Altucher himself—48 hours before he does!

It’s all part of a new venture called...

The Million Dollar Project

On June 5th, James will start investing his $1 million in every recommendation I make.

I’ll have complete control over the project and all the picks. He trusts me 100%, so he will NOT meddle.

He’ll simply follow my research and recommendations, just like every other subscriber.

He’s going to put a minimum of $20,000 into each recommendation.

He’ll never invest below that amount… and sometimes he may invest even more, depending on specifics.

I’m going to begin tracking all the companies that appear on the calendar…

The ones that are set to be listed on a major exchanges.

When I find a trade that lines up with my M.O.N.E.Y. system... I’m going to issue a recommendation for all my readers.

You’ll have a small window to invest in, and get out of, each security 48 hours before James does.

As you can see, James doesn’t have any special treatment here… in fact… if you think about it, his treatment is WORSE than yours.

You get first crack at every trade!

Giving you the chance at 1,385%, 1,939% and even 5,440% gains—over and over again!

I’ll identify at least one new pick every month.

And I’ll send an alert out to The Million Dollar Project members…

Telling you everything you need to know for a shot at these tremendous gains.

I’ll tell you what to buy, when to buy, and for how much.

And then 48 hours later, James will invest his money in the exact same trade.

That means you’ll have first stab at every calendar opportunity that fits my proprietary M.O.N.E.Y. system!

And you can get started in just a few minutes...

Because I’ve already identified my next big play… And it’s an immediate BUY!

Let me fill you in on the details:

In the M.O.N.E.Y.: One “Million Dollar Calendar” Stock for a 1,571% Payday...

It’s an entertainment company that’s set to monopolize the largest video streaming market in the world…

The $228 billion Chinese entertainment market.

And it fits my criteria exactly:

It has an economic Moat

Baidu, the google of China, founded this company with one purpose:

To replicate the success Netflix has had in America, in the Chinese market.

With the help of Baidu’s resources, they already have 60 million subscribers…

Making them the market-leading online entertainment service and video platform in the country.

This advantage alone puts them miles ahead of their competition, giving them a wide economic moat.

Its shares are Oversubscribed

IPO research and advisory firm, IPO boutique reported that shares were “many multiple-time oversubscribed.”

Meaning this company has a LOT of investor interest, which is exactly what we’re looking for.

It’s easy to understand why… this is the Netflix of China…

Just to give you an idea of the profit potential…

Had you invested $1,000 when Netflix went public…

You’d have $269,560 today… That’s a 26,956% return.

That’s why shares are oversubscribed. I’m not the only one who’s seeing the massive potential here.

It has Notable Underwriters

Its list of underwriters is a “who’s who” of multi-billion-dollar institutions…

Including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Bank of America Merrill Lynch…

That means the “big guys” have thoroughly vetted this company and it’s been proven to have tremendous upside potential for investors.

It has Explosive Potential

Even though experts have already dubbed this company “the Netflix of China...”

This company is trading at a 94% discount compared to the price of Netflix shares.

It’s also following a remarkably close path to Netflix...

In the five years since introducing original content, Netflix went from a market cap of $13.5 billion to about $145 billion.

That’s over 10X growth.

This company’s market cap currently sits at around $13.5 billion, which is nearly identical to the path Netflix followed…

And like Netflix, they’ve adopted a sharp, laser-like focus on introducing original content… With extremely enticing deals for content creators.

When you take into consideration that China has the largest and most rapidly growing internet user base in the world with about 772 million users…

AND an underdeveloped video-streaming market…

There’s no doubt that this company will make its early investors rich!

It’s a Young Company

Although this company is currently leading the Chinese market in online entertainment, it is still extremely young.

In fact, it was just listed in the U.S. stock exchange less than a month ago…

Assuming it replicates even a fraction of the success of Netflix with the Chinese market – which is over four TIMES bigger than the United States…

Early investors are looking at a life-changing cash windfall!

As you can see…

This company is in the MONEY.

All the pieces are in place for their share price to explode, starting just weeks from now…

Now is the perfect time to get in.

I’ll send all subscribers an exclusive email with the subject line, In the M.O.N.E.Y.: One “Million Dollar Calendar” Stock for a 1,571% Payday...

Inside this email, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started…

So if you choose to invest, you’ll have a chance to get in and out of this stock 48 hours before James does.

Based on my research, I’m certain we’re looking at a huge landslide here…

And this is only the beginning.

