Legendary Venture Capitalist
James Altucher Reveals

How “Dr. Weed”
Could Make You a Fortune
Starting Oct. 17, 2019

Weed Doctor

Princeton-trained scientist develops marijuana technology breakthrough in an industry set to hit $146 billion by 2025…

His company is PRIVATE, but I found the “backdoor” way to invest in it for your chance at a legal weed fortune…


Hey Guys,

James Altucher here.

In a second, I am going to introduce you to “Dr. Weed”… and your life will not be the same afterward.

Now, if you’re not looking to get rich in marijuana stocks, you can forget all about this – but for everyone else, prepare to have your mind blown.

Three months ago, I was invited to a private “financial influencers” dinner.

I met the CEO of a small company there who told me about the amazing work “Dr. Weed” was doing — developing a new marijuana technology.

I was VERY intrigued.

When I told one of my top stock analysts about it, he immediately said, “If this is true, then they are WILDLY undervalued.”

With my background as a venture capitalist and a hedge fund manager, I know a gold mine when I see one.

So I immediately booked a flight to an undisclosed location to tour his secret marijuana lab.

Once I got there, I headed to an industrial park in the outskirts of town.

Google Earth

The front of the building was completely unmarked — I only knew where it was because “Dr. Weed” himself told me.

But as bland as the outside was, what I saw inside blew me away.


“Dr. Weed’s” technology is far better than anything we had expected.

The Chicago Tribune reports that it doubles the value of the pot plant… but based on what I saw in the lab, I suspect it’s far better than that!

Think about it… if they get twice as much use from the same amount of marijuana as their competitors — they could quickly dominate the market…

But incredibly, that would be UNDER-selling it!

In short, Dr. Weed’s far-reaching breakthrough applications go well beyond the legal cannabis markets.

It’s an advancement in biochemistry that could affect just about everything we put in our bodies — including food, alcohol, medicine and even supplements!

You see, the man I called “Dr. Weed” spent the last 45 years since he got his Ph.D. at Princeton developing a technology that completely revolutionizes marijuana as we know it.

But until very recently, there was no way to invest in it because:

Dr. Weed’s company and patents are all privately owned.

Luckily, I’ve discovered a “backdoor” play to invest in the technology itself!

“Dr. Weed’s” breakthrough is simply far too impactful to ignore.

His revolutionary technology is something some experts “never even dreamed of.”

And it’s about to revolutionize the fastest-growing market of all time…

On Oct. 17, those backing this technology could see the beginnings of a once-in-a-lifetime income opportunity — I’ll tell you how you could join them in a minute.

But first you need to know what this technology actually is, how it works and why it revolutionizes the marijuana industry… estimated to reach $146 billion by 2025!

Meet the Doctor Who Reinvented the Whee…d

This is “Dr. Weed” — the man who is pioneering the evolution of cannabis science.

Dr. Weed

His real name is Dr. Sen — but that doesn’t do him justice.

He is by far the most gifted chemist I have ever met.

He spent hours explaining the chemistry behind his breakthrough to us.

He drew us diagrams:


He demoed a dozen different products…


He even showed us what else is possible when you apply this new marijuana tech to other mineral-rich plants outside of the cannabis family!

What started out as a normal interview turned into a five-hour-long interactive tour of the secret lab!

He told us everything about how his technology, called APP, works — except for his secret formula that produces the end product.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but I’ll give you just the most basic idea so you can understand why this breakthrough is so huge.

“Dr. Weed” discovered how to extract cannabinoids (THC and CBD) as water-soluble.

Meaning he figured out how to make THC and CBD dissolve in water…

Something many pot scientists never even considered to be possible.

According to a company press release, APP produces “the world’s only naturally water-soluble cannabis liquid.”

So what does that mean?

It means “Dr. Weed” was able to develop a “healthy beer,” simply by adding his extractions to nonalcoholic beer.

Just like alcohol, these extractions dissolve in water.

And that means they affect you more like alcohol.

That’s how “healthy beer” is able to mimic the effects of real beer.

In fact, it’s also what makes APP technology so valuable.

Without a background in cannabis science or chemistry, it might not sound as exciting as it truly is…

But believe me when I say this is the most exciting innovation in cannabis history.

You see, the APP technology has all kinds of uses... far beyond the scope of just cannabis.

It produces a concentrate that looks like this:


Which is then used to create all kinds of products — from nonalcoholic beer and liquor to sprays, candies and even skin lotion!

“Healthy” beer” is just one of seven different products made with the concentrate in this vial.

But it’s far from the only concentrate Dr. Weed’s company makes.

Their unique extraction method can be applied to any type of plant.

