Live From the Streets of New York City

James Altucher’s
"Magic Income Experiment"


Prepare to Be Amazed as Ex-Hedge Fund Manager
James Altucher Makes $647 "Appear Out of Thin Air"

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Hi, I'm James Altucher.

And I want to show you something incredible.

In just a second, I'm going to take you out onto the streets of New York City... for a strange but important "income experiment."

An experiment where I'm going to take random people...

From all walks of life...

And show them how to collect cash... as if from thin air.

What's that mean?

Well, if you know me...

You know I spent many years working in the financial markets, managing money and trying out every income strategy you can think of...

I've also launched lots of businesses.

Hands down, I've never come across an EASIER and FASTER way to make money than what I'm about to show you right now.

So fast, in fact...

You're about to see me take real strangers...

Who've never heard of this income strategy before...

And not just show them how it works...

But they'll actually see how I make the money in about two minutes’ time...

Right on the spot.

It works so fast... and it's so easy to do... you could easily mistake it for magic. Let's go outside right now and you'll see what I'm talking about...


So let's review what you just saw...

I took a total stranger randomly in a New York coffee shop,

And in just a couple minutes flat...

She was able to use this magic income secret...

To instantly generate $647.01 in the stock market.

And here's the best part...

Natalie,the girl I just met, was able do all that...

Without buying a single stock...

Without buying options...

And with so little risk...

I even let her do the whole experiment in my OWN account.

And believe me, I never even let my wife go into that account.

Now, I'm sure she was pretty skeptical at first...

Maybe you were too, and that's a good thing.

When somebody tells you anything works like "magic"...

Especially when we're talking about anything involving money...

You SHOULD ask questions.

Whenever I hear anything like this, I'm probably the biggest skeptic out there.

You should want to see more proof... just like I would want to see.

So let's do that...

Let's do this again...


What I really love most about this magic income secret is watching people's reactions once they see the new cash hit the account...


Those are the moments that make this surprise income secret really worthwhile... and anybody can learn how to do this too.

It doesn't matter if you're young...

It doesn't matter if you're already retired either...

It doesn't matter if you've got no market experience at all...

This instant income technique seems like "magic" because I can let the rest of my investments sit there compounding...

While I use this instant income strategy to tap the market for cash, almost any time I like.

And since you aren’t buying anything upfront, it really does feel like you're pulling the money out of thin air.

You really aren't waiting weeks or months for a tiny dividend check...

As you saw, we really weren't buying any stocks to make it work...

And we weren't doing anything else crazy either, like buying options...

This "magic" income move that I showed you is so safe, in fact, the U.S. government will let you use it in your regular retirement account.

Barron's, the famously stodgy financial journal, even called this kind of stock market income move...

Quote 1

And rightly said...

Quote 1

The financial website says...

Quote 1

And I have to tell you, as an ex-hedge fund manager myself... with millions of dollars of my own money to invest... I have to agree.

In fact, I've been using this magic income move myself... with my own money, to generate extra cash practically on demand... for the last 15 years.

Big investment firms like Goldman Sachs and Blackrock use it as well, and recommend it to their private, high-wealth clients.

So do most of the big, name-brand mutual funds.

And even pension funds.

You might be thinking, what is this magic income strategy?

So Simple, I Can Teach Anybody How to Pull CASH Instantly From the Stock Market

You know, during my time on Wall Street...

I've done and learned how to do all kinds of things to make money.

I've learned every type of investment strategy you could possibly imagine.

Some of them are so complex and little-known, they would make your head spin...

Not just buying put and call options, but archaic-sounding moves like using a "butterfly" position... or strangles, straddles and stock collars...

In fact, for two years I worked for one of the biggest options sellers in the world, Victor Niederhoffer... and learned from everything he taught me.

I sold futures... I've invested alongside multibillionaire venture capitalists like Peter Theil and Mark Pincus... and made a fortune doing it.

In fact, I've started over 20 businesses... and sold them too, for over $22 million... I even personally helped Mark Cuban earn his first $1 billion.

But this stock market income strategy I'm showing you isn't any of that.

Anybody can learn to do it.

You don't need billions or even millions of dollars.

You don't need a Wall Street education.

You don't even need a college degree.

All you need to generate immediate cash with this "magic" secret is...

  1. 1. A personal computer or a laptop...
  2. 2. Your own online brokerage account...
  3. 3. And the two or three minutes it takes to make these transactions.

That's it.

And yes, just about any of the most popular online brokers will do.

Once you make the move, it takes just seconds for the cash to land in your account. You could spend it right then if you like. Or save it for later.

There aren't really many "instant" rewards on Wall Street.

Or anywhere else in life for that matter.

But this one move really is one of the rare exceptions.

When you apply it to the stock market, you'll see a cash result — every single time — land in your account in about two minutes or less.

It's yours to keep, no matter what.

That's why I always say that, hands down...

This Is Wall Street's Best-Kept
"Retirement Loophole"

This income secret has nothing to do with buying bonds, precious metals or risky options. It's not forex trading, day trading or a junk bond. And it doesn't involve waiting months to collect dividends.

That's why I call it a "loophole."

You're able to use this to pull in steady streams of cash... almost whenever you like... even if you're on a fixed income and not working...

Without doing the things MOST people do to squeeze passive income out of their retirement savings.

And not just a little income either.

You saw indisputable proof in those videos... that, even after just a couple minutes of applying this move... we were pulling in hundreds of dollars.