Remember, I’ll identify at least one of these plays every single month…

Giving you at least a dozen chances to cash in this year!

Like I showed you earlier, I’m talking about chances to pocket $48,780… $69,250… and even $272,000.

It couldn’t be easier.

You can get your hands on my top pick—as well as every pick I make going forward by becoming a charter member of The Million Dollar Project.

How much does
membership cost?

I can tell you it’s much cheaper than what you’d have to pay if you’re investing in a hedge fund that follows this type of strategy.

Look, I’ve never run a hedge fund, but I’ve known a lot of hedge fund managers.

That’s how I know that I could easily launch my own hedge fund with this strategy.

And if I did, I would have to charge the typical hedge fund fee of 20% of the profits.

So let’s say that instead of providing this research to The Million Dollar Project subscribers I used this strategy for my own hedge fund.

Just to show you how much that could cost you…

Let’s take another look at this trade on Ditech Networks.


Had you invested $5,000, I would have to take 20% of your $96,950 gain—or $19,390.

That’s more than 19 grand in investment fees… and that’s just on one pick.

Remember, I’m going to be researching and recommending at least 12 stocks per year.

So the real cost of this research service could easily add up to over $200,000 a year if you were investing in a hedge fund.

That’s why my publisher thinks we could charge $25,000 for this service…

And it would still be a bargain.

But don’t worry…

The Million Dollar Project won’t cost anywhere near $25,000… or $15,000 … or even $7,500 to get started…

Due to the amount of time and money my publisher put into securing my services and setting up this project…

As well as the extreme profit potential behind my calendar system…

We could easily charge that much, or more. Due to the high stakes of this content, this research system is only right for the most serious readers.

But I don’t want price to be an issue.

Which is why I negotiated a special discounted price with my publisher.

I’ll give you all the details of this special charter offer in a moment…

First, I know you might still have some questions about this strategy.

So I’ll address a few of the questions you might have.

Question 1: Do I need to have $1 million to start?

Answer: No, you do NOT need $1 million to take advantage of this.

In fact, you could invest alongside James, starting with as little as $1,000...

James is only starting with $1 million dollars because he wants to grow that money into a multi-million-dollar inheritance for his daughters.

But since you don’t need to be an accredited investor to get into these special situations…

And since many of these stocks trade for a low price…

You could get started with very little money… and still have the chance at tremendous profits.

Here, I’ll show you...

Take a look at this example:

This is a company with the ticker PETZ headquartered in Qindao China.

On September 21st, this company had appeared on the calendar... indicating it would soon be listed on a major American exchange.

PETZ Calendar

Look what happened next…

Their stock shot up 344% in under a month.

Assuming you achieved that over the course of the entire year…

PETZ Chart

That’s a 10,477% gain!

To put that into perspective...

A $1,000 investment could have turned into $104,770 …

Double the initial capital, and you’d be looking at almost $210,000.

And had you invested $5,000...

You’d be up $500,000 right now.

That’s enough to put you in the top 1% of the wealthiest people in America.

In a single trade.

And again, that’s starting with as little as $1,000. Not $1 million.

It’s not hard to see how your life could radically change from just one trade when you look at examples like this…

And I will be identifying at least 12 opportunities like this per year -- one per month.

Giving you at least twelve chances at a “millionaire-maker” gains like these.

You can get started just a few minutes from now…

When I send you the email with the subject line In the M.O.N.E.Y.: One “Million Dollar Calendar” Stock for a 1,571% Payday...

And that brings me to the second question…

Question 2: Why is James getting
in 48 hours after readers?
Wouldn’t readers get an unfair advantage over him?

Answer: Yes, readers would totally get an advantage over him.

For example, if I recommend a stock that’s trading for $5, you’ll be able to get in at that price.

But if the stock moves to, say, $10 in the following 48 hours… that’s the price James will have to pay.

That means YOU could end up pocketing a much bigger return than him.

He’s following Choose Yourself Financial’s trading policy, waiting 48 hours after subscribers to follow my play recommendations.

And it’s important to note that James has nothing to do with me from here on out.

He’s not part of my team or any of the research we’re doing on these plays.

He’s a subscriber just like everyone else.

So he’ll have no advance knowledge of what I’m going to recommend.

And I think that is more than fair.

Question 3: Everything you’ve shown me so far looks great… But does this system work 100% of the time?

Answer: No, of course not.

No matter how good a system is, there’s no guarantee that it will produce nothing but winners, or that you’ll never see a bad trade.