This includes hemp, the sister plant to marijuana — the plant that most CBD comes from.

Once extracted, the water-soluble CBD can be added to any food or drink, just like its THC counterpart.

CBD has so many different medical applications, it’s already created a ripple effect that’s changing modern medicine as we know it.

Benefits of CBD Oil Infographic Benefits of CBD Oil Infographic

But as amazing a molecule as CBD is, it has one major flaw — the taste.

It primarily comes from hemp oil, which tastes like wet grass...

Plus, swallowing a mouthful of oil is not exactly pleasant either.

This has been a big problem for CBD manufacturers up until now because under current regulations, the only safe way to sell CBD is in the form of CBD-rich hemp oil.

The concentrate used to make “healthy beer” sidesteps all of this neatly.

In addition to having a very mild green tea flavor, you can add it to just about any food or drink you can think of.

It can even be made into an odorless, tasteless powder that mixes right into a glass of water.

Here’s one of my analysts trying that version:

Analyst Tastes Version

Clearly, that’s an altogether more palatable experience than spooning down thick, bitter globs of oil — which is most of what the market has offered up to this point.

Now, as cool as all the drink stuff is… the biggest impact of APP has nothing to do with flavor.

It straight up makes “Dr. Weed’s use of the pot plant twice as valuable... and it’s arguably already the most valuable cash crop in North America... by a huge margin!

Marijuana VS. Wheat Chart

Look, with traditional CBD, not much is absorbed by the body… sometimes as little as 4%...

But it turns out that water-solubility makes it much easier for the body to absorb CBD! (Which makes sense because our bodies are 80% water.)

“Dr. Weed” refused to put an exact number on it because he says the methodology for determining bioavailability is not very accurate.

That level of scientific integrity really impressed me.

It’s the same integrity that he says has led him to reject offers from major pharmaceutical companies and drink manufacturers to buy his patents.

One of the biggest questions my analysts had when I learned about his work was “How the hell hasn’t he been bought out yet?”

It turns out that he doesn’t want his work turned into a cheap way for kids to get high or another billion-dollar pharmaceutical venture.

He wants to make natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals that are safe enough to give to his son.

He didn’t even want to make beer at first... until he realized how practically nonexistent the competition was.

So his company partnered with the largest independent brewery in Canada to gear up for the legalization taking place Oct. 17.

I don’t usually get this excited about a new opportunity…

But trust me, you almost never come across technology so revolutionary in a market that’s already white-hot.

It’s like if the iPhone came out during the dot-com boom.

No joke, this is the sort of opportunity where a stock could grow from 60 cents to over $60.

There’s almost no other situation where a stock could grow 100-fold over the long run.

There are no guarantees when it comes to investing, and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose…

But even a small investment in a stock like this could make life-changing returns…

ESPECIALLY considering what’s going down on Oct. 17, 2019… I’ll tell you why Oct. 17 is such a special day in a minute — but first let me introduce myself for anyone who is new here.

James with Tyra Banks

Hi, I’m James Altucher.

Chances are if you are joining me today, you already know who I am.

Most people know me from my best-selling book Choose Yourself, which was rated by USA Today as one of the 12 best business books of all time…

Or maybe you are one of the 37 million who downloaded my podcast.

But there are plenty of folks out there who just know me from my many TV appearances on networks like Fox News, CNBC or The Street.

James on TV

Or who have read about me in the mainstream media — one of the many articles published by TheStreet.com, Forbes, The Financial Times, Tech Crunch, the Huffington Post, or The New York Times.

Forbes Quote

But for those of you who are new here, let me tell you what I’m all about.

I’ve spent the last 25 years as a day trader, a hedge fund manager, a venture capitalist, and a tech entrepreneur.

And I built an absolute fortune investing in the biggest market trends throughout the years.

I started one of the first big internet companies during the dot com boom called Reset…

Which sold in 1998 for over $15 million...

(I later lost it all, but that’s a story for another day.)

A lot of people might have retired at that point, but I decided to put my unique understanding of emerging markets to work.

I started making bold investments and even bolder predictions.

Take social media for example…

They laughed at me in 2007 when I told CNBC that Facebook was worth a $100 billion…

But I had the last laugh when I made 6000% investing in Buddy Media and 3600% on Ticketfly.

James on CNBC Calling Facebook $100B Company

And then they brought me back a few years later and admitted my prediction was just one more time I read the market right!

You would think they learned their lesson…

But they laughed at me AGAIN after I predicted bitcoin’s rise on CNBC in 2013 when it traded for just $120… 4 years before it skyrocketed past $10,000!