One of the volunteers you saw, Natalie, generated $647.01 in cash...

Robin brought in another $322.02 in cash.

Finally, you saw Wally bring in $687.01... straight cash to the account.

That's 3 people, all new to the strategy...

And in total, they managed to pile up $1,656.04...

In less than a combined time of around 8 minutes!

Now, I don't know about you...

But I know plenty of top-level executives who don't even make that much in an hour...

Plus a few others, back from my days of sleeping on futons... that don't make that much in a week.

It's even more than a lot of retirees collect in a MONTH from their Social Security checks.

And we did it in less time than it takes to boil an egg.

There is nothing fake here. You saw it in the videos. They actually made that cash in my account.

With money like that, you could do more than just put a little extra spending money in your account...

You could eliminate ALL your worries about having enough cash on hand during your retirement. Maybe you could even retire a few years early.

I've seen reports where some "regular Joe" investors are bringing in as much as $4,500 a month... $25,000 a year... $128,000 a year...

One man even told some of my business partners that...

He Made $150,000 in 10 Months...
Using This Special Income Secret

Imagine what you could do with that kind of extra cash.

You could still have plenty of money to spend, however you like...

On vacations... on tech toys... on a new car... without touching the capital that's tied up in your house or your tax-deferred retirement account.

To be clear, I don’t think anyone will become an instant millionaire with one big play using this strategy...

But this strategy can help people build a slow and steady stream of income... that can eventually become a raging river of cash.

And like I said, this magic income move is considered so safe... I'll even go on record right now saying it's safer than buying regular blue chip shares.

It's so predictable, it hands you real cash, every single time you use it.

Yes, I'm saying this move works...

Every... single... time you use it.

Exploiting This "Immediate Cash" Loophole
Couldn’t Be Easier

Again, please remember here that we’re NOT talking about collecting dividends.

That’s a fine strategy as well, for a different part of your savings.

This is something else.

Unlike collecting stock income, this is a move you can use every week if you like...

As often as you like, in fact, any time the market's open.

And you can use it to generate as much extra cash as you like.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that those facts alone have completely changed the way I think about investing for retirement. Even though I've already got plenty set aside.

Because this income loophole means I can let the rest of my investments sit there compounding...

While I use this instant strategy to tap the market for immediate cash, almost any time I like...

Safe, Profitable... AND Predictable

So, here's the secret behind all this...

As I said, you won't need to meddle with boring bonds.

This isn't about buying or selling precious metals either.

It's not about nose-diving into the risky currency market.

You don't even need to buy stocks outright... or buy risky options.

This move is about tapping another side of the market.

A side that I'll bet you 9 out of 10 investors don't even know exists.

See, for every second the stock market is open...

We've gotten used to watching that scrolling ticker of stock symbols that rolls across the bottom of just about every financial channel on TV.

But here's what you don't see...

They never show you this.

For all those tiny blips in share prices, there are a few high rollers and risk takers out there... buying huge options contracts on those very same shares.

Some of the bets are massive... and honestly, they are a little bit crazy, if you ask me.

Most of those options bets are like shooting craps in Vegas.

And what you've heard is absolutely true...

Most options BUYERS are going to lose that bet.

And that's the key to the magic behind this.

Here's the thing — on the other side of that equation, it's a whole different story.

For every LOSER in those options transactions, there's a WINNER on the other side.

In Vegas, it's the house that always wins.

And what I'll show you...

Just like I showed our "magic income experiment" volunteers in those videos...

Is how to be the house.

I'll show you how to be the one that wins.

You'll get paid the premium that those high rollers, those crazy extreme betters, fork over.

Simply by knowing how to get on the other side...

The winning side...

Of those very common trades.

That's What Makes This
"Magic Income Move" So Incredible

You get to keep 100% of that instant cash...

Up front and at the outset of this secret transaction...

Every single time you apply this move.

That's true EVEN if you don't own the underlying shares.

But wait... how can you sell what you don’t own?

It's simple transactional logic.

See, every kind of financial exchange needs a buyer and a seller... even this one.

In fact, especially this one.

So, instead of being the one buying the options contract...

Which is the part that comes with a lot of the well-known options risk...

You'll play the part of the "house."

That is, you'll get to be the one who writes the contract worth selling.

That's the side of the transaction that's a lot less risky.

It's also the one that puts an instant cash premium in your pocket.

Right away, literally seconds after you complete the transaction in your account.

Each of these selling contracts still gets attached to a stock... but you don't actually need to own the stock to write the contract. Those are the rules of the game.

Even better, when you make the move using ONLY Wall Street's best and most trusted blue chip stocks... you slash your risk even more. Because the shares are highly liquid.

That means the hungry buyers will line up to pay you a cash premium for the contract!

And that's the part that took me a while to realize... and I will repeat it again:

They will line up to pay you a premium for the contract that you're selling them.

You saw the proof of that in my video "experiment" too.

Every one of those transactions generated the money instantly... the moment my volunteer clicked the button on my computer screen...

In short...

You sell, they buy. And then you get paid.

It's that simple.

What Else Could Feel Like Hitting the Lottery Every Single Time You "Play"?

Like I also said, it's not up for debate whether you'll get paid by using this move. That part of this mysterious transaction is always true.

The way this move works, I can definitively say you WILL generate cash every time. Cash you can keep. Cash you can spend that very afternoon.

However you like.

And, any time the market is open, anytime you like to, you can play this strategy.

