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$2,000 into $10 Million by


America’s Richest Investors

“I’m up $21,000.”

–Don, benefitting from my “wiretapping” technique

Hi, James Altucher here.

My hands are literally shaking right now.

And my hedge fund managers aren’t going to like what I’m about to say... but I’m coming clean.

In the next 30 seconds, I’m going to reveal an investing trick I like to call “wiretapping”… and I promise you’ll never think of investing the same afterward.

Back in 2013, you could have used this “wiretapping” trick on the hedge fund Thornburg Investment Management.

It could’ve allowed you to see exactly what stock they were buying, and exactly how many shares… way before 99% of investors knew they were buying the stock.

This kind of “wiretapping” is probably different than what you assume…

But don’t you ever wish you could wiretap the phone of a hedge fund manager to find out what trades he was placing?


Well, unfortunately…. You can’t just go around and “bug” the phones of any hedge fund manager.

But I believe I found the next best thing.

When I first found out this “wiretap” worked, my forehead started sweating.

Was this legal?

Would it send me to jail?

Could I survive even one night in a prison cell with a mate?

And, most importantly…

Could this “wiretapping” technique really give me early “tip-offs” on when to buy stocks?

Well thankfully, I discovered that this IS, in fact, perfectly legal.

But I kept it to myself anyway…

And, looking back at the “wiretap” data, I learned this hedge fund was pumping $31,673,000 of the firm’s money into the little-known company Broadcom Limited.

Get this – because this is where things get really exciting…

Look at what happened to the price of Broadcom Limited’s stock after that huge purchase…

485% Gains

Shares rocketed up 485%.

Think about what this means…

Had you put in $2,000 after this “wiretap,” you could’ve walked away $11,700 richer.

After discovering this technique has worked in the past… and what it could mean for the future… I was hooked.

I didn’t even care if it would have gotten me in trouble.

Using back-tested data, I discovered this “wiretapping” trick would’ve worked again on a hedge fund in May 2017.

Check it out…


At the time of this “wiretap,” I noticed Green Spirit Technologies was only trading for 96 cents per share.

That’s right... less than a dollar!

As you can probably guess, a big order like 1.8 million shares in a tiny company like that will no doubt move the share price.

And, like clockwork, look what happened!

1,879% Gains

After the “wiretap,” the stock climbed from 96 cents all the way up to $19!

Imagine if you had placed your own order and put in just $5,000...

That 1,879% gain could’ve allowed you to walk away with a total $98,950...

In just 3 months!

Two “wiretaps.”

Two huge “tip-offs” that the stock was about to run, hidden in plain sight.

I called my daughters. I said goodbye, thinking I was surely in trouble for discovering this... it all seemed too good to be true.

Long story short...

I obviously didn’t go to jail.

I found an interesting loophole that makes this “wiretapping” I do 100% legal.

In fact, “wiretapping” may be the last legal way for the little guy to get rich.

But would it work again...?

I had to find out.

And imagine how much this next “wiretap” example could have changed your life... because it’s an extraordinary one.

I discovered that Polar Asset Management Partners started heavily buying a stock called Wins Finance Holdings back in 2015.

They eventually purchased 100,000 shares...

Soon after the “wiretap” was placed, the company’s stock was trading for $6.95 per share.

Listen to what happened...


After that trade was placed, the stock ended up climbing to a staggering $337.39 per share.

Check it out...

4,755% Gains

The most shocking part?

That 4,755% gain only took 15 MONTHS.

Had you placed a conservative $1,000 bet after “wiretapping” that trade... you could’ve been sitting on a heaping $48,550.

Of course, extraordinary gains like these don’t come around every day.

After all, nothing is guaranteed in the world of investments...

But I hope you see the power behind this strategy....

Because, not only can this “wiretapping” be incredibly lucrative...

It’s repeatable.

Let me show you how it works...

From $2,000 to $10 million in 9 months

Thanks to a variation of this “wiretapping” strategy, I’ve been able to completely turn my life around.

You see, I wasn’t always the man you see here today.

* image provider

I’ve never held an MBA… gotten a degree in finance… or even considered myself a business person.

In fact, my past is about as dreary as you can imagine...

About 10 years ago, I was going through a divorce… trying to raise a daughter… and had a bank account balance so low, I was ashamed to share it with anyone.

Sitting on $2,000 to my name, I didn’t have the time – or the patience – to make 7% each year like the mainstream investors out there…

Instead, I needed to find a way to grow my money multiple times over… in a short amount of time… with limited risk.