Even the best systems don’t work out 100% of the time.

There’s no such thing as a perfect investment strategy.

That’s why you shouldn’t invest any money you can’t afford to lose.

The good news is, you don’t need a system that works every single time to get rich.

Especially when you’re looking at potential gains 1,385%, 1,939% and even 5,440% in a matter of months...

It just takes a few of those trades for you to make a fortune.

And in the unlikely scenario the trade starts moving against us….

I’ll immediately send you an alert to get out of the trade and cut losses to the bare minimum.

I can say with total conviction that the system I’ve developed over the past decade is the best in the world for evaluating special situations… And I’d like to give everyday investors the chance to use it to their benefit.

You may be wondering...

Why am I sharing this?

In short, with the offer I received from Choose Yourself Financial, I have more to gain by sharing this breakthrough than keeping it to myself.

Here’s the way I see it:

I’ve already made a lot of money using this strategy…

And if sharing it with a few hardworking Americans means I’ll have the chance to work alongside a brilliant investor like James…

Well, that sounds like a win-win to me.

This is a very important project for me.

And I only want those that are serious about growing their wealth to join me on this journey.

My goal is to show average people how to do what I’ve done…

I’ve learned how to use Wall Street’s most powerful tool to create a fantastic life for myself and my family.

I don’t have a job or an office…

I work when and where I want…

And I never have to worry about money.

In fact, most days you’ll find me skiing, spending time with my kids or just enjoying the outdoors.

With this calendar -- and just a few hundred dollars -- I believe you can achieve that as well.

To help you get started, I’m ready to instantly send you that email In the M.O.N.E.Y.: One “Million Dollar Calendar” Stock for a 1,571%  Payday... 

And that’s not the only thing I’ll send you...

When you become a charter member of The Million Dollar Project today, you’ll also get access to…

FREE Bonus #1 (Video Series)
The Million Dollar Methodology
“How to Use Special Situations to Double Your Money Over and Over again...Like Clockwork!”
($497 Value)
Video Series

So far I’ve showed you the special situation involving this calendar…and companies getting listed for the first time ever.

What I haven’t told you is that’s only ONE of the special situations I’ll be tracking in this service.

You see, if you’re trying to beat the market and grow your bank account as fast as you can without taking unnecessary risks…

You can’t simply buy any stocks on any given day without any special event around it…

If you did that, you’d be competing with tens of thousands of analysts on Wall Street…

Analysts that have resources you’ll never have.

You’d have no chance.

That’s why I’ve specialized in what’s known by the pros as “special situations.”

These are special pockets of opportunity in the market that most everyday folks have never heard of….

But consistently make Wall Street billions in profits.

Giant investment bank firm Goldman Sachs even had a secret unit known as “the special situations group”...

And it was responsible for 20% of the overall earnings at Goldman.

That’s $1.48 Billion a year!

No wonder The Wall Street Journal said “the firm's secretive special-situations group” was Goldman's “elite but opaque money-making machine”...

And called it “one of Goldman's most-profitable units.”

Well, the fat cats on Wall Street no longer have to be the only ones taking advantage of these explosive plays.

Because now I’m showing you how to take part.

I’ve identified about half a dozen more of these special situations…

Each one with more explosive profit potential than the last.

I’m talking about Spin-offs… restructurings… recapitalizations… risk arbitrage… among a few others that I won’t get into here.

And if this all sounds like financial mumbo jumbo, don’t worry.

In this exclusive video series, I’ll sit down in front of a camera and explain -- in plain English -- the exact strategies I’m going to use in The Million Dollar Project.

You’ll see details of each one of these special situations and learn about my exact methodology.

I’m talking about the strategies that I’ve perfected over the past 20 years for identifying special situations with the potential for tremendous gains.

This video series alone will put you leaps and bounds ahead of 99% of independent investors.

You won’t find these videos anywhere else online. It’s not for sale.

The only place you can get access is right here, on this page… as soon as you become a charter member.

FREE Bonus #2: Quarterly Million Dollar Project Update Calls…
($497 Value)

I’ve agreed to have regular calls to discuss the positions in my model portfolio -- as well as the new opportunities that are on my radar.

At least once every quarter, I’ll will hop on a call or a video conference…

I’ll send out a link to all members of The Million Dollar Project.

And you’ll have a chance to hear EXACTLY what’s going on with the model portfolio from me.