James on CNBC Backing Bitcoin

I was bullish on crypto so early that my fund turned $2,500 into a whopping $1.8 million. That’s a 7,100% gain!

Not only did I predict Bitcoin’s rise, I predicted the Bitcoin bubble in 2017, months before it started to bust. I was so on point with cryptocurrency that people started calling me “the face of bitcoin.”

As exciting as these opportunities were, legal marijuana is now a hotter trend than bitcoin or social media ever was!

I told my readers to get in on this “massive opportunity” 3 months before the market went crazy in 2018!

Since then, I was able to show my readers 15 winning trade recommendations in this sector. And nearly half of them doubled or better:

The fact is, throughout my Wall Street career, I’ve always seen the biggest market windfalls in trend investing, even when people we’re laughing at me and calling me crazy.

I never cared what they thought because my track record speaks for itself.

I knew my strategies worked. And they keep working to this day!

They work so well that several years ago, Cornell University had me give a lecture on the secrets behind my success called “How to Make a Trillion Dollars.”

James at Cornell

I’ve made some updates to my investing strategies since then, but much has stayed the same for the simple reason that they work.

Even though I no longer manage my own hedge fund, I still see the same explosive opportunities in emerging markets like the ones that made me millions over the last 20 years.

After I left Wall Street and started writing books, I started sharing how to spot these opportunities with my readers.

I’ve spent the last decade or so uncovering the biggest opportunities in America’s hottest markets so that regular people could profit in a stock market controlled by hedge funds and big banks.

Legal marijuana is the next big trend that could turn every day hard working Americans into millionaires, practically overnight.

Now you might be wondering why that matters to me – after all I could be working as a consultant for the likes of JP Morgan or Berkshire Hathaway.

Well, my story isn’t only a story of success. If you’ve read my books, you’ll know that I lost and rebuilt my tech fortune twice over.

When the housing market crashed, I went from being a millionaire to having $143 in my bank account, practically overnight.

For the first time in years, I felt what it was like to struggle again.

I saw my whole world fall apart.

I couldn’t pay my bills and I didn’t know how I would feed my family.

I spiraled into a depression that I nearly didn’t recover from.

But I dug deep, and once I rebuilt my fortune, I decided to give back.

I made it my life’s work to make sure other people don’t fall to the same fate.

I wanted people to learn from my failures, as well as my successes.

So I started writing books and started podcasting.

I didn’t know if I would be any good at it, but with all my experience as a “wall street insider” and my network of billionaires, movie stars, and politicians, I felt I had something to offer the world.

So I started interviewing friends like Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban, and Richard Branson to give folks an inside look at the business and investing strategies of the ultra-wealthy.

James with Tony Robbins

When people started reaching out to me to tell me how my books had changed their lives… or my market research made them a millionaire… I knew I was on to something.

“I made $1 million in 92 days and retired.”

Trevor Chapman

“I would definitely not have been able to retire without you.”

Catelyn Owen

“This man has changed my life, and the lives of thousands of people that follow his every word. He is the most valuable mentor I have.”

Brian Rashid

“I went from 42 cents to my name last year to a six figure digital nomad [lifestyle] within 18 months, due to James’ many strategies.”

Beck P.

Stories like these are the reason I keep doing what I do.

After years of working for Wall Street and seeing people taken advantage of to make the rich richer, I just want my work to have a positive impact on the world.

And the best way I can do that is to show my readers how to potentially strike it rich on the biggest profit opportunities in the hottest markets.

Opportunities like the one beginning on Oct. 17…

Oct. 17 Is a Chance for Hardworking
Everyday Americans to Get Ahead

No more sitting on the sidelines watching the rich get richer while your portfolio grows maybe 12% a year IF you’re lucky.

The time to act is NOW.

I don’t want you to kick yourself for years to come if you miss out.

Every minute you delay, your chances of making a fortune in legal weed are drastically lowered.

If you’re skeptical about that number, I don’t blame you. I was at first too… until I saw this chart:

Pot Stock Profits Chart

These are just 19 of the pot stocks that have already gone up more than 100-fold in the last few years.

And we haven’t seen the last of it.

This market is still growing at a rate unmatched by any commodity in history.

Of course, in a new and volatile market like this one, there are risks, just like with any other market. The potential in this industry is tremendous, but I won’t tell you that any investment is risk-free.

There are no guarantees in investing, just as there are no guarantees in life.

Even a 95% win rate carries 5% misses.

That's why I set strict buy-up-to and sell prices for all the investments I recommend…

You can get burned if you aren’t paying attention.

But that’s what you have me for — I watch the markets like a hawk so I can update my readers ASAP when something big happens.