I plan to tap this income strategy at least once a week going forward.

For the first time ever, I also plan to invite a few interested people to join in this. In just a second, I'm going to show you how to join them.

I'll even send you a library of resources to help get you started.

But before I do, I also want to make this clear...

Just like with any market strategy, there is some risk.

For instance, there might be a few times when you get asked to pick up the underlying shares. And if you do, believe it or not, that might actually be good news.

In other words, what is often considered a bad scenario might actually turn out to be a really good scenario for you.

For one, because of the way this works, you'd usually get those shares at a discount compared to what you would have paid to get them outright.

And we'll ONLY target shares you'd love to own anyway.

However, there could be rare times when the market goes down... and those good shares still lose some ground. Just like all stocks could.

Again, this is extremely rare.

So rare, you could even call it a "black swan" event.

I just wanted to make sure you're clear up front.

Because, even with those rare instances... remember you'll still get to keep the initial cash 100% of the time... and most of the time, we're still much more likely to log an over all financial "win."

How likely?

Well, I just asked my team to go over every trade we've done in my new service, without skipping a single digit of every tracked result.

So far we've tested this strategy 32 times...

We've shown an immediate cash payout 100% of the time...

And in fact, we're averaging $494 in cash every time.

And on average, about $3,126 in cash per month.

And get this...

When you track all the trades from start to finish...

From the initial cash result to the day we issue a "close"...

We're Showing Financial "Wins"
An Incredible 91% of the Time

The truth is, those are pretty decent targets.

And that's an incredible track record of success.

Especially considering you could be doing this every week.

But that's not the limit of what you could do.

Just listen to some of the others who've been following along, in the time since we've started this little "magic income" experiment...

Lawrence M. tells me that, in his first month, he pulled in $1,500 cash.

We also heard from Mason Findley, who says he's "averaging $2-3k per week" from my recommendations.

Allison Tuck says she's “made about $7,000 since I started in September” by tracking my weekly income alerts.

And Jason F. wrote me to say, “Thank you James! I made over $8,000 on your recommendation of OSTK. I love your service!”

I love that we can help.

I also love that we can show a win with this strategy more than 9 times out of 10... and that, even better, you get to collect and keep ALL the upfront cash. 100% of the time. No matter what.

Now, of course, the past history isn't proof that you'll always see those kinds of results every time in the future. But think about it.

Can you recall any other income strategy...

Even if we're talking about collecting these tiny dividend checks...

Or collecting modest interest from a boring bond portfolio...

That can come even close to that level of consistency?

I certainly can't.

And believe me, I've seen and tested them all.

With a lot less success to show for it.

Here's How to Start Your
Instant Income Stream

If you like the idea of getting paid every time you apply this move...

If you wouldn't mind pocketing a few hundred dollars extra every single week...

Or a few thousand dollars extra every single month...

And maybe even tens of thousands of dollars or more in extra cash every year...

Then the first thing you'll want to do is get out your paper calendar or call up the calendar app on your phone...

And whatever you've got scheduled for next Monday morning, cancel it.

If it's a doctor's appointment... a dental cleaning... or a work meeting...

Reschedule it.

And do the same for all the Monday mornings after that.

Because that's when I've decided that I'm going to share all my own "magic income" recommendations with a handful of interested readers.

I'll spell out everything for you step by step, just like you saw in the videos.

You won't need lots of time — maybe about seven minutes total.

Five to read what income move I'm recommending and another two to make the move.

The cash result should appear immediately in your account, just like you saw in our "magic income experiment" demonstration.

Why not Tuesday... or Wednesday... or two or three of these moves every week?

The truth is, you COULD use this immediate income strategy just like that...

But you really don't want to, not if you care about doing this right.

I like to make sure we'll target the best income plays possible.

That means we'll take our time to line up these plays right, just for you.

FIRST, we'll screen every possible company that could potentially be used as an underlying share...

That means screening out the stocks that just aren't liquid enough, trusted enough or backed by solid and sound enough financials. We only want companies that we'd love to own, regardless.

That will remain true EVEN though we'll probably never even need to own the shares; but we're still going to do that level of research on each and every company we investigate.

This way, we slash any remaining risk to the bone... and we can actually use those same prime shares to pick up even MORE income down the road, with another move I'll share.

SECOND, we'll factor in the rest of the market headlines...

Nothing happens in a vacuum.

This income move can work in up markets, down markets and flat markets — if you know what you're doing. But big events can still shape outcomes.

Lucky for me — and maybe for you — I've spent a ton of years getting a pretty good sense of where headlines could lead. And getting a read on what matters, and what doesn't.

I'll use that experience and my network of connections all through the industry to further refine my instant income recommendations.

FINALLY, I'll construct each and every play step-by-step...

The beautiful thing about this strategy is how much you can pin down BEFORE you even make the play.

Like you saw in the "income experiment" demonstrations, when you use this move you could predict how much instant cash you collect... almost to the dollar... every single time. I personally like that kind of certainty.

Of course it takes time to do all that groundwork.

Most of what I do starts after the market closes on Friday.

That will give me the weekend to study everything that took place or got filed during the week... and by Monday morning, I'll be ready.

By Monday morning, I'll be ready.

I'll have everything boiled down, step by step...

So my explanations for each move are crystal clear.

And my instructions are simple to follow.

You'll be able to execute them... AND see your income roll in... in about two minutes or less.

Each and every time.