You can even submit your own questions… and I’ll answer as many of the most pressing and popular ones as I can.

Of course, I can’t give any personalized investment advice.

But I’ll give you unrestricted access to my thoughts on the hottest special situations in the market, so you can make your own educated decisions.

And that’s not all....

I’m taking that one step further...

FREE Bonus #3: One VIP ticket to Our Annual Live Million Dollar Project
Private Meeting ($997 Value)

You’re not only going to have quarterly access to me on the call I’m hosting for members…

I’m going to schedule an annual in-person conference where you can hear from me live and in person.

We’ll meet up at a venue in New York.

You’ll have a chance to ask me your most burning questions…

You’ll be able to network with other like-minded investors…

I’ll talk about the current model portfolio…

The plays on my radar that I’m most excited about…

And other “top level” investing strategies you could use to capture huge windfalls in the stock market.

Again, I can’t offer you any personalized investing advice…

But it’s going to be a lot of fun...

We’re not selling tickets to this event. It’s exclusive to members of The Million Dollar Portfolio.

And I’ve reserved a FREE ticket for you…

There’s still more...

Special Situations Calendar
($997 value)

When you become a charter member of The Million Dollar Project today...

You’ll also get unlimited access to the EXACT calendar I’ll be using to track the hottest special situations on the market.

This is the same calendar you heard about earlier -- the one that’s normally only found circulating the corridors of Wall Street.

There’s just one difference…

Instead of having to sift through hundreds of special situations, like I do…

I’m going to distill it down to the best situations on my radar.

And give them to you in an easy-to-read calendar every month.

So you’ll have the opportunity to see exactly what I’m looking at in the markets.

It goes without saying that this is my single most valuable asset as a special situations trader.

And as you can imagine, I was hesitant when my publisher asked me to share it.

After all, I don’t want this powerful tool to go mainstream…

But I agreed to share it under one condition…

Which brings me to my next point...

Membership is limited to only 1% of readers today…

It’s on a first-come, first-served basis. No exceptions.

I decided to limit the number of members that can join The Million Dollar Project to only 1% of readers today.


There’s actually two reasons…

  1. Like I mentioned earlier, I want this research service to consist of a small, elite group of serious readers. The top 1% of people reading this message.
  2. More important… when I agreed to start publishing my model portfolio, I had one condition. To keep the group small because I don’t want these “special situations” opportunities to leak online.

As I showed you earlier, even Goldman Sachs had to use a secret group to trade these opportunities because they give you an unfair advantage in the market.

Now, given the amount of time and money my publisher has dedicated to this elite new service, I hope you’ll understand why membership is not cheap.

Remember, you’re gaining exclusive access to my best insights and specific picks...

James is trusting $1 million of his own money in this research, after all.

So I’m not sparing resources for this project.

I’ve commissioned a team of five researchers at one of the largest, most successful independent financial research firms in the world to help run this M.O.N.E.Y. system...

That team alone costs at least $475,000 every year...

But it will be worth every penny… because that’s what it takes to find these special situations and get an edge in the markets.

If you don’t agree that those reasons are enough to justify the $3,000 price tag that my publisher is pushing for -- then I’m sorry for wasting your time.

But you simply aren’t who I’m looking for.

I mean, one trade alone could recoup that $3,000 fee, ten times over.

Like you saw today, a small investment would have turned into….

**$48,780 from shares of DITC…

**$69,250 from shares of JNPR…

**Or an incredible $272,000 from BCOR…

All within a matter of months!

To sum up...

Here’s what you’ll get when you become a charter member of The Million Dollar Project today...

Fam SHot

That’s $8,082 in value…

But you can get access to everything today for just $3,000.

And remember, you’re not going into this alone…

James is so certain that this strategy will work, that he’s putting $1 million of his personal money on the line.

And the door is open to only 1% of everyone who’s reading this today…

Since you’ve read this letter this far, I think you’re serious about growing your wealth.

So I want to make your decision to join this elite publication today a complete no-brainer for you.

That’s why I’ve arranged an exclusive “charter member” discount.

*** This discount may only be valid for a very limited time.

In short, when you respond today to get access to The Million Dollar Project—I’ll shave $1,000 off the regular price!

That means you can have ALL of the bonuses listed above for just $2,000, just for taking action immediately.

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s more than fair.

It’s almost time to make a decision…

There’s just one more thing I’d like to add on.