You can even sign up for text message alerts to that effect so you never have to miss a thing.

My main goal is to show you everything you need to know to make a fortune in legal weed…

Because making a fortune from the booming marijuana industry isn’t just possible — it’s already happened for countless ordinary Americans!

In Fact, Just 3 Pot Stocks Could Have
Made You a Marijuana Millionaire

All of these huge moves have happened recently…

And the market is expected to grow another 38% this year!

Look at Canopy Growth, which went from a low of $1.23 per share all the way up to $50.69.

Canopy Growth Chart

That’s a 4,034% gain.

MariMed went from 14 cents a share to a high of $4.38.

Marimed Chart

That’s more than a 3,051% gain in just three years.

Or look at Aurora Cannabis.

Aurora Cannabis Chart

Their stock price went from 32 cents a share to $10.44 a share by the time Canada legalized cannabis.

That’s over a 3,142% gain.

It’s enough to turn a $10,000 investment into more than $324,230 in three years.

If you'd invested $10,000 in each of these marijuana stocks — Canopy GrowthMariMed and Aurora Cannabis — 3½ years ago…

You'd have been sitting on a portfolio worth more than $1,052,792 by the end of last year.

That’s more than enough to fund a luxurious retirement and make your golden years the best years of your life!

Granted, most people miss out on those kinds of gains…

But even if you only did half that well… or a quarter… that would still be hundreds of thousands of dollars you didn’t have before!

You DON’T have to be a billionaire or a hedge fund manager to potentially make that kind of money like you would in other sectors of the market.

And once I show you how obscene the growth potential is for “Dr. Weed’s” tech, I’m convinced you’ll see why his technology is poised to dominate this market.

I’m gonna break down the growth prospects for “Dr. Weed’s” company in a minute, but real quick I want to tell you why Oct. 17 is such an important date.

Canada’s Legalization 2.0:
Cannabis-Infused Foods

It’s no secret that pot stocks tend to skyrocket around important legalization dates.

As you’ve probably seen yourself, pot stocks go crazy around election time.

Every time a new state passes any sort of new weed laws — investments start to flood into local companies.

For example, when Colorado passed America's first legalization bill in 2012, it opened the floodgates to all types of investment opportunities.

With stocks like:

Cannabis Science (OTC: CBIS) surging 870% within three months.

Cannabis Science Chart

PotNetwork Holdings Inc. (OTC: NPOTN) soaring 11,400% in less than 3 months.

PotNetwork Holdings Inc. Chart

United Cannabis Corporation (OTC: CNAB) jumping 16,700% within two months.

United Cannabis Corporation Chart

Keep in mind that these are not typical results — pot is a new and highly reactive market… but the important thing is that this is what’s possible for ordinary investors.

You don’t have to be a big bank or hedge fund manager to cash in on one of America’s hottest investing trends.

Sometimes it’s as easy as picking out the winners in a pattern like this one.

It makes sense that pot stocks would go vertical once their products became legal.

You don’t have to be a venture capitalist or a day trader like me to figure that out. It’s simple logic.

And to no one’s surprise, Canada’s legalization in 2018 proved just as profitable as Colorado’s.

In fact, those three millionaire-maker stocks that I showed you a minute ago all peaked right around the same time — Oct. 17, 2018.

If you had been following the trend, you would have known to expect big gains around that time.

But here’s something that you may not have expected: Canada did NOT legalize all weed in 2018.

In fact, they only legalized the most common form — the dried flower buds of the plant.

Marijuana in Bottle

Health Canada (their version of the FDA) announced that edibles and concentrates would not be legal until one year later — Oct. 17, 2019!

That means cannabis food, drinks and oils are all still illegal.

So currently, a huge portion of the weed market — estimated at $4.4 billion — is still completely controlled by the black market.

And that’s just the cannabis-infused foods!

On Oct. 17, the Canadian government intends to change that.

And even if they don’t… I believe this is a good long-term play, no matter what.

As an investor, that’s just about the best news ever.

We get a second crack at the same kind of profits that were seen in October 2018…

In a market that’s expected to grow nearly 40% in 2019.

That’s a recipe for success in any market, but legal weed is not just any market…

Marijuana Is the Fastest-Growing Commodity
in the History of the World

The legal pot boom is unlike any investment trend to come before it.

If you follow any investment news, you probably already know that it has absolutely exploded into a “Green Rush” in a few short years… turning regular Americans into “marijuana millionaires” practically overnight!

Tear Quotes

What you might not know is that it’s growing faster than the dot com boom… faster than smart phones… and even faster than Bitcoin!

I was on the forefront of those market booms as a venture capitalist, and they PALE in comparison with what’s going on with pot today.