That’s when I discovered the lucrative concepts behind this “wiretapping” strategy…

And it helped me turn that $2,000 starting stake into $10 million.

The shocking part about all this is… it only took me nine months.

Once that happened, and I let a few more people in on this strategy… my life did a complete 180.

Since discovering this “wiretapping” secret, I’ve sat on the board of a $600 million company…

I’ve written for The Wall Street JournalFinancial Times … and Yahoo Finance

I’ve appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox.

I’ve written eighteen books… including one USA Today calls “one of the 12 best business books of all time.”

But what you’re about to see is information I’ve NEVER shared on television or in my books.

To give you the best idea of how this “wiretapping” works, picture this…

Imagine knowing what’s going to happen to a stock weeks beforehand

Imagine you could see into the future and know where the market is going… weeks in advance.

Now, I’m not about to tell you I have a crystal ball… no one can claim that with certainty.

But this “wiretapping” secret is the next best thing… because in the cases I’ve seen, it’s 100% true.

It’s like having a playbook for the stock market, enabling you to see exactly which companies are likely to benefit the most in the future… BEFORE they actually do.

Now, with close to 4,000 public companies to choose from… you’d be right to guess it’s like finding a needle in a haystack about which stocks to go for.

Plus, even if you DO find the right stock, you have to try guessing the perfect time to get in and get out to score a profit.

That’s where this “wiretapping” technique comes in… because it lays it out for you.

You can think of it like “following the yellow brick road.”

And once I show you how to do it, you’ll have the advantage of knowing which stocks to buy at the right time… for the best chance at incredible profits.

For example, take a look at how just three stocks could’ve handed you $127,200 in profits.

Three “wiretap” trades…
$127,200 profit in your pocket

First up is World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)…

Looking at their stock in September 2012, there’s not much happening.

But had you “wiretapped” equity management firm Marathon Partners, you would’ve noticed they were piling on over 1 million of shares of WWE.

Knowing this huge volume would likely inflate the stock price, you could’ve bought shares at just $8.01 a pop.

Then look what happened…

Their stock surged 292% in the following 17 months.

Had you put $5,000 into shares of WWE after “wiretapping” Marathon Partners, you could’ve profited a nice $14,600.

And the best part is: this strategy works on virtually ANY company across ANY sector.

Like the broadcast company Cumulus Media (CMLS).

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of this company before.

And it doesn’t matter... Because this technique tells you the name of the company, too!

“Wiretapping” the hedge fund Highland Capital Management in June 2016… you could’ve noticed them buying 5.8 million shares of Cumulus Media (CMLS).

Knowing their massive investment could force the stock higher, jumping in alongside them would’ve only cost you 31 cents per share.

Then look what happened…

Their stock exploded in value... to the tune of 548%.


Putting in $5,000 could have handed you a clean $27,400 profit.

And finally, there’s 3D Systems (DDD)…

Had you “wiretapped” a company called SRB Management in November 2007, you could’ve seen them dumping $1.89 million into shares of 3D System’s stock!

Just a month later, shares were trading hands at $5.15…

Then look!

The stock popped up to $92.93 per share by December 2013.

That 1,704% increase could’ve turned every $5,000 into a salary-replacing profit of $85,200!

My main point is…

Had you acted ONLY on these three back-tested examples of “wiretaps”…

Investing just $5,000 for each one…

You could’ve walked away with a profit of $127,200.

It’s extremely rare to find a strategy which has confidently turned $15,000 into a six-figure profit like this!

And keep in mind, these examples are of past trades. I can’t promise you’ll see winners on each and every trade you make using this technique… if you decide to make any at all.

But once I show you exactly how “wiretapping” works, you’ll have a better idea of how profitable it could be.

Some folks didn’t believe me at first when I told them about this “wiretap” technique…

But look how they did once I showed them how it works, step by step…

In a moment, I’m going to give you everything you need to understand exactly how I do these “wiretaps.”

Then I’m going to show you how you could claim at least 1,000% gains from the latest “wiretaps” I’ve done…

But first you need to know some background on how it all works.

The secret behind these “wiretaps”

You see, this “wiretapping” strategy takes place in the hedge fund world…

Yep, those groups of financial elitists who always seem to bring home heaping piles of cash… no matter what happens to their clients.

In 2006, for example, the bottom guy on a list of hedge fund earners took home a whopping $240 million.

But hedge funds are ultra-exclusive, and lock out most Americans.

You’ll typically need to have at least $1 million to invest, or make a minimum $200,000 each year as income.