I plan on sharing my moves in a brand-new service, every single week... 52 weeks a year. Anybody who can open a simple email should be able to follow along.

I'll show you how to make hundreds of dollars in instant cash from the markets... every time we apply this "magic" move... with the potential to make thousands of dollars every month...

And even tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Without taking any crazy risks. Without buying options. On stocks you don't even have to own to collect. I'm calling that new service Altucher's Secret Income.

(You and I are all going to be in on the secret by the time this is over, so just bear with me.)

And I'm so confident this will work, I'll even make you this rare guarantee.

Join me and I'll show you how to take in at least $3,000 in extra cash...

Instant cash, that you can spend the day you make the trade...

Every single month, for all 12 months of the year.

By the way, after 15 years of using this strategy myself, I think that's an easy target.

In truth I expect us to make much more.

Maybe as much as four or five times more.

That's like having a second salary for most Americans.

I'm always in favor of having multiple sources of income, so this type of strategy is very important to me.

Again, it's like having a second salary even though it would only take you a few extra minutes each week to "earn."

Just in the first week, you could earn back more than it costs to sign up for the service.

Which I'll show you how to do, in just a second.

But first let me tackle a few questions you might still have.

For instance...

“Does This Move Still Work
in Volatile Markets?"

Remember, the major brokers... the big hedge funds... even the massive name-brand mutual funds, including some you probably own... use this sort of strategy to get income all the time.

And remember that quote I showed you earlier, from the folks at

"[This] is a great way to make money if the market goes up, sideways and even down..."

I've seen it myself, in my years as a Wall Street insider...

Not only does this "magic income move" work in volatile markets, it can thrive in them.

Take a look at this chart...

2014 Trading Windows

This is the VIX, a measure of market volatility.

Every time you see a spike, that's volatility going higher.

It's also an instance where I could have shown you a secondary move that allows you to collect DOUBLE the instant income...

Meaning, I'll show you a way to take instant cash payments of, say, $400 or $650… and grow those into $800 or $1,300 instead...

Any time they coincide with these spikes enter that special "double-income zone." As you can see in the chart, that could easily happen several times per year.

But now maybe you're thinking...

"How Safe Can Any Move That Pays
INSTANT Cash Actually Be?"

It’s saying something when you find out that famously conservative investor (my favorite of all-time) Warren Buffett also uses this kind of instant income maneuver in his own Berkshire Hathaway portfolio.

In fact, at last count he's used this move to collect over $7.6 BILLION in cash.

It's saying something too that stodgy, mainstream sources like Barron's will tell you things like...

Quote 1

And, as Bloomberg Businessweek said...

Quote 1

Even Wired Magazine wrote...

Quote 1

It's saying something too that the U.S. government...

The same autocratic authority that won't let you hold personal real estate, gold coin collectibles, artwork, or even life insurance in your IRA...

Gives this instant income strategy a green light for retirement accounts.

But here's the best proof I can give you...

I've personally tried every kind of income and trading strategy under the sun... I've made all kinds of incredibly lucrative venture capital plays... and I've both made and lost millions of dollars in my career...

Out of all of that, I've learned plenty.

But this is the one move I still love to do all the time, in my own accounts. With my own retirement savings. It's the one income move I'd recommend to my friends and family too.

Heck, you just saw random strangers do it in my retirement account.

It's the one income move I'd recommend to my friends... and I'd even recommend it to my daughters.

Without a second of hesitation.

I'll tell you why:

I love the predictability. I love the safety. And I love the instant cash results. There's no better, faster, safer way I know of to collect income.

As soon as you try it, I think you'll agree.

In fact I'll go one step further — I think you'll be hooked as I am.

You'll never want to let another week go by without lining your pockets, using this move to collect hundreds of dollars each week.

And there's no reason you should have to.

When you sign up for my new research service, Altucher's Secret Income, I'll show you a brand-new instant income move every Monday.

You'll get an alert each Monday morning that spells out the steps.

It won't take you more than about two or three minutes to follow through on each play. It's going to be that easy to do, each and every time.

And within seconds after you close each move, you should see that instant cash show up in your account.

On the rare occasions that we might get asked to take the underlying shares down the road, I'll show you how to make the most of those events too — with a chance to make even more extra cash.

"What If I Don't Have Any Experience Beyond Basic Stock Trades?"

You don't need to be a seasoned market pro.

You don't even need a college degree to see how this works.

You don't need to be working to try this.

You don't have to be retired already either.

You don't need to be a billionaire or have a squadron of private wealth advisors... you don't even need to pay a broker to help you.

That's the beauty of this.

All you need to collect this instant income each week, week after week is...

  1. 1. A personal computer or laptop...
  2. 2. Your own online brokerage account...
  3. 3. And the two minutes it takes to make this special move.

Hands down, this is the easiest and fastest-paying income strategy I've ever come across. Which makes it even crazier to think about how few use it.

Or even know it exists.

If you've got just two minutes to spare each week...

And an online account with basic internet access...

You could be collecting an extra $322... $647... even $687 every week.

Just like the people you saw in my live "magic income" experiment videos.

"But What If I Already Collect Plenty
of Dividend Income?"

What if you've already got an income strategy in your retirement account?

And what if you already collect and reinvest plenty of dividend income?

Good for you, you should just keep doing it.

But let me show you this chart...

Dividends table

This is a list of the "dream" dividend-paying blue chips that lots of investors own. You might own some of them too.