A couple years ago, it was a big deal when the Brightfield Group predicted the global cannabis market would “hit $31.4 billion by 2021”…

But now Grand View Research forecasts the legal marijuana market to reach $146.4 billion by 2025 — nearly 10 times what it is today!

If you were simply to invest in the overall trend, you could see every $10,000 invested turn into more than $80,883.

Simply do that and you could beat the track records of some of the greatest investors who ever lived — from Warren Buffett to Carl Icahn to George Soros.

But pick the right stocks… at the right time… with the right DATES…

And you could do much, much better.

See, There’s Never Been a Better Time
to Invest in Legal Pot…

And if you are properly positioned before Oct. 17, you could see incredible returns on your investment over the years!

Depending on the size of your initial investment, there could even be potential to turn every $1,000 into $110,000… and every $10,000 into a staggering and extraordinary amount like $1.1 million over the long run

Of course, not every pot stock is going to be a winner in this new and volatile market, but believe it or not, more than 20 pot stocks have grown more than that in the last few years.

And smart money says “Dr. Weed” is the next one to make that kind of wealth a reality!

Imagine what life would be like…

What would you do if you collected that kind of stock market windfall?

You could pay for college for your kids AND grandkids…

You could retire five years ahead of schedule and spend your summers sipping margaritas on a beach in Hawaii...

You could even donate enough to your church to finish the renovations they so desperately need.

But it doesn’t really matter what you’d choose, because you’d have complete control over your financial destiny.

No more dealing with a boss you hate, no more scrimping and saving for retirement, no more relying on a meager Social Security check to make ends meet.

This is all within your grasp… but you NEED to make sure you get positioned for the right pot play before Oct. 17 or you could miss your chance.

And chances like this don’t come around very often.

Health Canada is about to unleash a $4.4 billion sector of the marijuana market that is COMPLETELY UNTAPPED.

This is a monumental move from a top government agency…

And their decision will change the cannabis market forever.

And don’t forget… we’ve already seen mind-blowing gains in this market sector around legalization dates, time and time again!

So now you know two out of three important details:

  1. Why Dr. Weed’s breakthrough is jaw-dropping.
  2. Why Oct. 17 is a big deal.

But there’s one more thing we need to talk about.

You probably recall that his patents and his company are PRIVATE.

I also mentioned I found a “backdoor” way to invest in it.

“Dr. Weed” is NOT looking for seed funding or angel investors.

But he is 68 and he wants to retire eventually.

So for the first time ever, he opened his work to public investment


He granted an exclusive international license of his patents to a tiny 60-cent pot company that I’m calling:

The King of Weed Beers

“Disruptive Marijuana Beverage Stock Has Exposure to a $4.4 Billion Market”

— Accesswire

“The potentially revelatory process comes from [‘Dr. Weed’].”

— Chicago Tribune

They developed the formula for the “healthy beer” that Dr. Weed invented.

They claim that unlike any other pot beverage on the market, it has zero chemicals, zero sugar and gives you absolutely zero hangover.

It not only feels like drinking beer, but your body also processes it like beer.

The feeling comes on in about five minutes and wears off after an hour… you know, like beer.

Let’s face it…

Alcohol can be fun, but it carries substantial health risks.

It’s addictive, causes weight gain and impairs brain functions.

While cannabis may still carry health risks, “Dr. Weed” tells me that this new “healthy beer” is every bit as safe as cannabis.

In addition to being nonlethal and nontoxic, researchers have found cannabis to be significantly less addictive than both alcohol and nicotine.

Countless health-conscious college students are already turning to recreational marijuana as an alternative to drinking beer.

A recent study by the U.S. government showed that nearly 40% of college students are using pot instead of drinking... the highest number for the last 30 years!

But beer is a huge part of the college experience, right?

Frat parties… drinking games… bar hopping…

Drinking Games

Imagine what will happen once they find out they can have all the fun of partying and drinking beer without consuming any alcohol.

Millions of 20-year-olds will be clamoring to get their hands on this “healthy beer.”

And that’s just one market…

The global beer market is $520 billion and still growing…

Accounting for hundreds of millions of people worldwide!

Millions of people drink beer regularly and many even drink it every day.

If they could continue to drink it without the same health risks, it might change their lives forever.

Heck… I’m no doctor, but it could potentially be used as a tool to help alcoholics quit drinking!

These Canadian pot scientists stand to dominate the weed beverage market in a way no other company can touch.

There are other weed drinks out there, but they just aren’t very good…

Which means this company practically has no competition.

Let me explain:

At its core, if you can understand the difference between water-soluble versus fat-soluble — that’s all you need to know for APP to make sense.