Profit Guarantee: You’ll Have the Chance to Double Your Money at Least 10 Times in the Next 12 Months

Aside from offering you a deeply discounted price…

I want to offer you a guarantee so you can dive into this project with full confidence.

I’m so certain that I'll identify dozens of situations that lead to tremendous gains...

I’m going to guarantee that I’ll deliver at least 10 opportunities for you to double our money in the next 12 months.

If you don’t see how to double your money 10 times in the next 12 months with these opportunities...

Just give my team a call and they’ll give you a second year of his service 100% free.

That means you won’t pay a cent to get access to another year of my research.

Sound fair? Great.

It’s Time to Decide...

I’ve just shown you how this calendar—along with my proprietary system—could make you into a millionaire within a matter of months.

You’ve seen all the charts…

You’ve seen how much money is on the line…

And I’ve proven that the ONLY way to cash in on these windfalls is to track the dates this calendar indicates.

And my system is the only thing that can help you do it SAFELY.

With the lowest price I’ll ever offer.

And a performance guarantee that’ll have my publisher breathing fire…

Now is the time to get onboard.

Today you could become one of the top 1% of readers to join The Million Dollar Project.

Once that cap is reached, we’ll have to shut this offer down.

I expect these spots to fill up fast.

Since we have hundreds of thousands of readers throughout our various publications…

That means only readers who act quick will be able to get in today.

Sorry, but we simply must limit membership. It’s the deal I worked out when I agreed to start this project.

Just keep in mind…

Due to the amount of the time and money that’s been committed to this, we are not offering refunds on this service.

The hope is that by implementing this policy we’ll deter anyone that isn’t serious about this opportunity.

Click below now to reserve your place in The Million Dollar Project.

You’ll be taken to a secure, encrypted order form to review the details.



Bob Sig

Bob Byrne

P.S. This calendar is the best tool I’ve ever seen for predicting when massive windfalls are set to occur in the stock market. And my system is the only way to use this calendar safely. James is betting $1 million that this strategy is going to continue producing gains of 1,385%, 1,939% and even 5,440% in coming months...And as a charter member of The Million dollar Project, you’ll have the chance to get in and out of every trade he makes, before he does. But hurry, membership is limited to just 1% of the people that read this page today. These spots will NOT last long. Click the button below to reserve your spot immediately.

------ Still have questions? ------

I understand if you still have questions. So let me answer a few questions that might be on your mind...

Q:Can I really make gains of 1,385%, 1,939% and even 5,440% with this calendar?

A: As I’ve shown you today, it’s absolutely possible. But think about it like this: Even if I’m wrong and we only manage to capture 100% gains... If we do that just ten times this year (like I guarantee above) and you roll over your profits, a $2,000 starting stake could grow into over $2 million. That’s the power of having a strategy that’s this predictable. Although it’s possible to make tremendous 1,000%+ gains, you only need small consistent wins to make a fortune!

Q: Why is James investing $1 million into this strategy over anything else?

A: Here’s what James told me:

“It’s no secret that I’ve been reckless with my money in the past. I’ve probably gone from dead broke to multi-millionaire more times than anyone in America. I don’t want my kids to ever have to experience that financial hardship. And this strategy is so safe that I’ve decided it’s the best chance I’ll ever have to rapidly grow a legacy of wealth for my family.”

Q: Do I need to be an experienced trader to do this?

A: Absolutely not. All you have to do is place simple trades in your brokerage account. Remember, we’re not talking about options or futures or anything complicated like that. These are just regular stocks. You could easily do this, even if you’ve never made a trade in your life.

Q: Will James be involved in picking stocks with you?

A: No. I can’t stress this enough. James has known me for a long time, and he trusts me enough to blindly follow my recommendations. He’s a subscriber just like you. Except you’ll have a 48 hour window to get in and out of every pick I make before he does.

Q: If this strategy works so well, why not keep it to yourself?

A: Like I said a moment ago, I’ve used this calendar to make a lot of money for myself over the years. Normally I’d keep this strategy to myself, but I’ve worked out a deal with Choose Yourself Financial that only requires me to share this strategy with a very small portion of their readers. Put simply, with this deal in place, I have more to gain by sharing this strategy than keeping it to myself. If I can make money and help a few other people out at the same time, that sounds like a win-win to me!

Q: This seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

A: I understand if you’re skeptical. That’s the mark of a smart investor. You should always look for opportunities with the greatest chance at a positive ROI. That’s why I’m willing to guarantee that I’ll show you how to double your money 10 times in the next year. If not, I’ll work for you for another 12 months absolutely free. That’s a $3,000 promise, when you think about it. When you look at the examples I’ve shown you today, it’s not hard to see why I’m confident enough to make this promise.