On any one of these, you'd collect more than $50 a year in dividends, for every $1,000 invested. Own them all, and you'd collect about $380.

Now look what happens in the next column.

That's where you can see how much instant cash you could collect right now, by applying this magic income "loophole" to the same shares.

You can see it adds up to $3,069.

And that's instant money you could have immediately. Instead of waiting a few months or a full year to collect.

And you don't even need to own those shares right now to get started. You can apply this loophole even to shares you don't have yet.

It even works with shares you never intend to own.

Of course, we'll never do this many recommendations all in one go.

Once a week... at about two to three minutes a pop... is enough.

By the way, there's no reason you couldn't do both. You can own these great shares AND collect instant income on them, too.

I'm always in favor of multiple strategies on your portfolio.

Imagine if someone were to hand you $350... $370... or $520 right here, right now. Now imagine collecting thousands in extra income each month.

Or even tens of thousands... or hundreds of thousands of dollars... in extra money every year.

Just by applying this simple instant income "loophole."

Lots of top investors use more than one income strategy. But lots of them use this one to keep the money flowing in at a high level.

Of course, no investment strategy is completely risk-free.

And I will always tell you — with any market approach — that you only want to invest money you can spare, not your essential savings.

But as far as this income strategy goes, I really hope you can see how much the odds are stacked heavily in your favor.

Especially with someone like me helping you see what's out there.

I really can't think of a better way for anyone, especially someone who wants plenty of cash on hand to work with... to make sure they've got an even bigger, steady flow of extra income for retirement.

Just imagine what you could do with that money, once you learn how to tap the markets for instant cash... almost anytime you like.

You could use it to take a cruise...

Use it to put your mortgage on "auto-pay"...

You could use it to buy all the pricey tech toys and other luxury gadgets you've always wanted... or to get that beautiful new car for your wife...

And all of it, with the guilt-free knowledge that you've got it covered.

Thanks to this kind of strategy, making the money will get a lot easier. The tough part, believe me, will be deciding how to spend it, once it rolls in!

I can't decide that for you.

All I can tell you for sure is that you can't collect the money if you don't get started. And I'm sure you'd love to know how by this point.

So I won't make you wait any longer...

Here's How to Collect Your First Cash Payment, This Coming Monday...

If you're anything like me, you're ready to dig in and discover what this is all about.

So the first thing I want to do is send you my special resource kit to get you started.

It's going to begin with your own short primer that explains everything you need to know about how this "magic" income transaction works.

Magic Income report

I call it James Altucher's Magic Income Experiment: How to Collect at Least $36,000 a Year in Extra INSTANT INCOME.

Inside you'll discover...

It's not something you'll need to study for hours. This is a quick read, designed to get you up to speed fast. And without lots of work or study. It's yours free to help you get started.

Then there's more...

Anybody Can Do This

How to Get the Best Brokerage Account for You report

Earlier I told you that you’ll need a brokerage account.

Any of the most popular ones...

Schwab, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, Fidelity, Scottrade or others...

Will do just fine.

But just to make sure you're getting the best deal on these transactions, every time you use them, I'm going to do something else for you.

I'm going to send you another getting-started report I put together, called How to Choose the Best Brokerage Account for You.

It's also yours free when you join my new service, Altucher's Secret Income.

And then, just to make sure this is the easiest income strategy you've ever tried...

You'll Also Get My Exclusive
"Secret Income Starter Kit" Videos

I've recorded a series of short videos to show you — in full detail — exactly how to use this secret instant income strategy... week after week...

To generate a minimum of at least $3,000 every single month.

They don't take long at all to watch.

And they're not jammed full of jargon. (I hate that.)

Anybody can follow along.

I'm sure my business partners would love to sell the videos, all by themselves... maybe for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

But they're yours free, as a new member.

Secret Income Starter Kit series

And they should erase any worries you might have about not having enough education or experience to use this "magic" income move.

I call the series my "Secret Income Starter Kit" and you'll get instant streaming access, as soon as you join. There's a private member password and everything.

Once you’ve got all that in your arsenal, here comes the best part...

I'm Going to Walk You Through Every One of These Instant Income Plays, Week After Week

With those easy resources, you'll be ready to go in no time.

In perfect sync with the alerts I'll start sending you every Monday.

You'll get one a week without fail.

Each one will lay out a brand-new instant income move you can try.

You'll get each one minutes after the market opens.

With a chance to collect hundreds of dollars in income — each time — before the steam is off your morning cup of coffee.

You won't have to do much after that.

I'll do all the heavy lifting to find each instant income play.

You can just follow the simple steps I'll outline in every alert.

If you like, just to check it out, paper trade the first few moves to see how this works...

Or dive right in and start collecting hundreds of dollars in instant income right away.

Whatever works for your comfort level.

Just know that every move will get filtered by me, through a rigorous three-part process.

I'll dig into the financials for every prospective underlying share...

I'll study every contextual factor in the overall markets that could influence our move...

And I'll pick the exact contract to sell and lay out all the steps...

You'll just read each alert and follow along, if it looks like one you'd like to see through.

Week after week, 52 times per year.

I think you'll love watching the cash land in your account, seconds after you make each move. That's why I've got no problem repeating my rare and unusual guarantee...

You’ll See How to Make $3,000
Every Single Month

With my new service, Altucher's Secret Income...

I pledge to show you how to collect AT LEAST $3,000 every single month. If I don't, then you'll get another year of my new service, absolutely free.