For most of us… that simply isn’t in the cards right now.

And for those who are “lucky” enough to get in, the hedge fund gurus charge you 2% of your money annually, along with 20% of any profits.

What that means is you could pay $10,000-$20,000 or more each year, just in initial fees.

But this “wiretapping” technique is a loophole way to benefit as if you were in a hedge fund… WITHOUT the kind of money they require to join.

Here’s how…

“Wiretapping” the insiders

If all you know about hedge funds is they bring in huge profits for their members… you’re not alone.

In fact, hedge funds are mysterious on purpose.

No one really knows what they’re doing, except for those on “the inside.”

The SEC cracked down on this by passing the Securities Exchange Act in 1975.

Part of this act requires these funds to disclose ALL their moves in the market… making them open to the public.

They must report this each and every quarter to the SEC using what’s called a “13(f) Filing.”

Here’s a screenshot from 2013, showing what Warren Buffett’s hedge fund was investing in, for example…

Best part is: accessing these filings is free and open to everyone, if you know where to look and how to read them…

They take just 5 minutes to go through. And they allow you to “wiretap” the smartest investors – knowing exactly WHAT they’re buying, WHEN they’re buying, and HOW MUCH they’re buying.

What that means is…

It’s like secretly “sneaking into” the hedge fund and reaping the rewards of their stock advice… all without paying ANY of the fees!

That’s the essence of what my strategy is all about, when I say I can legally “wiretap” insiders.

Now, you could go and do all this yourself…

But with an estimated 15,000 hedge funds and close to 4,000 publicly traded companies… picking the right ones is daunting.

And if you pick the wrong ones – as many mainstream investors do – you could lose your whole investment.

That’s where my “wiretapping” strategy shines. Because it does all the heavy lifting for you.

Perfecting it has taken decades of hard work and a fortune of my own money…

And the results speak for themselves.

Harvard and Yale University researchers agree: The concepts behind “wiretapping” WORK

For example, “wiretapping” the hedge fund Highbridge Capital Management in September 1999 would’ve revealed they were piling on shares of the company Emcor Group.

Back then, you could’ve gotten in on Emcor Group alongside Highbridge Capital for $27.50 a share…

Then you could’ve sat back and relaxed as shares took off for a gain of 845% within 6 months.

That 845% gain could’ve turned a $2,000 investment into $18,900.

The same is true for legendary investor Carl Icahn.

“Wiretapping” Carl Icahn’s 13(f) Filing shows he was buying up 5.5 million shares of Netflix in June 2012…

You could’ve gotten in on Netflix with him for $8.12 per share...

Then watched your money balloon 684% in less than 24 months.

Putting $2,000 into this play could’ve handed you $15,680 in less than 2 years.

Same story for the hedge fund Royce & Associates…

Had you “wiretapped” them when I did, you would’ve seen them buying over $5 million worth of shares in the company Intevac in September 2005…

You could’ve also picked up shares of Intevac alongside them for $9.14 each.

And just 5 months later, your shares would’ve popped up for a nice gain of 215%.

A $2,000 investment could’ve turned into $6,300.

Then there’s Sachem Head Capital Management…

“Wiretapping” them on May 16, 2016, could’ve shown they were dumping $69 million into the company Endo International…

You could’ve gone in with Sachem on Endo International for $14.30 per share.

Then look what happened…

By the end of the summer, you could’ve collected a 69% gain... turning every $2,000 invested into $3,380 in 89 days.

And there’s Deerfield Management…

“Wiretapping” them on August 15, 2016, could’ve shown them dumping $1.6 million into the company Threshold Pharmaceuticals…

You could’ve gone in with Deerfield on Threshold Pharma for just 64 cents per share.

Then look!

A short 28 days later, you could’ve collected a 102% gain... turning every $2,000 invested into $4,040.

You could’ve also “wiretapped” Starboard Value LP and seen they were picking up a whopping 20 million shares of Quantum Corp…

You would’ve had the chance to go in with Starboard Value on Quantum for just 42 cents per share on June 30, 2016.

Then look what happened…

Almost 4 months later, you could’ve collected a 126% gain... turning every $2,000 invested into $4,520.

Check out these other gains that could’ve been possible because of my “wiretapping” technique.

Had you put just $2,000 into each of these 10 plays you could’ve been sitting on a stockpile of nearly $1.4 MILLION.

Where else could you put down $20,000 and walk away with $1.4 million without paying a single cent in fees!?

Of course, hitting only winners is rare… and gains this high don’t come around every day… but I’m hoping these examples show you how powerful this “wiretapping” strategy can be.