Saying something is water-soluble just means it bonds with water molecules — a sciency way of saying it dissolves in water.

When you put sugar in your morning coffee and it dissolves, that’s because sugar is water-soluble.

Simple enough, right?

Cannabinoids (THC, CBD), on the other hand, are fat-soluble.

That means they dissolve in oil.

This property is a large part of why the effects of pot last longer and why pot stays in your body longer than alcohol.

It’s also the reason why nearly all cannabis-infused food contains some sort of fat or oil.

The result of that?

Making a pot drink becomes very hard, as oil and water do not mix.

Oil in Water   Happy Apple   Bottles

“Dr. Weed” explained to us that this is why the drinks competing with “healthy beer” are not very good…

They all contain some sort of cannabis oil and additives to keep it from separating.

Just look at the label of one of these drinks…

Bottle with Ingredients Callout

Not only can you see that it showed that nasty separation well before its expiration date, but look at that list of ingredients…

It’s practically all chemicals!

Cannabis extract, presumably the most important ingredient, is at the bottom, almost as an afterthought.

Meanwhile, as “Dr. Weed” tells us, “healthy beer” has no chemical additives and shows no separation.

Plus, it’s just one of 14 products “Dr. Weed” makes with his APP technology.

Point blank, that’s 14 ways “the King of Weed Beers” can dominate the legal marijuana market, and I expect them to do so in short order.

I hope you’re ready to get the whole story because…

I’m Giving All My Research on This Stock Away

I want to show you how to get involved right away, which is why I’m giving away a free copy of my research deck Dr. Weed’s Secret Backdoor Play: The New King of Weed Beers to every single subscriber to my pot stock research service, Altucher’s 420% Syndicate.

Dr. Weed Report

I call it that because if any member doesn’t get shown how to make 420% gains each year, they get their next year completely free.

If you aren’t a member yet, I’ll give you a signup link in a minute.

When you sign up, you’ll get this research deck immediately delivered to your inbox.

You’ll get everything you need to know:

I did a deep dive with this company so you can get to know the people making the magic happen.

This way you know it’s not some fly-by-night pump-and-dump scheme.

These are real scientists making real discoveries that make the world a better place.

I’ll send you to the signup page in a minute, but first let me give you the rundown on all the perks that members of my research service enjoy.

Welcome to Altucher’s 420% Syndicate

As I mentioned earlier, throughout my Wall Street career, I’ve always seen the biggest market windfalls in trend investing.

Ever since I started writing, I’ve dedicated my career to uncovering the biggest opportunities in America’s hottest markets to share with my readers.

And legal marijuana is the fastest-growing trend I’ve ever seen…

Or that anyone’s seen, for that matter.

Point blank, it’s the fastest-growing market ever.

And every year, analysts make bigger and bigger predictions about where it could end up.

And the market only keeps getting bigger — growing nearly 40% a year!

If it goes up 40% every year for the next five years, it would be worth roughly eight times what it is today…

Meaning the most modest investments could be worth an absolute fortune in a few years.

In fact, that’s why I started the 420% Syndicate.

Because the people who have read my blog have asked me for my insight on this market countless times.

All my readers are equally important to me.

So I decided to make my research into this market available to all of them.

I write a monthly briefing to the readers of the 420% Syndicate to give them the tools they need to strike it rich in the legal marijuana boom.

Between my experience as a hedge fund manager and my network of billionaires, politicians and movie stars…

I’m able to keep my followers one step ahead of market.

Each month, I do a deep dive into the state of the market and publish my key insights and takeaways in an easy-to-read newsletter.

In addition to providing in-depth analysis of the biggest opportunities in this market, I also issue weekly market updates and buy and sell alerts.

This way, you’re never out of the loop when it comes to pot stocks and the pot market.

And I’m pleased to announce that I’ve opened up membership once again.

The last time I opened registration, I only let in about 60 people per state.

And every spot was claimed lightning-quick.

But they came in under the promise that they would see how to make at least 420% gains in the stocks we recommended in our model portfolio or they would get a second year free…

And that proved too easy.

The pot market is so explosive that just three out of the 15 winners we picked ended up fulfilling that promise.

CV Chart Tilray Chart Village Farms Chart

So I’m doubling down.

I’m going to open membership to about 60 more people per state.

And I formally guarantee that every reader of the 420% Syndicate will see how to double that from our recommendations or I’ll work for you for a second year, completely free!

In other words, if you don’t get a shot at 840% gains from my recommendations over the year, you get another year’s membership on the house.

When you factor in how many new members I’m allowing in with this offer…

I virtually have $6 million riding on this guarantee.