How does that sound?

(I wish somebody had given this kind of pledge to me 20 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of trouble.)

I'm so confident this is going to work for you, there's something else I'm going to give you. Something you've probably never seen anybody do before.

But I believe you're going to love this service so much, I'm happy to throw this "extra" in too.

See, earlier I said that one of the three things you need to make these easy instant income transactions... aside from your own brokerage account and a couple minutes per week...

Was your own computer or laptop.

Now, I'm guessing you've already got access to something along those lines...

But I'd like to make absolutely sure you've got the kind of mobile, ready access that you'll want to have to collect this income no matter where you are.

That's why I want to give you something else, absolutely free with your Altucher's Secret Income membership. Something you don't need to pay for, not even the shipping costs.

And it's this...

HP Chromebook

That's right...

Every New Subscriber Gets
a FREE Laptop, Automatically

See, I love the way this secret transaction works so much...

I'm committed to removing every obstacle that might prevent you from discovering it too.

So I've gone out on a limb and, along with the launch of my brand-new service, I've ordered a limited number of these beautiful machines.

Here's a copy of the bill to show you...

HP Chromebook Invoice

You can see we've purchased exactly 750 of them.

They're in storage right now, ready to send out to all our new members.

When you sign up, you get one of these machines.


I'll cover the shipping too.

Use it however you like. Make it the family computer. Keep it as your dedicated "instant income" machine. That's really up to you.

And don't think these are some cheap knock-offs.

This is a brand-new Hewlett Packard (HP) Chromebook.

At just 2.5 lbs., it's ultra-lightweight...

So you can stick it in your briefcase or a backpack and take it anywhere.

And yet, it's also got a powerful Intel Celeron processor inside.

So it packs some serious punch.

Wait until you see how fast it can launch apps and browse the web.

It's also got a gorgeous 11.6" HD display that you can use to look at pictures or enjoy streaming movies from Netflix or Hulu or one of those other services...

And the battery life is just amazing — up to 12 hours on a single charge — which means it lasts longer than my personal laptop that I paid thousands of dollars to get.

Seriously, this thing is loaded with all the bells and whistles.

Yet it's still ultra-thin and portable.

All you need to do to get one is agree to try my new Altucher's Secret Income service.

You'll just go to my order page at the bottom of this message and confirm your shipping address... and it's yours. I'll get you on my list and have it sent out to you immediately.

Now, I have to tell you...

When I told my business partners I wanted to give all my new members one of these machines... on top of everything else you'll get with this new service... they freaked out.

They thought I was completely insane.

After all, buying all those machines up front cost a pretty penny — $144,400.00.

But I wanted to make sure you had absolutely no excuse left for not giving this secret income strategy a try.

Of course, there are lots of unsavory folks out there who just simply want to take advantage of that kind of generosity. They'll sign up just to get the machine... and my first instant income play... and then poof!

They'll disappear with the goods, never to be seen again.

That's why, I hope you can understand, I'm not offering any refunds on this deal.

I simply can't afford to have that kind of person ruin this for the rest of us.

The good news is that you're still covered either way.

If you try my service and feel like I haven't met my end of the deal — including my promise to show you at least $3,000 in instant cash moves per month — just let me know.

I'll give you a full second year of weekly income alerts, absolutely free.

And naturally, you'll keep the laptop and everything else I've sent.

Even better, and this brings me to the next question I'll bet you have...

I'll Show You How We'll "Pay" for Your Subscription, Right Out of the Gate

With everything you'll get in my new service...

Including my instant start-up primer, James Altucher's Magic Income Experiment: How to Collect at Least $36,000 a Year in Extra INSTANT INCOME...

Your brokerage guide to getting the best deal on making these trades, How to Choose the Best Brokerage Account for You...

My special video series, the "Secret Income Starter Kit," which shows you how to make at least $3,000 a month with these trades...

Plus all 52 instant income alerts you'll get with a full year of my brand-new Altucher's Secret Income research service...

And of course, the gorgeous free HP Chromebook I'm going to send...

I'd have no qualms asking you to pay a fair price of $3,000 a year for this service.

I personally know that professional traders pay much more for research.

Heck, a subscription to a Bloomberg terminal alone costs $36,000 a year!

But my new business partners and I aren't going to ask for nearly that much.

A membership to my new service is going to cost — for right now — $2,000 a year.

It's no accident, that $2,000 is exactly what I'm promising to show you how to make in your very first month of this new research service. So already, you're looking at a real win-win situation.

Instant Reimbursement Blueprint

But I'll do you one better, just to help you decide.

When you sign up I'll also see that you get one more special resource.

I call it "Your Instant Reimbursement Blueprint."

Inside, I spell out not just one instant income play... or two... but your first FIVE instant income opportunities, each one ready to go right now (but not for long, though).

These are special income moves, hand-picked to generate your first $3,000 in instant income immediately — as soon as you open the report and start following the steps inside.

That's why this is a "reimbursement" blueprint.

As soon as you sign up, this is like someone handing you a $3,000 jackpot...

Enough that you could not only pay for your entire year of Altucher's Secret Income membership right out of the gate, but you could put some cash in your pocket besides.

I really hope all of this sounds fair.

Before you get started, though, there is one last thing I want to talk about... and this is just to be clear...

My Brand-New Service Isn't
Right for Everybody...

As easy as this strategy is to learn...

And as much as I know you're going to love the instant results...