To call it like it is, “wiretapping” works.

Harvard and Yale University researchers conducted a study in 2003 and discovered that, “In raw returns, [the concepts behind ‘wiretapping’] beat the market returns by 11.2% per year.”

University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business professor Hasan Seyhun admits, “Wiretapping is a useful indicator of future stock price movements.”

A graduate from the University of Illinois back tested data from 1975-1995 and found that, following the concepts behind “wiretapping”… “the stock market increased an average 21.2% during the following 12 months.”

You may think results like these are only for those with tight connections to big-time investors… but that’s dead wrong.

ANYONE can do this!

You don’t need to be an accredited investor… have an MBA… or personally know any hedge fund managers to bring in big sums of money with this kind of “wiretapping” technique.

If I can do it, starting with a paltry $2,000 bank account balance… so can you.

In fact, check out some folks who benefited once I let them in on some of my favorite investment recommendations:

Best part is: It only takes about 5 minutes each week to begin collecting this kind of money.

The reason is simple...

All it takes is about 5 minutes each week

You see, I’ve made all the money I need, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Which is why I’ve decided to write up everything I know into a briefing I call How to “Wiretap” America’s Richest for 1,000% Gains or More .

Inside this briefing, you’ll discover…

Inside this briefing is where I spill the beans on my best secrets influenced by over two decades of being a sponge around hedge fund managers and venture capitalists.

And I want to send it to you for FREE... I’ll show you how to get it in just a moment.

But I’ve gone and done something much bigger than just write a one-off briefing. See...

If you want to make money like the top 1% of America’s wealthiest people… you have to follow the top 1% of the smartest investors

I’ve decided to publish my best ideas and share them with you directly.

It’s a research service called Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory.

And each month as a valued reader, you’ll have the chance to personally benefit from my latest and greatest “wiretap” opportunities.

I’ll show you...

These ideas could lead you to 100%… 500%… even 1,000% gains or more.

The idea behind Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory is simple: Out of the hundreds of ideas I come across each and every month… I only recommend the best 1% of them to my valued readers.

It’s the same sort of technique I’ve personally been using to grow my wealth for the past two decades.

…The same kind of opportunities which now allow me to make approximately $80,000 each month.

Which leads me to…


Arbiter Capital Management picked up 1.5 million MORE shares of this one tiny stock…
Get in NOW!

My most recent “wiretap” shows that hedge fund Arbiter Capital Management picked up 1.5 million more shares of a tiny healthcare company in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Take a look!

Seeing this made me jump out of my chair… because Arbiter Capital knows a thing or two about finding hidden gems.

For example, CEO and founder Paul Isaac has one of the best track records in the hedge fund industry over the past 15 years.

His value-focused hedge fund has averaged nearly TRIPLE the returns for its members compared to the S&P from 2001-2014.

They’ve been buying up this one tiny stock like crazy… now owning 15% of the entire company and being its biggest shareholder.

But the window on this opportunity is closing with lightning-fast speed.

And if you get in now, you could easily DOUBLE your money.

You see…

It’s a disconnect I don’t see going unnoticed for long, and shares are trading at dirt-cheap levels right now.

Nine out of this company’s top 10 shareholders have picked up more shares in the past three months.

All of this adds up to why Arbiter Capital picked up 1.5 million MORE shares of this company…

And you should, too.

As soon as you let me know you’re interested, I’ll send you all the details on this latest and fast-paced “wiretap.” And how you can be on the road to DOUBLING your money (OR MORE) from this one play.

I’ve put everything inside a special write-up I’m calling The One “Wiretap” to Produce Profits for the Next 20 Years .

You’ll know the ticker symbol… how much money you should put in to benefit the most… and how much money you can expect to make over the next 5, 10, and even 20 years from this one play alone.

Here’s how to make sure you don’t miss out…

I want to add YOU to my list of “contacts”

As soon as you let me know you’re ready, I’ll send both write-ups directly to your email inbox.

I’ll also add you to my list of subscribers to notify you of everything coming across my desk which could make you 5-10 times your money, hand over fist.

But before you jump right in, keep one thing in mind…

This is not for you, if...

I am so confident that my Top 1% Advisory has the power to change your life, it may be too overwhelming.

Waking up to see your bottom line swell overnight can create such excitement, some folks start to get emotional and can’t handle it.

The ideas and opportunities I’ll present to you might also feel too risky or too “out there.” And keep in mind, all investments do carry some amount of risk… including this one.