That’s how confident I am.

But of course, that’s a lot of money, and I don’t want to overextend myself so…


These spots are only open until Oct. 17, which is right around the corner.

But they are first-come, first-served.

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That’s because after endless debate with my publisher, I finally convinced him to let me offer the best deal we ever have.

For the first time ever, new members will be able to sign up for a fraction of the list price.

Hedge funds like the one I used to manage pay as much as $5,000 a day for research like this.

Heck, here at the office our subscription to a Bloomberg terminal — one of the many tools we use to do our research — costs $36,000 a year!

But you won’t pay anything close to that.

Originally, my publisher wanted to charge $5,000 a year for this research service… 0.027% of what it’s potentially worth.

If all the service did was show you the two 200%-plus gains I showed you earlier, I’m sure you’d agree it would be more than worthwhile.

Just a single trade recommendation could have covered your membership fee, making the other 14 winners we picked pure profits.

But I don’t think you should have to pay full price before you’ve seen the service in action and been able to profit off it.

That’s why I’m slashing 60% off that list price when you sign up today.

Plus, you’ll have VIP access to my world-class customer care staff.

They’re available year-round (during normal business hours) for any questions you might have — however big or small.

They can’t tell you what stocks to buy, but the whole point of my research is to give you the tools you need to decide that for yourself.

I’m just here to help you make the most profitable decisions — the kind that will show you greater wealth than you ever dreamed of.

I firmly believe that marijuana is the next market that could fund your early retirement, remodel your home, buy a new BMW and much more!

But only if you get in now, before the big banks and Wall Street start jacking up share prices.

Now that you’ve seen how awesome “The King of Weed Beers” is, I’m willing to bet you’re starting to see how rich this market could make you…

But what if I told you that’s not the only opportunity to make a fortune starting on Oct. 17?

You see, I’ve found two other tiny pot companies with explosive potential on that date — and one of them is in an extraordinarily rare position…

Bonus Stock #1: The No. 1 CBD Stock in America

The #1 CBD Stock in America Report

What I am calling “the No. 1 CBD Stock in America” does NOT trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

It doesn’t trade on the Nasdaq or the Dow.

And it definitely doesn’t trade on the S&P 500 or the CBOE.

Yet many consider it to be the next blue chip marijuana stock, joining the ranks of companies like GW Pharmaceuticals and Canopy Growth Corp.

That’s because they’ve been the No. 1 CBD brand in the country for the last six years.

Their CBD is found in more than 6,000 retail stores currently, which is more than any other CBD company!

It’s sustained by 300 acres of hemp crops alongside a 40,000-square-foot manufacturing and research facility.

And they plan to double their grow capacity by next year.

It’s not the largest operation on the planet, but it’s large enough to support a 57% increase in sales from 2017–18.

That kind of growth is MASSIVE compared with how retail stocks typically shift.

If Apple saw a 57% increase in iPhone sales from 2017–18, they would have sold roughly 330 million iPhones… that’s practically one for every man, woman and child in America!

So how did “the No. 1 CBD Stock in America” become so ridiculously profitable?

They were the first known pot company to treat childhood epilepsy with CBD.

In 2012, they gave their CBD to a 5-year-old girl who was dying from a type of epilepsy so severe she was having up to 300 seizures a week!

Her condition improved instantly.

She saw an immediate 99.75% reduction of seizures. And within a year, she was walking, talking and riding a bike like a normal kid.

Their story is so heartwarming that CNN did a documentary about it that blew the lid off the medical benefits of CBD.

“The No. 1 CBD Stock in America” quickly grew into the dominant CBD brand on the market as their public image and goodwill became a national sensation.

And that landed them in a very unique position.

They are in a situation so rare that I can’t remember ever seeing it before, even in my time as a hedge fund manager or day trader.

The reason they aren’t traded on any of the major exchanges I mentioned is because they are traded on the OTC (over-the-counter) market, aka the penny stock market.

Penny stocks typically have a market cap under $250 million and a share price under $5.

So with that in mind, the fact that “the “No. 1 CBD Stock in America” broke a $1 billion market cap on the OTC market is mind-blowing.

That’s a blue chip market cap.

Because these stocks are so small, institutions like banks and hedge funds are barred from trading on OTC markets, as they would have too much influence over it.

This means institutional investors didn’t come in and drive the price way up.

Instead, over $1 billion poured in from individual investors.

Stocks almost NEVER get that big without the help of Wall Street and big banks.

And not only is it a testament to the power of “the No. 1 CBD Stock in America” brand and public image, but it’s kept the price low — which is good news for us.