I really need to make this clear that my brand-new Altucher's Secret Income service isn't for everybody.

For one thing — and I hope I've made this perfectly clear — what we're doing here isn't what most investors ever learn to do.

Like I said, we're not buying options. We're not targeting single shares of stock, buying gold or real estate, or bonds, Treasuries, mutual funds, or ETFs either.

This strategy is also – and I want to stress this – not for adrenaline junkies.

If that's you and day trading is your thing, this isn't for you.

There's a place for gambling, but this isn't it.

We're targeting fast income... but lower risks... with some of the most respected blue chip companies as our underlying positions. If you want more thrills, you should look elsewhere.

Also, you could do this with almost any amount to start... but I really feel it's going to work best for you if you've already got at least $20,000 in cash in your account.

Now, I could have insisted on seeing proof that you have that in your accound, but I'm trusting you here.

You don't have to invest everything at once, of course.

In fact, you'll easily get away without committing more than a fraction of that if that's what you prefer. You could even commit nothing but try paper trading in the beginning.

But I do want to make sure you've got a comfortable foundation to start.

And then, there's one more thing, you'll want to make sure your brokerage account is ready to accept these instant cash payments. To get it there, you won't need to do much.

Maybe even nothing at all.

If you've got any of the most common online brokerage accounts, you're probably up to snuff already. And if not, it's usually a simple matter of filing a simple form.

All that's explained in the starter resources I'm going to provide you, the moment you sign on.

If you're still on board, that's great.

Welcome on board...

With just one more special catch... and I hope you're listening to this next sentence:

I'm Only Accepting the First 300 People
I Hear From Today

This is an elite new service.

Quality matters to me...

And I want to make sure we do it right.

For that reason, I'm only accepting the first 300 people I hear from today.

This way, I can make absolutely sure everybody gets uninterrupted access to their start-up reports and training videos... and I can get those free member laptops delivered.

It also lets me focus on the most important thing, which is buckling down to find your next instant income alert for this coming Monday... and the weeks to follow...

So you'll get to see at least $3,000 worth of instant income opportunities in your first month... and at least $36,000 total over the next 12 months, just like I promised.

This is everything that's included, all in one place...


All you need to do to get all of it is be one of the first 300 people to accept today's invitation.

Simply click the big blue underlined link that says "Subscribe Now" below.

When you do, you'll go straight to a 100% secure sign-up page that gives you another chance to review all the details in my invitation.

Let me be clear on that again, when you click the "Subscribe Now" link below... it's not going to commit you to anything automatically. You've still got time to review my offer.

But this way, by clicking the link, you'll have a better chance at one of the remaining slots... should you decide to join.

If, on the other hand, you wait too long and miss the open slots for today, you'll see a page that lets you know you're too late... and you'll have to wait for another opportunity.

Either way, as I see it, you're at a crossroads...

Either you can ignore this chance... and not make a move... because you're afraid you can't learn how to do this, as simple as it is...

Or because you feel like it's just too risky or too good to be true... or you have an irrational fear of anything involving options, even this safer side of the strategy...

In which case, it's safe to say you'll forego all the extra cash you could collect... never to discover what this instant income strategy is or why so many pros and insiders use it.


You can take control of your life... take control of your money and your income streams... and find out right now how virtually anybody can not only learn this strategy...

But learn it well enough to use it for a lifetime, and use it the way I'LL show you how to do it... to collect a bare minimum of $3,000 in extra income each and every month...

I know what I would choose.

For your own sake, I hope it's the choice you'll make too.

Try it and see... you've got a real win-win situation sitting on the table right now, ready for you to grab it... if you've got the sense and the nerve. Personally, I think you do.

But proving that is really up to you.

All I know is that this is about as golden an opportunity as they get. Imagine the security of having as much cash as you want, when you want it.

And ready for you to summon from the markets... in two minutes or less.

Each and every time you settle down to apply this "magic instant income" move.

It's time to make the move you know you've always wanted to make.

The move that could give you and your family that extra cash... and that extra confidence and security... you know you want to them to have. That's a feeling everybody understands.

It doesn't matter who you are.

Here's all you need to do to get started... click the big blue "Subscribe Now" link below.

Right now.

It won't commit you to anything... it will just take you to a page where you can look over everything I've just promised you, in one convenient place.

And then you can make up your mind.

I hope you'll make the right move.

And I hope you'll do it in time... let me hear from you.


James Altucher
Founder, Altucher's Secret Income
August 2017


Still here?
Maybe you have a few more questions.

Let me see if I can help with a few easy answers.

For instance...

Question #1: “Is it possible I’ll get squeezed out of one of these instant income plays if I’m not fast enough to act?”

Answer: That's a great question. It's exactly that sort of question I would ask. I'm going to have to give you a great answer.

No, you're not likely to get squeezed out of any of these instant income plays.

This isn't like a "hot stock" you have to chase to the top... or jump out of before it backslides to the bottom.

These moves are inherently fast all by themselves. You get the instant cash at the outset, minutes after you initiate the trade. Not days later or weeks later or even a month away.

And that cash is yours to keep regardless.

But also remember, we're only going to target liquid companies (that we've researched) to use as our underlying shares. That way, we get a double layer of safety.

All that volume will give you plenty of room to move around inside each play.

And how about this common question...

Question #2: “What about unstable markets?"

Answer: Of course, this is what I always worry about.

I am completely stressed about this stuff normally, but not here.