But if your idea of investing is whatever the talking heads on the mainstream news channels tell you… or what some newspaper headline claims could get you a 5% return in a few years… then you can stop reading and exit this message right now.

Trust me when I say this research service is unlike any you’ve ever experienced before.

I might recommend a company that grows organs… builds super-robots… or has plans to send people to the moon.

Sometimes, my predictions will appear outrageous… like the time I went on CNBC’s show Fast Money claiming Facebook would become a $100 billion business.

At the time, the anchor looked at me like I had three heads, since Facebook was private and valued at “only” $1 billion.

Sure enough, when Facebook went public, it was valued at $104 billion.

So don’t be surprised if you get an email from me and think I went off the deep end.

Also remember that everything I recommend is backed by my deep research into what some of the biggest investors are doing.

Which is why I’m comfortable making the promise that I’ll show you how to make 1,000% gains in 12 months or less.

Hedge fund profits at a fraction of the price

By now I’m sure you’re wondering how much it costs to be added to my exclusive list of “contacts” through Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory.

To be perfectly honest with you... it’s not cheap.

But I will say it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than joining a hedge fund plagued with fees and red tape.

For example...

When I was running my own fund, I charged my clients 3% in management fees and 25% of the profits.

That means if you had invested $100,000 into my hedge fund back when I made an average gain of 15% in a year – you would’ve have paid $6,750 in fees. And then you would have had to pay my auditing cost, which was probably another $1,000 in fees.

But here’s the good news…

I’m not charging ANYWHERE near that amount today.

I don’t want people to feel “locked out” of some of the most lucrative investment opportunities out there by charging too much.

But, on the flip side…

I also don’t want to open the gates to anyone with 5 bucks to their name… or anyone who has trouble making car payments or putting food on the table for their family.

The reason is simple:

That’s why one full year of Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory normally goes for $5,000.

And there’s an important reason why it should be clear that price is a drop in the bucket...

I’m certain this will show you 10x
gains… or I’ll work for FREE!

As you recall, my “wiretapping” technique could’ve produced gains of 837%… 5,272%... even 12,717%.

And my most recent “wiretap” of Arbiter Capital Management flashed me an opportunity which could produce profits for you over the next 20 years… in one play alone.

And remember:

I promise that if I don’t show you 1,000% cumulative gains during your subscription, I’ll give you a second year of Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory, absolutely FREE.

But I hope you’ll understand that, through this offer, I just can’t accept any refunds.

The reason is simple…

If I offer a refund, anyone could gain access to my most closely guarded “wiretapping” technique… make an incredible fortune on their money… then get their money back by refunding.

Sure, I’d feel good that my system worked well for them…

But if enough folks asked for their money back in the form of a refund, I’d be out of a job.

So I’ll say it again, just so we’re absolutely clear: I simply cannot offer a refund on this opportunity.

Adding the fact that it would take you decades of time and millions of dollars to establish the contacts and results I’ve collected… $5,000 is a no-brainer.

And remember, the 500% gain with the Raptor Pharmaceuticals example I showed you earlier alone could’ve turned every $832 into $5,000… already covering the cost.

And since I’m publishing my ideas for the very first time through Agora Financial… I’d like to do something to help celebrate.

For a special limited time...

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I’ve laid everything out for you.

And the way I see it, you have three options…

Option 1: Ignore Everything You Learned Today

You could do absolutely nothing…

Even after all the evidence I’ve shown you today of how I’m able to “wiretap” hedge funds and America’s richest for millions…

How it’s changed the lives of nearly everyone I’ve shared it with...

And how I’ve spent a fortune of my own money and decades of time perfecting this strategy.

You could simply click out of this message and never see this opportunity again.


Option 2: Risk Everything by Going at It Alone

You could take what you learned today and try to apply it yourself.

But I’ll warn you now: it’s going to erase A LOT of time from your life… time you could be spending with your kids, traveling abroad, or doing anything else you want.

You could sift through all the company data and 13(f) Filings out there… and you could try to pick the right companies to invest in.

You could also try to separate the good stocks from the bad ones.

But trust me when I say it’s like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall... Very frustrating.

Or you can choose the final option…

Option 3: Let Me Do the Hard Work for You…

Take one step today…

One step which symbolizes the beginning of a new future.

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Again, I’ll do all the hard work and researching for you. (That’s what you’d be paying me for, after all!)

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Then you can sit back and relax, while I put my money where my mouth is and deliver you all the opportunities for you to make a fortune using my “wiretapping” technique.

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James Altucher
August 2017


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