Once the stock gets uplisted to the NYSE, you can bet your bottom dollar that Wall Street will jack the share price up.

Once it hits the major markets, we could easily see the stock shoot up as much as 1,000%.

That would put it around the share price of GW Pharmaceuticals — the only other blue chip CBD stock.

GW proved just how exciting a major CBD stock can be.

And if “the No. 1 CBD Stock in America” is even half as exciting to mainstream investors, that’d be enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $50,000.

That makes it absolutely critical you position yourself ASAP.

I want to send you my report on “the No. 1 CBD Stock in America” immediately so you can maximize your profit potential in this market.

I don’t want you to kick yourself for years to come because you missed out on this opportunity.

That’s why I’ll give you a copy of this report for free when you sign up today, in addition to all the other bonuses you get.

Which reminds me, there is another great opportunity in legal weed that I think you’ll be interested in as well.

Just because its THC products being legalized on Oct. 17 doesn’t mean CBD-specific companies will suffer.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

CBD stocks like these have gone up as much as 73,500% in response to pot legalizations efforts, just for being in the same market!

Of course, that’s a rare example, but it goes to show the pure potential here…

CVSI Chart

When all eyes turn back to the marijuana market in October, we could see another tiny Canadian biotech go parabolic…

You see, they own the most valuable nanotech patent in history…

Bonus Stock #2 — The Billion-Dollar
CBD Super Molecule

Simply put, CBD has an insane amount of medical properties.

The list of diseases it can treat is so long I don’t have time to list them all.

Benefits of CBD Oil Infographic Benefits of CBD Oil Infographic

But one of the big ones it helps is heart disease — something that affects more than 600,000 Americans each year!

It’s actually the single largest killer of Americans…

And one of the main reasons for that is the treatment options simply aren’t very good.

Up until very recently, the medications we’re expensive and only offered temporary relief.

Enter a $100 million Canadian biotech…

That has used nanotech to develop a CBD molecule up to 20x more effective than medical marijuana for treating heart disease: CTX01.

Not only is CTX01 a natural alternative to other medications, but one single dose can last up to a week!

The fact that the company is tiny and just now in Phase 3 clinical trials is just icing on the cake.

If this were already a $50 stock, it would still be a buy. But it’s only a $5 stock.

And given the value of their patents, we could see them grow to $50 or even $100 per share.

That’s enough to turn every $1,000 invested into $5,000… or even $10,000.

There are dozens of examples of groundbreaking patents like these making companies insanely valuable.

AbbVie, for example, made $109 billion off sales of their patented medication Humira…

Which more than doubled their market cap, growing their stock over $120 per share!

ABBV Chart

Pfizer has a similar story… their patent for Lipitor earned them more than $150 Billion…

Pfizer Chart

Showing ground floor investors up to 7500% returns!

If the patent for the “billion-dollar CBD super molecule” is even a fifth of the quality… that should still yield at least a 10-bagger for investors!

And that could happen sooner than you might think, because…

When Oct. 17 rolls around, every pot stock could be up for grabs.

Remember that CVSI went up 73x just for being in the same market!

The question is: Will you be positioned in time?

I want to make that answer an emphatic yes!

That’s why I’m going to give away all three of these reports with your subscription today, completely free!

You can sign up in a minute…

But I don’t want to just be this talking head in your life so…

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We even look at booming real estate opportunities, as grow houses and distribution centers snap up commercial property...

We're calling it the "Sky High Summit."


As far as I know, it’s the first event of its kind.

Not only is it an interactive, immersive dive into the world of cannabis investing, but it’s a great way to meet your fellow 420% Syndicate members!

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Of course, I can’t give personalized investment advice, but that’s not what it’s about!

Of course, you’re not obligated to come. But I would love to see you there.

Finally, I want to make this a no-brainer for you, so I’m doing something I’ve never done before…

My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

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All the research and reports you’ll receive today will be yours to keep.

You’ll miss out on the Sky High Summit in Denver and the 420% guarantee, but that’s your cross to bear.

I’m confident it won’t come to that…

Because you could potentially cover the cost of your membership from a single recommendation!

So for everyone who wants to make the most of this opportunity…

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The only thing left to do is to join the 420% Syndicate today!

Just make sure you do so BEFORE Oct. 17…

Because once the second round of Canadian pot laws pass, I will close down this offer again.

This research is best suited to folks who are serious about seeing how to strike it rich in legal pot, those who want to discover how to make the most of this opportunity.

If you want to wait until after Oct. 17, then this research service may not be right for you.

But I’ve pulled out all the stops to make this an easy decision for you.

Let’s review everything you’ll get in your research deck when you join today:


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