Again, I respect your caution. No matter what kind of market we're talking about, you should always ne asking that question.

You're just being smart to structure your financial life that way.

But rest assured, this is one of the things that makes this "magic income" move that much more incredible — it works in almost every kind of market. Up, down or sideways.

Plus there's a way I can show you to use moments of extreme volatility... like the spikes I showed you earlier in the VIX indicator... to "double-down" for even more income.

I'm not going to get into the technical details here.

But you'll discover all that in your "Secret Income Starter Kit" video series, the moment you join. I think you're going to love the way this could play out when those spikes appear.

Now let's take a look at another question...

Question #3: "What if I’ve seriously NEVER done anything like this before?"

Answer: We've talked about this, of course... but I get where you're coming from, and it's totally reasonable concern.

New approaches, especially something that's unlike anything you've heard of or tried before... always demand a little extra. From any thinking individual, anyway.

That's why you're getting EVERYTHING you need to help you catch up quickly on how this works... the short getting-started primer, the brokerage guide and the starter kit videos.

I'll continue to walk you through every income move step by step each week.

You'll have zero obstacles to worry about, once you get started.

In fact, you'll even get those first FIVE instant income recommendations the moment you join... so you can see how to collect thousands of dollars in cash, minutes after you become a member.

All you need to do is click the big blue "Subscribe Now" link below.

Here's a question that I'm hoping you're asking because, again, I would ask it.

Question #4: "If this is so great, why have I never heard of it before?"

Answer: Simple... because MOST folks have never heard of it before, or even tried it, so they've just got no idea what it can really do. That's why nobody really talks about it.

At least not in "regular Joe" investing circles.

I can tell you firsthand, though, that at the top insider levels we talk about this instant income strategy all the time. The big dogs in finance love it.

Because it can fatten up income streams fast... literally, in minutes... and because it's reliably effective when you know how to do it right and which moves to target.

I might be one of the few, in fact, that's finally willing to drag this strategy into the light... and to teach it to more regular investors and other interested readers.

Once you try it, if you love it... by all means tell your friends about it... though I'll ask you to keep our specific income moves quiet. They're just for us, as Altucher's Secret Income members.

Now, let me answer what I call the elephant in the room...

Question #5: "James, if this is so great, why don't you do it yourself?"

Answer: I do!

The last time I used it was few years ago. I always have it in my arsenal of trading strategies.

And I still use it all the time — you couldn't pay me enough to give up this strategy.

For one, because I could always make more by putting this move to work.

But also because how often do you get to do something, on Wall Street or in life, that's delivers this instant a result... this reliably... with so little work and this much fun?

Here is another question that's quite reasonble:

Question #6: "How do I know you're for real?"

Answer: I'm sure you've seen plenty of me around (maybe even too much). I've been making the circuit on all the financial shows and bestseller lists for years.

I've written 16 books, with a few hitting #1 on bestseller lists. I've written regular columns for years for the New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and the Financial Times and many, many other places.

Or maybe you've seen me on the Erin Burnett Show, Fast Money or during my Fox Business interview with John Stossel.

More important, I've studied just about everything there is to know about making money, both in and outside the markets.

For instance, I've launched over 20 businesses during my career. And sold two for a combined take of $25 million. I've also managed a hedge fund... worked alongside the stock market's most aggressive options trader... and personally helped Mark Cuban make his first $1 billion.

Years ago, I once took a $2,500 investment in a small Silicon Valley startup and grew it into $10 million in 9 months... and made another 6,000% return in a social media startup, investing alongside the multibillionaires Peter Theil and Mark Pincus.

But I've also lost money too. Twice I had to make my way back from losing almost everything. That's just as important.

In short, I understand what's out there. And I understand where you're coming from too. I know how to navigate this maze. I also know how to show you how to make more income from the market, faster and more easily than maybe you thought possible. That's what this instant income strategy is all about.

And by the way, that's just me we're talking about.

Recently, I also joined forces with the folks over at Laissez Faire Publishing, a sister company to one of the world's largest private financial research firms, Agora Financial.

They've got an incredible arsenal of research talent that we're going to tap. They've also got an incredible multiyear track record of excellent service and quality for their subscribers. We'll use those resources too.

Remember, you're the average of the five people you surround yourself with. I've made sure I've surrounded myself with an excellent team of researchers, companies, track records and my own network in the industry.

The bottom line? You'll be in great hands when you join me for this income adventure. I know how to wield this strategy. And I've got the resources behind me to make sure I can show you how to do it too.

And finally, here's one more thing I know you're really dying to ask...

Question #7: "Are you joking me? Is the laptop you're giving members REALLY free?"

Answer: It sure is. No joke.

As soon as you sign up for Altucher's Secret Income... and make sure we've got your right shipping address... I'm going to get someone on our team to ship it out to you immediately.

With no hidden charges... no secret "service" or "restocking" fees... no shipping bill... and no other surprises of any kind. Just the free high-quality laptop that I want you to have.

It's my way of making sure you feel special as one of my charter members.

And of making sure you'll be ready when my next instant income alert hits the wires.

Do yourself this favor.

Just click the big blue "Subscribe Now" link below.

You'll open the door to one of the simplest, most jargon-and-mumbo-jumbo-free ways I know of to make a lot of real money... very quickly... with almost zero effort.

And you'll have a lot of fun doing it.

Here's the link below. When you click it you commit to nothing, it just takes you to a page where you can find out how to get one of today's remaining slots...



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