The only catch is that I will shut this offer down once I reach my limit of 1% of the people reading this today. The only way you can reserve your spot is by clicking the “subscribe now” button before I reach that limit.

Remember, hitting this button doesn’t obligate you to anything. You’ll simply be redirected to another page with additional information about this offer.


Q: What makes this strategy safe enough for James to invest $1 million?

A: In short: because we’re looking exclusively at “special situations” in the stock market. These are opportunities that we can see weeks ahead of time… so it’s virtually guaranteed that these stocks will go up on certain dates. Of course, there’s risk involved in any investing strategy, but since I’ll be screening every one of the opportunities that appears with this system, this is one of the safest methods for stock investing!

Q: What is a special situation?

A: A special situation is any “out of the ordinary” event that could affect the price of a stock. It could be the announcement of a merger, an acquisition, an FDA approval or any number of other events. I’ve identified about half a dozen different special situations to focus on, which will give you the greatest opportunity to profit. I explain everything in my video series The Million Dollar Methodology.

Q: If this is so great, why have I never heard of it before?

A: This strategy is normally only used by top Wall Street traders that are responsible for billions of dollars in capital. Normally I wouldn’t recommend it to everyday investors, but I’ve found a way to take advantage of it in a way that’s not only incredibly profitable, but also incredibly SAFE.

Q: I’m not a big risk taker. Is this service right for me?

A: Over the years, I’ve created a screening system that makes this a low-risk, high-reward method for investing. Following the recommendations of an expert trader like myself is a MUCH safer option than blindly throwing your money into random stocks, like many speculative investors.

And keep in mind, you don’t need a lot of money to take advantage of these recommendations. Even a few hundred dollars would work to start. Of course, it’s entirely up to you to decide which recommendations you’d like to invest in, and how much.

Q: Could this strategy really allow me to quit my job?

A: Yes, it’s entirely possible to quit your job -- and even become very wealthy using this strategy.

But it depends on how much money you need to live comfortably. Let’s look at it like this… Say that you want $100,000 a year to live on. If you start with $5,000 and make a single 1,000% gain, you’re already halfway there. And I’ll be recommending at least 12 plays with the potential for 1,000%+ gains this year alone, which is more than enough chances for you to make enough money to quit your job and pursue your passions.

And here’s a quick piece of advice: When you start using this service, I’d encourage you to write down your goal for how much you want to make in the next 12 months. Then decide how much to allocate to reach your financial goals. I truly believe that if you use the strategy correctly… you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can reach whatever financial goals you set.

Q: Why aren’t you offering refunds with this service?

A: If we offered refunds, unfortunately many people would take all of the valuable information I’ve painstakingly put together and run with it. That wouldn’t be fair to anyone, including you. I’m looking for people that are serious about rapidly growing their wealth using a strategy that’s normally reserved for the wealthy Wall Street elite. And considering how much you’d normally have to pay to get access to a strategy like this through a hedge fund, I think that’s more than fair.

Q: If I have questions or am unsure of anything about my membership, can I speak to someone?

A: Absolutely. Immediately after joining, we will give you a special customer service number that you can call with any questions you might have about how your membership works and what you’re entitled to. You’ll also get a special email address for the same purposes.

This is another reason we’re limiting this offer to the first 1% of readers who respond. We don’t outsource our calls overseas. We want charter members of The Million Dollar Project to experience the world class service they deserve.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Hit the “Subscribe Now” button and get started today…

Q: How soon until I get my materials like In the M.O.N.E.Y.: One “Million Dollar Calendar” Stock for a 1,571% Payday and the Million Dollar Methodology video series?

A: When you become a charter member of The Million Dollar Project today, you’ll get instant access to everything in an email from me.


Q: How often will you make recommendations?

A: I will recommend a new special situation at least once a month, sometimes more if I find an urgent opportunity. I’ll send you an instant email update informing you about any changes to my model portfolio.

Q: Is your ordering process safe and secure?

A: It is fast, safe and 100% secure. We are using the latest complex encryption technology we can find to protect your data though the entire ordering process.

Once you click the “Subscribe Now” link, you’ll get a chance to review everything before anything is processed. After you have used the same secure order form, you’ll get instant access to everything you’ve read about today.

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